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Malaysia Documentaries

Top 5 Malaysia Documentaries

In this article, we'll explore the top 5 Malaysia Documentaries

Intro: Malaysia Documentaries

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation. Peninsula Malaysia and the island of Borneo are the two areas that makeup Malaysia. The latter is noted for its vast rainforest, more than 140 million years old and home to endangered animals like orangutans. Malaysia's capital city is Kuala Lumpur. The skyscraper metropolis now has a population of about 1.73 million inhabitants. In 2019, Kuala Lumpur was ranked as the world's sixth most visited city. The country's topography is fascinating, with mountain ranges, cave networks, and lush rainforests across the region. Malaysia is unfortunately prone to flooding and tsunamis due to its rainy environment and geographical location.

1. Magnificent Megacities: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Documentaries

Malaysia's Parliament is located in Kuala Lumpur. The executive and judicial departments of the federal government used to be found in this city, but they were relocated to Putrajaya in early 1999. Some parts of the judiciary are still based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. The Istana Negara, the Malaysian King's formal house, is also located in Kuala Lumpur. Due to its status as the capital and a vital city, Kuala Lumpur is rated as an alpha world city and serves as Malaysia's cultural, financial, and economic hub. Kuala Lumpur is one of three Malaysian Federal Territories and is defined by the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur's limits.

2. Transgender, Muslim And Banned In Malaysia - Malaysia Documentaries

Muslim, trans, and outlawed: In this 2016 documentary, religious police patrol the streets, arresting those they believe are acting as women after Malaysia's government deemed transgender persons to be anti-Islam. Human rights organizations have previously declared Malaysia to be one of the worst countries in the world for transgender people. Marcel Theroux documented a besieged society.

3. Death Row And The Malaysian Drug Trade - Documentaries about Malaysia

Drug trafficking is a deadly dangerous business in Malaysia. The government's attitude is re-iterated on billboards: Dadah (drugs) Means Death. Now, as new numbers show that over 600 people might be hanged in the next five years, the First Tuesday team has made a one-of-a-kind arrangement with Malaysian authorities: exclusive cooperation never previously offered to outsiders. First Tuesday examines the devastation drugs have wreaked in a developing nation from three different perspectives. The program reveals Prime Minister Mahathir's sleepless nights when someone has hanged; the desperation of the "small fry" caught in the web of drugs law 39B and their vain hopes of compassion as they await Death in Kajang Prison; and the desperation of the "small fry" caught in the web of drugs law 39B and their vain hopes of compassion as they await Death in Kajang Prison.

The actual drugs battle, as the camera follows the Anti-Dadah Drugs Squad as they fight heroin trafficking in a series of lightning raids, and the horrific story of the 40-year-old addict as he ventures into the forest alone in one final desperate effort to cut his 20-year heroin habit. The program also exposes the dreadful reality of the Kajang Prison death chamber and what happens on the morning of an execution.

4. Formation Of Malaysia - Malaysia History Documentaries

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister of Malaya, announced the establishment of the Federation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963, bringing together Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah. The Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, or 'Konfrontasi,' arose due to Sukarno's vehement opposition to the merger. This phase of turmoil lasted from 1963 to 1966, with Indonesian leaders criticizing Western engagement and fearing the loss of their national identity.

The newly published Foreign Office Files for South-East Asia, 1963-1980 collection delves into Indonesia's rising tensions, ranging from nonviolent protests to more violent conflict. Andrew Gilchrist, the ambassador in Jakarta, says in a letter to the Foreign Office: 'The Embassy offices and my home are both well secured...

There is a devilish mess to clean up, but all departments are open for business... My dear old Princess's burnt body is generating a beautiful traffic bottleneck.'

5. Malaysia's Success Story - Malaysia Documentaries

Malaysia has maintained rapid, inclusive development for nearly four decades, diversifying its economy away from agriculture and commodity exports to become a more diverse, modern, and open economy. While poverty and economic inequality have decreased significantly, GDP per capita is more significant than in a handful of OECD nations. In the face of exogenous shocks, growth has also proven exceptionally durable. The Malaysian government's 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-20) emphasizes the importance of greater inclusion in the future.

Building on past energy and food subsidy rationalization and the establishment of a goods and services tax, further, a gradual budgetary reduction is a significant policy aim. Continued careful monetary and financial policy is also essential. Malaysia requires further changes to become a high-income country by 2020: productivity growth must be re-energized through different structural reforms, and development must become more inclusive.

Malaysia Documentaries: Conclusion

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