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Documentaries about Sri Lanka

Must Watch: Documentaries about Sri Lanka

Explore the best documentaries about Sri Lanka

Intro: Documentaries about Sri Lanka

Immersed in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a true tropical paradise that boasts captivating panoramas, an intriguing cultural legacy and a gripping backstory. For centuries, this dynamic nation has drawn travelers, enchanted by its picturesque beaches, luxuriant tea-gardens, and ancient religious sites. But there's much more to Sri Lanka than just its spectacular vistas and tourist allure. In fact, the history of Sri Lanka is complex and diverse, formed through years of colonization, civil war, and political agitation.

These documentaries provide a stunning window into both the beauty and the struggles of Sri Lanka. Discover how the civil war has affected local communities, or find out about the unique customs that define life in Sri Lanka. Let's explore some of the most awe-inspiring documentaries about this extraordinary nation and learn what they can tell us about the beautiful wildlife, enduring spirit and remarkable culture of Sri Lanka.

1. History of Sri Lanka - Documentaries about Sri Lanka

Experience the unexpected on the beautiful island of Serendipity! Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, invites visitors to explore its rich history and culture. From macaque monkeys riding pillion on bicycles, to fishermen perched atop sticks in the sea, and majestic elephants walking down the street with their mahouts, carrying lunch in their trunks - it's like nothing else you'll experience.

This symbiotic relationship between elephants and humans dates back over 5,000 years, ensuring special protection for orphaned calves and working older elephants into activities such as tourism, logging, and temple ceremonies. Not only is Sri Lanka home to 43 of the world's most endangered species (all safely housed in22 wildlife parks - the popular Yala National Park being one!) but it also a paradise for precious gems like opals, rubies, sapphires, topaz, and quartz. It boasts impressive Kandian dancing routines alongside countless Hindu temples and statues of Buddha - including the famous golden Buddha at Kandy and the beloved reclining Buddha at Polonnaruwa!

Sigiriya, situated in the higher region of the island, is a formidable 200-meter rock with a maverick prince's palace and fortress, built during Europe's dark ages. As you ascend and marvel at the captivating paintings of the concubines, you will attain a 360-degree view of the area, inclusive of one of the ancient world’s most sought-after landscaped gardens. This perfect union of urban planning, water engineering, horticulture and arts has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Boasting evidence of both Colonial, Portuguese and Dutch rule are strewn across the island; from baronial homes with sprawling tea gardens, to curious churches and hotels from days past. There is no shortage of opulence and intrigue which harks back to Kenya's 'White Mischief', while undeniably marking its imprint on the Sinhalese language, architecture and culture. An exceptional example of this is featured in Galle's imposing fort, an inspired replica of the Dutch East India Company's 17th Century fort found in Cape Town.

2. Sri Lanka In 4K - Land Of Stunning Natural Wonders - Documentaries on Sri Lanka

Discover the magical allure of Sri Lanka, a destination brimming with breathtaking vistas, majestic mountains, lush tea gardens, and sun-kissed beaches. Let this stunning 4K ULTRA HD video transport you to this unique paradise, accompanied by melodic music that will soothe your soul. Witness the enchanting beauty of nature as you become immersed in this idyllic scene – a perfect place for relaxation.

3. By Train Across Sri Lanka - Documentaries about Sri Lanka

Explore Asia's most beautiful railway with us! Cutting through lush tea plantations and jungle, passing serene Buddhist temples and relics of the British Empire, the "Main Line" has been a transport route bustling with activity since the 19th century. Originally built by Britain in their colony of Ceylon to deliver goods like tea from the highlands to the port of Colombo, today this stunning path is mainly used by locals and tourists.

We'll take you on a journey from the capital city, Colombo, to Ella in the highlands. Along the way, stop at one of the country’s largest elephant orphanages before visiting Kandy – Sri Lanka’s former capital and home of the famous Temple of the Tooth said to house the Buddha’s top left canine. Followed by stops of more earthly delights in tea factories and a colonial-era racecourse in Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka’s highest town at an altitude of almost 1900 meters. And lastly, take a breath at our final destination: Ella's spa. Come explore with us!

4. Sri Lanka: Monsoon Island - Sri Lanka Documentary

Nestled in the Indian Ocean like a teardrop, Sri Lanka is a tiny island—just 75,000 square kilometers—that contains an immense variety of wildlife. Its climate and geography make it an oasis of life, where every living thing relies on one precious resource: water. Twice a year, monsoons bring torrential rains to the coastal plains, which provide sustenance during dry months. Elephants wander these lands in droves, seeking watering holes, while leopards stalk their mammal prey. In small pools of water, mugger crocodiles find mates. As summer parches the land, bee-eaters burrow in the dust and toque macaques jockey for status in ancient Buddhist ruins. With its abrupt changes in elevation, the central highlands are lush and moist all year round. The diversity here—like that in a rainforest—is nothing short of remarkable.

Sri Lanka stands out as a veritable paradise for species diversity, with its cloud forests teeming with creatures that can be found nowhere else. Purple-faced languor monkeys have grown thick fur to brave the frigid climate, while tiny pygmy lizards give birth to live young to keep them safe from the elements. Even within one rhododendron bush you can find three distinct species! Come October, the monsoon brings much-needed nourishment to the plains, providing relief for the animals living there. With unparalleled biodiversity, Sri Lanka is a veritable paradise for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts – come explore its wonders today!

5. 10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Documentaries

Sri Lanka may be small, but it's anything but ordinary! With its ancient civilizations and a rich history of foreign ruling from the Portuguese, Dutch and English empires, this multifaceted island is home to golden sandy beaches dotted with swaying coconut palms. Enjoy elephant sightings during local festivals or spot elusive leopards at one of many wildlife sanctuaries. Whether you’re looking for unique cultural experiences or dreamy beach escapes; discover why Sri Lanka has been labelled as an up-and-coming destination like no other - here are some must visit spots on your trip!

6. Sri Lanka: Food Crisis | Documentary - Sri Lanka Documentaries

For the past two years, Sri Lankans have faced a rapidly inflating market that has caused food prices to double. Despite plans for organic farming initiatives, yields are still far from being at an acceptable level in this developing nation. This documentary on examines how these economic and agricultural difficulties affect the people of Sri Lanka today.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Sri Lanka

You have experienced the magic of Sri Lanka without ever leaving your seat! These 6 documentaries have provided an all-encompassing view into this vibrant, richly diverse country - from its culture and nature to wildlife and people. Don't forget to share them!

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