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Documentaries About The Dark Web

The Five Best Documentaries about the Dark Web / Deep Web

In this article, we adventure in the underground digital world of the deep web, with the 5 best documentaries about the dark web.

Intro: Documentaries about the Dark Web

When people hear stories about individuals buying financial information, drugs, or illegal firearms through anonymous websites, they automatically think of the dark web.

Many people assume that the dark web is no good. However, is it true? In reality, it is neither good nor bad.

The dark web is created with privacy and security in mind, leading some people to use it for illegal activities. Even if some individuals use it legitimately, it still gets a reputation for horror stories. 

In a nutshell, the dark web is a collection of websites that you cannot index using traditional search engines. It relies on a “peer-to-peer” connection, where data is not stored on a single database. Instead, it is shared on many different computers across the network, making it hard to know the source.

If you are interested in the dark web, you can watch the documentaries about the dark web below:

1. The Dark Web: Black Market Boom - Documentary about the Dark Web

This documentary reveals that the dark web becomes a market for someone or a group of people who want to sell illegal things. Dark web markets are considered as internet’s black markets. The documentary about the dark web even shares that those who can access the dark web can purchase a UK passport with the name of their choice. It also highlights a computer genius who used his personal Hotmail address to run a site selling illegal stuff.

2. How Big is the Dark Web? - Deep Web Documentary

This deep web documentary shows how unimaginable the dark web is, where no one can predict its size. There is a marketplace in the dark web where people can buy or sell guns, drugs, adult content, and more. The documentary uncovers that it offers more things than the normal web. 

3. Dream: The Infiltration Of The Dark Net - Dark Web Documentary

This dark web documentary is about Dream, a mysterious dark web market that appeared in 2013. The shadows of this marketplace have remained intriguing for quite some time. The documentary discusses a mysterious theory that will unfold how such a marketplace infiltrates the dark web.

4. Dark Web: Fighting Cybercrime - Deep Web Documentary

This documentary about the dark web unveils that technological miracle has its dark side. Each different connection creates an opportunity for hackers to get in, where billions and billions of dollars have been lost from cybercrime. The documentary shows how cybercriminals operate and that there are hackers that work in highly organized groups. It also highlights how innovative the hackers are as they come up with new ideas immediately. A group of good guys teams up with artificial intelligence to stay one step ahead and fight cybercrime.

5. Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web - Documentary about Dark Web

This dark web documentary shows how the deep web is used to easily buy guns, drugs, and other illegal things online. It answers if online privacy is in danger or non-existent

Documentaries about the Dark Web: Conclusions

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