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Documentaries about Pakistan

The Top 7 Documentaries about Pakistan

Explore the best documentaries about Pakistan

Intro: Documentaries about Pakistan

Pakistan is a remarkable country with an incredible cultural heritage that has been shaped by various civilizations, ranging from the Achaemenid Empire to the British Raj. In 1947, it gained independence following one of history's most painful partitions and today boasts the sixth-largest population in the world - consisting primarily of Muslims who speak multiple languages and practice myriad ethnic customs. To truly experience this vibrant land, watching documentaries on its culture is highly recommended; some must-see films are sure to provide you with extraordinary insight into all that makes up modern-day Pakistan!

1. Top 10 Places in Pakistan You CANNOT Miss  - Documentaries about Pakistan

Delve into the heart of Pakistan with an adventurous journey through historic Buddhist cities and majestic mountains! On this exploration, discover some of the nation's most awe-inspiring sights like Taxila, Rumbur Valley in Kalash, Peshawar’s lively bazaars. Plus fascinating natural wonders such as Khunjerab Pass -the highest paved international border – Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat, Makli & Chaukhandi necropolis located on junction point from the Himalayas to Karakorum Hindu Kush range. And don't forget Khaplu valley or Hunza for spectacular views, camping under starlit skies. Join me today for my top 10 picks you won’t want to miss when visiting Pakistan!

2. Malala Yousafzai Story: The Pakistani Girl Shot in Taliban Attack - Documentaries on Pakistan

Warning: The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised

Class Dismissed: Adam B. Ellick's 2009 documentary brought attention to Malala Yousafzai, a brave Pakistani girl whose school was unfortunately shut down by the Taliban. Tragically, she was shot by a gunman on October 9, 2012; an act which only further galvanized her fight for women's human rights and education. For her inspiring activism and courage, Ms. Yousafzai was awarded the biggest honor of them all when she became the youngest Nobel Laureate ever. Her example continues to inspire people across the world to this day.

3. Saving Face | Oscar Winning Documentary - Documentaries about Pakistan

Warning: The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised

This Oscar-winning documentary tells the stories of two Pakistani women who survived acid attacks by their husbands, and their quest for justice and healing. The film also features a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who helps restore their faces and dignity.

4. Showgirls of Pakistan - Pakistan documentaries

Three remarkable Pakistani women challenge strict societal norms and risk their safety by performing on stage. They battle legal obstacles, face up to unfair managers and fight against oppressive relationships to earn a living through dancing. It's an inspiring story of determination in the face of adversity that shouldn't be missed!

5. India Pakistan Partition Documentary BBC - Pakistan documentaries

Examining the traumatic reality of the 1947 partition of India, 'The Day India Burned' sheds light on the migration that accompanied it. Pakistan became an Islamic state, while India declared secularism. For Indians to coexist harmoniously in this fractured landscape, they must champion a collective spirit of brotherhood and understanding.

6. Among the believers - Pakistan Documentary

This documentary follows a radical cleric who runs a network of Islamic schools in Pakistan, and the children who attend them. The film exposes the ideological clash between moderate and extremist forces in the country, and the impact of terrorism and violence on the young generation.

7. Pakistan 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film - Documentaries on Pakistan

Pakistan is an awe-inspiring nation that truly captures the imagination. Join us in this 4K Scenic Relaxation journey and explore the spellbinding beauty of Pakistan-from K2's imposing heights to the picturesque lakes of Gilgit-Baltistan. Where is your favorite location in this magnificent realm?

Conclusions: Documentaries about Pakistan

Spread the word! If you've been intrigued by these documentaries about Pakistan, please tell your friends and family. Everyone can benefit from learning more about this fascinating region of the world.

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