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Documentaries about Bears

Top 5 Amazing Documentaries about Bears

Let's discover more about this powerful and fascinating animal through the top 5 documentaries about Bears

Intro: Documentaries about Bears

Bears belong to the family Ursidae and can be as small as 4 feet long, weighing 60 pounds, or as big as 8 feet, weighing a thousand pounds. These mammals are found throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

They have an excellent sense of smell, short nails, and nonretractable claws. There are eight species of bears: sun bears, spectacled bears (Andean bears), sloth bears, polar bears, North American black bears, giant pandas, brown bears (including grizzly bears, and Asiatic black bears (moon bears)). 

On average, these mammals can live a maximum of 25 years in the wild or a maximum of 50 years in captivity. Six bear species, including the giant panda and polar bear, are included in the IUCN Red List as vulnerable or threatened.

If you want to know more about these mammals, the documentaries about bears below will help you.

1. Majestic Bears of Alaska & British Columbia - Documentaries about Bears

This bear documentary explores Alaska’s west to find glacier bears in the Katmai National Parks’ glacial regions. Every end of July, the brown bears arrive at fish for salmon, while in the surrounding forests, grizzly bears look for fresh, green twigs and berries.

The next destination is the Prince Royal Island in British Columbia, where black bears often bring their young fish for salmon. While fishing, the mother bears stay active to protect their young.

2. Grizzly River - National Geographic Bear Documentary 

The grizzly bear is found in North America, mainly in Alaska. The bears are big, ranging from 7 to 10 feet tall, and can weigh up to 700 pounds. The grizzly bear has a fur coat that is brown or black with silver-tipped hairs. They are usually born dark and turn light brown as they grow older. The grizzly bear gets its name from the white hair on its neck and chest. One of the most well-known features of the grizzly bear is their long claws used for digging up roots and spawning salmon, their main diet during the fall and winter months. They also eat berries, larvae, eggs, small mammals, insects, dirt clods with ants inside, beehives with honeycomb inside, nuts dropped by trees that have been shaken by windstorms. The grizzly bear lives in northern forests near streams, rivers or lakes where they have access to salmon runs or other sources of food.

This documentary about bears follows the lives of grizzly bears living in their river habitat. It details how they fish for salmon, stalk prey, and the roles of the alpha make. 

Grizzly bears are often called North American brown bears, since the brown and grizzly bears are one species on two continents. The documentary provides valuable information about these bears, from their habitat to their unique characteristics.

3. Black Bear Family’s Epic Fight For Survival - Documentaries about Bears 

Black bears are medium-sized ursids that live in North America and Asia. Their fur is usually black, but can also be brown or cinnamon in color. They're omnivores and feed on both plants and animals depending on what food sources are available in their habitat. Black bears can be found anywhere from the northern forest to the southern desert. They've been sighted in all 50 US states, except Hawaii. With such a large range and the ability to adapt to many different ecosystems, black bears are not an endangered species. The only place they're considered threatened is in Russia. If you want to learn more about how these beautiful creatures live, then read on!

This documentary is one of the best bear documentaries, which took three years to complete. A group of people follows two cuddly cubs and a mother black bear to see how they survive the breathtaking yet challenging environment of Forillon National Par of Gaspesie in Quebec. The documentary displays the role of the bear family in the Gaspesie region’s complex ecology.

4. Scarface: The World’s Most Famous Grizzly Bear - Bears Documentary 

This bear's documentary focuses on the life of Scarface that lives deep in the Yellowstone National Park. He got his name because of the numerous wounds on his face and other body parts. This documentary follows his everyday life and other grizzly beat inhabiting the park.

5. The Wild Brown Bears - Documentaries about Bears 

The wild brown bear is one of the most endangered species in North America. Footage released by National Geographic shows just how close this species came to extinction. The wild brown bear once roamed throughout diverse forests across the entire continent, but now only occupies a small percentage of its former range. One of the reasons for this decline is that human encroachment has led to habitat destruction and fragmentation, which has reduced the availability of food sources necessary for sustaining populations. The brown bear’s diet consists primarily of plant material, so without adequate forest cover, there are limited plant resources available to them.

This documentary about bears follows the lives of brown bears in the forest and mountains of Asia, Europe, and North America. These bears are widely distributed in the world. The documentary also gives awareness about the cruel hunting that puts every bear in danger and even death. 

Documentaries about Bears: Conclusions

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