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Best Boxing Documentaries

Boxing Documentaries: The Best 39 of All Time

Explore a selected collection of 39 best boxing documentaries of all time: from the history of boxing to the life of the greatest champions.

Best Boxing Documentaries: Intro

Boxing is among the popular sports of all time. Are you a boxing fan who wants to learn more about sports history? If yes, you’re in the right place.

The following is a list of the best boxing documentaries you can enjoy.

1. Boxing History Documentary - 'The Legendary Champions' (1882-1929)

This boxing documentary was directed by Harry Chapin, a singer, and songwriter. It was released in 1968 in the United States.

“The Legendary Champions" features boxing legends from 1882 to 1929.

It features heavyweight boxing champions including John L. Sullivan, James J. Corbett, Robert James Fitzsimmons, James Jackson Jeffries, Tommy Burns, Jack Johnson, Jess Willard, Jack Dempsey, and Gene Tunney.

2. Kings of The Ring - Rare BBC Boxing Documentary

Kings of The Ring -Rare BBC Boxing Documentary is among the best boxing documentaries you can watch. It presents the history of heavyweight boxing through the 20th century. The documentary provides footage of the fights of the kings of the ring-like Jess Willard, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe, Louis, Rocky Marciano, Max Schmeling, Max Bear, Primo Carnera, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), and more. 

It was written by Tim Hulse and directed by Jean Christophe Rose. The documentary also shows how fighters played in shaping society. It also features the lives of the heavyweight champions outside the ring.

3. Boxing's Greatest Champions - HBO Boxing Documentary

This HBO boxing documentary was a classic 80s documentary. The Boxing Writers of America choose the best fighters of all time in every weight division. The documentary also provides highlight footage of the boxing champs of all time, including Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, and more. 

The video also introduced lightweight champions including Ike Williams, Benny Leonard, Henry Armstrong, Tony Canzoneri, Roberto Duran, Joe Gans, Carlos Ortiz, and Joe Brown. In addition, it also introduces champions in the heavyweight division, including Joe Frazier, Jack Dempsey, George Foreman, Max Baer, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Jack Johnson, Gene Tunney, Ezzard Charles, Jim Corbett, Joe Walcott, Rocky Marciano, and Muhammad Ali.

4. Kings of The Ring - Four Legends of Heavyweight Boxing

This boxing history documentary features 4 heavyweight boxers: Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and Jack Dempsey. It is written by Bruce Beffa and Bud Greenspan and directed by Bud Greenspan. The video presents the boxing careers of the four legends of heavyweight boxing. 

The documentary also provides footage of the fights of the said four legends of the ring. In addition, it also showcases the life of the boxing champions outside the ring. You can witness the training standards and how they became popular in the boxing industry.

5. Jack Dempsey - Boxing Documentary

Jack Dempsey -Boxing Documentary tackles the boxing career of the boxing icon and champion Jack Dempsey. Known as The Manassa Mauler, Dempsey contributes to the boxing industry. The documentary also discusses his achievements in the ring. The video also features Dempsey’s exceptional punching power and aggressive style, making him one of the most popular fighters in boxing history. This Jack Dempsey documentary shows how he became a world champion.

6. Rocky Marciano - Boxing Documentary

One of the best documentaries about boxing is the Rocky Marciano documentary. It has quality content that will show you the life and career of the heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Marciano. The documentary also presents how he loves training and his passion for boxing. 

The Rocky Marciano documentary shows how he became tough as a rock. The video also features his strength and skills. You can discover how Marciano is a beast in the ring and a classy gentleman outside the ring.

7. Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson

This Jack Johnson documentary has quality content that features the rise and fall of the boxing champion. As the first African-American who obtained the world heavyweight title, the story of the triumphs and struggles of Jack Johnson will give you inspiration. It also shows his early days as the son of former slaves to his rise in boxing history. You can also be inspired by how Jack Johnson insisted on being free.

8. On the Ropes - Boxing documentary, 1999

Brett Morgen and Nanette Burstein direct this boxing documentary. It features the lives of three Brooklyn, N.Y., boxers, and their trainer. It reveals the story of the boxers that will inspire you and learn lessons when it comes to boxing. It tells the story of George Walton, a fighter whose early career was derailed by bad management. It also shows the story of a female boxer, Tyrene Manson, from a troubled home, and Noel Santiago, who has the skills but lacks motivation.

9. After The Last Round - Boxing Documentary

After The Last Round is one of the best documentaries about boxing. It is an eye-opener for the damage and dangers that the boxers may experience. The documentary shows how boxers are warriors in their boxing careers. It also highlights how boxers live their lives after their boxing career. With this documentary, you can discover the life-changing effects of boxing on the boxers and their families.

10. Repton Boys - For What it's Worth: Amateur Boxing Documentary

This boxing documentary shows amateur boxing, making it ideal for aspiring boxers. It is about Repton Boxing Club starring Courtney Fry and Danny Hunt. It features their training to achieve fitness and mental alertness to get ready for a fight in the ring

11. Heart of Gold - Boxing Documentary 2019, SA Film Festival Award Winner

The documentary is about a local boxing community that was on the rise to glory. You can learn about the story from the trainers and coaches of the San Antonio Golden Gloves and local boxing gyms in the city. You can discover about their training and championship fights. The fresh young local boxers battle it out for the gold and glory.

12. Tear Up -  Full Documentary

The documentary showcases how a trainer helps a boxer to be a good fighter in the ring. It also features the training and lifestyle of boxers. It is inspiring content that will teach you about passion and spirit in the sport.

13. Battling To Belong - Lodge Boys Full Documentary

Battling To Belong- Lodge Boys Full Documentary presents the historic Fitzroy Lodge boxing club’s role. It also features the revered coach’s Mick Carney MBE legacy that offers a poignant reminder of the positive influence of boxing. It shows the training of aspiring boxers.

14. Remember the Name - Boxing Documentary

The documentary features Luton-based boxer, Linus Udofia who enters his first professional debut fight as a boxer. The documentary will show you the psychological and physical rigor of being a professional boxer. You can explore the training and lifestyle of a boxer. It is a great documentary for amateur boxers, too.

15. "Cuban Punch Up - The Boys who fought for Castro"

If you want an inspiring boxing story, this boxing documentary is worth watching. It features the story of three young Cuban aspiring boxers through eight dramatic months of education and training while preparing for the biggest event of their lives, Cuba’s National Boxing Championship for Under 12s. However, Fidel Castro becomes ill, and all of Cuba’s Olympic boxing champions defect to the USA. As the championship gets closer, the Cuba boys have been taught to believe that it is at a historic crossroads. It is an aspiring documentary to pursue your dreams and passions.

16. Shadow Boxing: The Journey of the African -American Boxer

This documentary is also among the best boxing documentaries. It is a great documentary about black fighters in boxing history. It presents the black boxers’ plight against the hostile opposition to break the color barrier. This documentary features George Dixon, Peter Jackson, Harry Wills, Sam Langford, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Archie Moore, and Ezzard Charles.

17. Fight Like a Girl: Inside the World of Female Boxing - Real Stories

The documentary can be inspiring content for aspiring female boxers. It features the real story of Jill Morley as she jumped into the female boxers’ world to meet women who have a passion for fighting hard. It includes traumas and emotional histories, as well as a gripping story about these women who overcome adversity. It also presents Jill’s desire to fight.

18. Boxing’s Purgatory Documentary - Motivedia Originals

This boxing documentary presents the life of an undefeated and talented fighter, but doesn’t get the right bout for them to be on higher levels. It also includes the effects of lockdown on boxing.

19. Boxing And The Mafia - History Crime

The documentary features Meyer ‘Mickey’ Harris Cohen. It shows how he started boxing in illegal prizefights in Los Angeles. The documentary also discusses the life and career of the gangster Mickey.

20. Panorama, Boxing and the Mob - BBC Boxing Documentary about Daniel Kinahan

The Panorama, Boxing and the Mob documentary by BBC tackle Daniel Kinahan’s involvement in the world of boxing as Tyson Fury thanked him publicly for setting up an anticipated title fight with fellow British boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

21. Victory Is Your Duty - The Cuban Boxing Documentary

The documentary shows the sports academy by Fidel Castro and how boys dream of being bigger fighters. It will show you how passion and determination can help you to reach your goals in life. The content of the documentary will give you the inspiration to fight for your dream boxing career and life dreams.

22. John Breen Belfast Irish Boxing Documentary

The documentary showcases how John Breen opens the doors with his Belfast boxing gym. It features how he made boxing champions. The documentary will teach you about dedication and passion for being a great boxing fighter.

23. The Great Pinoy Boxing Era - Filipino Boxing Documentary

The documentary features the first Filipino American boxers. It shows the first wave of Filipino American experience. It highlights Pinoy heroes that represent the hope and pride of equality in unwelcoming America. It also presents the contribution of Filipino boxers to the international boxing technique.

24. Mike Tyson - Baddest Man On The Planet (Original Knockout Documentary)

This Mike Tyson documentary shows the moments and triumphs of the great boxing champion. You can also witness Mike Tyson’s knockout power and blazing speed inside the boxing ring. The documentary highlights the life of Tyson and how he became a great fighter in boxing history. It also highlights the ups and downs of the boxing legend.

25. Muhammad Ali: The Documentary

This Muhammad Ali documentary is about the story of one of the greatest boxers in the world, Muhammad Ali. Suppose features how he is dangerous in the ring and how he became a pride of the black tribe. It also shows how Muhammad Ali was a controversial and inspiring figure inside and outside the ring.

26. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Documentary - An Original Bored Film

This Floyd Mayweather documentary highlights the boxer’s rivalries, championship wins, and lifestyle. With this documentary, you can discover the journey of Floyd in the boxing industry.

27. Saul Alvarez Canelo Documentary - Original Bored Film Documentary

It is a documentary that covers the career and story of Saul Alvarez. You can explore how he cemented himself as the face of boxing and possibly an all-time great.

28. Manny PacMan Pacquiao Documentary - An Original Bored Film

The documentary is about the story of the Filipino pride world boxing champion Manny PacMan Pacquiao. It shows his relentless style, speed, and power as a boxer. The documentary is an inspiring story from ultimate rags to riches.

29. Anthony Joshua Documentary - Original Bored Film

This Anthony Joshua documentary is about the story of the boxing career of the boxing star. It also features his legendary training, blazing speed, and knockout power.

30. Full Tyson Fury Road To Redemption documentary - No Filter Boxing

The documentary features the story of Tyson Fury. It also shows the battle of the boxer against mental health and other life’s challenges. You can also view the hard work and dedication of Tyson Fury. The content is inspiring, especially for those who lose hope in their career and in life.

31. "Pound for Pound - Sugar Ray Robinson" Documentary

This documentary focuses on the incredible career of the boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson. It offers training and fights footage of his boxing journey. It also shows the good character of Sugar Ray Robinson outside the ring.

32. George Foreman Documentary, Knockout King - An Original Bored Film

The George Foreman documentary shows how he became the hardest puncher. It is a documentary that reveals the career and life of the oldest champion in boxing history.

33. Beyond The Glory - Joe Frazier Documentary

This documentary features the life and career of heavyweight champion Joe Frazier. It also reveals Joe Frazier’s boxing gym. It shows how he contributes to the community.

34. Lennox Lewis Documentary - The greatest Heavyweight of all time

The documentary highlights the career of the 3-time heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis. It also shows his training and triumphs in the boxing industry.

35. Evander Holyfield Documentary

The Evander Holyfield documentary highlights the boxing career of the 4-time world heavyweight champion. It shows how he became popular in the boxing industry.

36. Salvador Sanchez Mexican Boxer Documentary

The documentary is about the story of the Mexican Boxer Salvador Sanchez. It also features the speed and boxing techniques of the boxing champion.

37. Boxing Documentaries on Netflix: Untold, Deal With the Devil

This is among the best boxing documentaries on Netflix. It is the story of the female boxer Christy Martin as she broke boundaries and rose in the boxing world. On the other hand, the documentary also reveals her public persona belied abuse, personal demons, and threat to her life.

38. Boxing Documentaries on Netflix: Counterpunch

This documentary on Netflix features three fighters at the different stages of their boxing career. It shows how they make sacrifices to pursue their dream to be a boxing champion. You can get inspiration from them to achieve your life goals.

39.Boxing Documentaries on Netflix: Mary Kom

This documentary of Mary Kom is considered as one of the boxing documentaries on Netflix. It is an inspiring documentary of the daughter of a poor rice farmer who overcomes her father’s objections and the demands of a male-dominated society to pursue a boxing career. It has a great content that can provide motivation, especially for aspiring female boxers. The documentary also showcases the struggles and hard work of Mary Kom to her boxing career.


There we go, so that is the list of the 39 best boxing documentaries that will inspire and motivate you to pursue your boxing career. With these documentaries, you can also learn about the history of boxing and popular fighters of all time. Additionally, you can discover the boxers’ passion and purpose in entering the world of boxing.

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