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Best MMA Documentaries

The 12 Best MMA Documentaries: Mixed Martial Arts Documentaries

A collection of the twelve best MMA Documentaries: from the history of mixed martial arts to nowadays UFC Champions and legends.

Intro: MMA Documentaries

No doubt, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the most popular and fastest-growing sports. Many people are hooked on the sport because it displays and represents individualism and competition as human nature’s building blocks.

Whether you have been a MMA fan for a long time or have recently discovered the sports, the MMA documentaries below will provide you entertainment and learning:

1. The Amateur - MMA Documentary

The Amateur is a MMA documentary that tells the story of Dave Spero and his rise and falls as an amateur fighter in southern New Hampshire. The documentary also touched on his role as a father and a business owner. It is directed and produced by Tom Whalen. Many parents can relate to Spero as a father and a martial artist.

2. The Perfect Storm - MMA Documentary

The Perfect Storm documentary provides a cinematic approach in showing the transition of Isaac Richards from A-League goalkeeper to professional MMA fighter. In July 2020, he walked away from his football career to pursue his passion for MMA. This fighting documentary spends lots of time at the fighting-focused gym and reveals that it had been calling Richards before hanging up the boots. 

3. Fighting in the Age of Loneliness: Supercut Edition - MMA UFC Documentary

This single two-hour MMA fighter documentary provides a bitter sweet story and even refuses to foretell the so-called “happy ending.” It highlights the lives of MMA fighters where they have discovered the most honest and pure expressions of humanity in sports.  

4. The Smashing Machine - MMA Documentary

This MMA documentary focuses on Mark “The Smashing Machine” and his inspiring journey through the MMA’s dark ages. When looking at the career of Kerr, UFC is only mentioned in the beginning, but it still shows the sport’s another side that every newer fan should not miss. This documentary also highlights how he fought doubt, fear, and his own demons.

5. UFC - Fighting Documentary

This fighting documentary tackles the MMA UFC sports history. It offers insights and access to what was the sport before. There are even MMA fighters fighting with shirts on. It shows the fire in the heart of every fighter. It provides various footage of the fights and what the fighters have been through before going to the ring.

6. Fighter: Randy Couture -  MMA Documentary

This MMA documentary is for people curious about the early career of Randy Couture as a MMA fighter. He has competed in a record of sixteen title fights and is one of the few MMA champions who regained a title he had lost. This documentary gives everyone an overview of how he started as a MMA fighter and his passion, doubts, struggles, courage, and more before getting his titles. 

7. Fight’s Masters -  National Geographic Mixed Martial Arts Documentary

This National Geographic MMA documentary offers an in-depth and creative look into MMA and its science. It delivers unknown and exciting facts about the fighters’ anatomy. It highlights the exploration of MMA by measuring power, impact, and performance. Bas Rutten is one of the MMA fighters that capture the attention of the viewers in this documentary. Beginners in this sport will gain knowledge and more insights. 

8. A Life of Fighting : Documentary on Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighters

This MMA documentary about cage fighters opens everyone’s eyes to the reality of the sport. It offers different footage of the action-packed grappling match. Some cage fighters have scary eyes and overall look, but with different reasons to go on the ring. These professional warriors reflect different principles but the same goals.

9. The Notorious - Conor McGregor Documentary

The Notorious is a MMA fighter documentary about Conor McGregor during the most critical six months of his MMA career in 2013. It also include some of the iconic battles in his career, like his fight against Max Holloway.

The way McGregor talks about his gloves, being a warrior, hard work, and everything he cares about are some of the highlights of this documentary. 

For many fans, McGregor is known as a contradictory and compelling MMA figure. He is famous for his humorous verbal jabs at opponents.

He used to be a plumber’s apprentice before dedicating himself as a full-time trainee.

10. A Diaz Brothers Documentary - Nick Diaz & Nate Diaz

A Diaz Brothers Documentary is detailing the stardom of Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz, two of the most famous MMA fighters.

The first half of this UFC documentary focuses on Nick Diaz, the older brother. The Diaz brothers have been among the most-watched MMA fighters throughout the years.

They are known for delivering entertaining fights while keeping things real. Just like other fighters, they have also experienced ups and downs. 

11. My Ultra MMA Journey - MMA Documentary

My Ultra MMA Journey focuses on the charity Mixed Martial Arts event sand every fighter’s journey. Inexperienced first-time MMA fighters join the unforgiving and brutal world but are filled with motivation and inspiration.

The MMA journey is not easy for many, but grueling training and passion can make dreams happen.

12. Women’s MMA Documentary - Rose Namajunas The Journey

This women’s MMA documentary highlights the relationship between Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry and their MMA careers.

It proves that MMA can be about the journey and not about the belt.

Namjunas is currently signed to UFC and ranked number 5 on the official pound-for-pound rankings.

MMA Documentaries: Conclusions

For many MMA fans and viewers, the sport is loaded with thrill, action, and excitement. What they do not realize is that each fighter goes through hardship, doubts, or fears. Through the MMA documentaries above, people will learn the rise and falls, passion and inspiration, and strengths and weaknesses of the MMA fighters. The documentaries also provide a taste of the sport‘s history.

Each footage offers a unique story and inspiration. Those documentaries are a good start, whether you are new to the MMA world or an aspiring fighter.

Hopefully, the documentaries give you learning and discovery. Keep in mind that each fight is not only to entertain the viewers, but also to give inspiration and make us realize the truth in every punch or grappling.

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