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Documentaries about Ancient Greece

10 Great Documentaries about Ancient Greece

In this article, we feature a curated selection of 10 great documentaries about Ancient Greece

Intro: Documentaries about Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a civilization that emerged around 800 BC and lasted until the Roman conquest in 146 BC. It was located in the eastern Mediterranean and consisted of hundreds of independent city-states, each with their own unique government, culture, and way of life.

The most famous city-state was Athens, which developed one of the earliest forms of democracy in the world. In this political system, citizens voted on laws and policies rather than being ruled by a monarch or oligarchy. Other city-states had different forms of government, such as Sparta’s militaristic society ruled by two kings.

Daily life in Ancient Greece varied depending on one’s social class. Citizens enjoyed more rights and freedoms than non-citizens or slaves. However, all Greeks valued education and intellectual pursuits such as philosophy and literature. Greek philosophy had a profound impact on Western thought. Famous philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle explored questions about existence, morality, knowledge, and politics that are still debated today.

Traditions were an important part of Greek life. Festivals honoring gods like Zeus or Athena were held throughout the year. The Olympic Games, held every four years in Olympia to honor Zeus, were among the most prestigious athletic competitions in Ancient Greece.

Throughout its history, Ancient Greece experienced periods of conflict as well as cultural flourishing. The Persian Wars saw the Greeks unite to defeat a common enemy, while the Peloponnesian War pitted Athens against Sparta in a long and devastating conflict.

Today, we are still fascinated by Ancient Greece’s rich history and enduring legacy. Through documentaries exploring various aspects of this civilization, including its culture, politics, religion and mythology, we can gain insights into a remarkable period that continues to shape our modern world.

1. History: The Greek Empire - Documentary on Ancient Greece

Welcome to our documentary on Ancient Greece, a civilization that spanned over a millennium from the 8th century BC to around 600 AD. This period has shaped not only the history of Greece but also that of Western civilization. The ancient Greeks laid the foundation for democracy, philosophy, science, and many other fields that continue to influence our world today.

We will delve into the Archaic period, where it all began, and explore its transition into Classical Greece during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. We will also examine how Athens repelled the Persian invasion and how this event led to the flourishing of Classical Greece.

Moreover, we will take a look at Alexander the Great’s conquests that led to the rise of Hellenistic civilization and its influence in Central Asia and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Join us as we embark on a journey through time to discover Ancient Greece’s rich culture and legacy.

2. The Story of the Ancient Greeks - Documentaries about Ancient Greece

Explore the fascinating history of Ancient Greece with this comprehensive video! Learn about the Stone Age, the Olympics, and the meteoric rise of Macedon. Discover how battles like those at Gaugamela, Issus, and Granicus shaped ancient history and witness the momentous conquests of Alexander the Great. Take an in-depth look at battles such as Thermopylae that have been immortalized in history! Get ready to uncover the untold stories of Ancient Greece!

3. The Eight Ages of Greece - A Complete History - Ancient Greece Documentaries

This comprehensive history documentary explores the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Greece, spanning from the Bronze Age civilizations of Minoan Knossos and Mycenae to modern times. Throughout this journey, we will witness the birth and evolution of a spectacular culture filled with heroes and gods, ornate pottery, sophisticated architecture, sculpture that perfected the human form, and an alphabet that influenced Latin and Cyrillic alphabets used around the globe.

The Classical Age marked a pinnacle of Greek civilization during the 6th and 5th centuries BC, as Athens experimented with democracy while Sparta’s phalanx held off the Persians. It was also during this time that Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle brought new thinking to the world by creating Western Philosophy. Extraordinary temples and theatres reached sublime levels, such as those of the Parthenon.

Eventually, these squabbling city-states were united under Phillip of Macedon; however, it was his son Alexander the Great who went on to conquer the much greater Persian Empire in 336 BC - exporting Greek culture into other parts of Asia.

Despite being conquered by Romans over several centuries, ending in Actium in 31BC, “Greece conquered her rude conqueror,” as Romans adopted many Greek customs and philosophies. As Pax Romana ended in 3rd-4th Century AD after Rome was sacked by barbarians - only the Eastern Roman Empire survived for another millennium as the Byzantine Empire but fell under Ottoman rule in 1453.

The next four centuries were Greece’s darkest period under Ottoman rule, until Greek independence came with help from the Western Powers in 1832. Although suffering setbacks such as the disastrous Greek-Turkish War (1919-22), Greece expanded into modern-day size over the next 80 years. A brutal occupation during World War II followed immediately by civil war left political scars between left-right for decades afterwards; the Regime of Colonels from (1967-1974) was the low point. Greece finally joined the European Economic Community (EU) in 1982 and despite facing challenges such as the economic crisis of 2008, Greeks today enjoy their best quality of life in centuries.

4. Daily Life In Ancient Greece (3D Animated Documentary) - Everything You Need To Know - Ancient Greece Documentary

Welcome to an exciting journey back in time to Ancient Greece! In this video, we’ll take you through a comprehensive tour of the golden age and everything you need to know about how Greeks lived during that period.

We’ll kick off by busting some misconceptions on how Greece came to be. Then, we’ll get up close and personal with the people of Ancient Greece and discover their love for leisure. You won’t want to miss out on the buzz of the Agora, a bustling open-air market where Greeks loved to hang out.

And what’s a trip back in time without a visit to the theatre? The theatre was one of the most popular hobbies for thousands of Greeks during this era. We’ll brush over this before bumping into Socrates, who will teach us more than just his philosophical views!

Through Socrates’ unusual mannerisms and fashion sense, we’ll get a glimpse into how Greeks dressed during this period. We’ll even have his wife model some women’s clothing! But wait, there’s more! He suggests an adventure to the Olympic Games - but getting there is easier said than done.

So saddle up as we explore transportation options ranging from horses, donkeys, boats and of course - walking (which isn’t as easy as it sounds!). Beware of Greek pirates along the way, though!

To take things down a notch, we’ll also spend some time at the farm, which was integral to most Greeks’ lives. This segment leads nicely into exploring foods and beverages that were consumed in Ancient Greece.

We delve deep into how houses were designed and structured during that period. It was all-encompassing, with everyone under one roof - including domestic helpers (slaves). But not everyone had it easy; women faced social expectations and dealt with premature death far too frequently.

At least, religious beliefs (mythology) helped guide the Greeks through these tough times. However, mythology is such a broad subject that it merits separate videos. So sit back, relax and enjoy this documentary - it’s certain to be a journey you won’t soon forget!

5. Why Ancient Athens Was The Beginning Of Modern Society | Metropolis | Timeline - Documentaries about Ancient Greece

This video highlights the historical significance of Athens as the birthplace of modern democracy and western culture. The process of establishing democracy in Athens was complex and lengthy, but it remains a source of inspiration for people around the world. The video also touches on the role of religion in ancient Greek society, where even the Gods had an influence on worldly affairs.

The city of Athens, with its stunning Acropolis, has become synonymous with western culture and is a popular destination for tourists seeking to explore its rich history and heritage. This documentary offers a fascinating glimpse into the origins of one of the most influential political systems in human history and shows how Ancient Greece continues to shape our modern world.

6. The Entire Story of Greek Mythology Explained | Best Greek Mythology Documentary - Ancient Greece Documentaries

Greek Mythology has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world. The tales of its gods and heroes, such as Zeus, Prometheus, and Achilles, have captured the imagination of people worldwide. It is remarkable how these stories have endured through centuries and continue to fascinate both scholars and enthusiasts alike.

In this comprehensive video, viewers will embark on a chronological journey through the entirety of Greek Mythology. From Chaos to Odysseus’ adventures, every significant story will be explored in detail. Each god - including Zeus and Hades - and each hero - from Hercules to Theseus - will receive their share of attention.

This documentary promises an immersive experience into the fascinating world of Greek Myths. Whether one is a newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast, all are invited to sit back, relax and enjoy an exploration that illuminates a timeless legacy.

7. The Ascent of Civilization: How the Greeks Changed the World -Documentaries about Ancient Greece

Discover how the ancient Greeks changed the world with this entertaining and insightful exploration! From the gods of Mount Olympus to the birth of democracy, understand the major contributions of Greece to modern history - including science, theater, and even the original Olympic Games. Join us now as we uncover the fascinating legacy of Ancient Greece!

8. BBC Documentary: Alexander the God King

Uncover the astonishing legacy of Alexander the Great! Join Archaeologist Tony Spawforth as he embarks on a thrilling journey to trace back and explore the lasting impact of Ancient Greece's most famous king. From his military conquests to his influence on global thought, including Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism, you won't want to miss out on this exciting opportunity to discover the ancient secrets and wisdom of one of history's most remarkable leaders.

9. Ancient Sites in Greece (Mainland)  [Amazing Places 4K] - Ancient Greece Documentary

This video showcases some of the most significant ancient sites in mainland Greece, which are believed to have played a crucial role in the development and evolution of Western civilization. The highlighted sites include Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Tiryns, Epidaurus, Acrocorinth, Corinth and Athens. Each of these locations is steeped in rich history and cultural significance.

IIn addition to these ancient landmarks, the video also offers stunning views from nearby locations that offer a glimpse into modern-day life in Greece. These include Galaxidi, Nafplio from the Palamidi fortress and the Corinth Canal. While Acrocorinth itself is an acropolis from ancient times, its fortress dates back to Byzantine and later periods. Overall, this video provides a fascinating insight into the many layers of Greek history that continue to attract visitors from around the world.

10. How The Fundamental Differences Of Sparta & Athens Led To Decades Of War

Step back in time to Ancient Greece and witness the rise and fall of one of the most extreme civilizations that ever existed - Sparta. This was a society that focused on discipline, sacrifice, and frugality, all for the sake of creating the perfect state and the perfect warrior. Classical historian Bettany Hughes takes us on a journey through everyday Spartan life, where we get a glimpse into their secrets and complexities.

Did you know that homosexuality was compulsory in Sparta? Or that money was outlawed? Yes, you read that right! In Sparta, equality was enforced, weak boys were put to death, and women enjoyed an unprecedented level of social and sexual freedom. They were liberated, independent, opinionated - an affront to Athenian notions of femininity.

As two cities with entirely different views on life, Athens viewed Sparta as a frightening place that turned its children into fighting machines. But worse still were Sparta’s women - they took an active part in sports, raced horses and chariots naked (yes!), celebrated nudity and wielded power in the absence of their men. This went against everything Athenians thought about femininity.

The bitter rivalry between these two cities finally erupted into war, which raged for decades and split the Greek world. However, it was shocking when Spartans’ famed warriors for fearlessness were undermined on the island of Sphacteria.

Sparta may not have left behind any philosophers or artists like Athens did, but it contributed just as much to Western civilization. In fact, it offered citizenship first to its inhabitants before Athens did.

But by setting out to create a perfect society protected by perfect warriors, Sparta made an enemy of change. A collapsing birth-rate, too few warriors, rebellious slaves combined with outdated attitudes to weaponry finally led to its destruction. Eventually reduced to nothing more than a stop for Roman tourists who came to view bizarre sadomasochistic rituals.

Join Bettany Hughes as she takes you on an adventure to discover the Spartan way of life, a civilization that was both fascinating and terrifying all at once.

Documentaries about Ancient Greece: Conclusion

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