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Documentaries about Cuba

6 Great Documentaries about Cuba That You'll Love

Explore the best documentaries about Cuba

Intro: Documentaries about Cuba

Cuba is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s a land of mountains and beaches, and its people are some of the most vibrant and friendly in the world. But what about its history? How can visitors learn about Cuba’s fascinating past? There are many documentaries about Cuba that tourists can watch. Here are six of our favorites.

1. Cuba: Columbus to Castro - Documentaries about Cuba

In this Cuba: Columbus to Castro documentary, we explore the history of Cuba from the time that Christopher Columbus discovered the island to the time that Fidel Castro became president. We meet some of the key figures in Cuban history, including Fidel Castro and his father, Raúl Castro. We also look at the reasons why Cuba became a communist state, and how it has influenced the world today.

2. Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara - Documentaries on Cuba

On July 1st, 1959 Fidel Castro was born into a poor family in the town of Holguín, in the north-central province of Santiago de Cuba. His family was forced to sell their home and move to Santiago when Fidel was two years old. Living in a run-down and dangerous neighborhood, Fidel became involved in crime as a teenager to make money. In 1957, he joined the Communist Youth League and, after several failed attempts, became an organizer for the Revolutionary National Guard. In 1960, Fidel was elected president of the National Assembly and founded the Communist Party of Cuba. In 1962, he announced that Cuba would become an independent country. Over the next few years, Fidel worked to create a new political system and prepare for an independence referendum. By 1966, Cuba had achieved independence and Fidel founded the Cuban Republic.

3. How Fidel Castro Came To Power - Cuba Documentary

Fidel Castro was a complex individual with an extensive history and a huge number of accomplishments. This documentary will look at some of the key moments in his life, from his early years as a revolutionary to the time he became leader of Cuba.

4. Nueva Nostalgia - Cuban Documentaries

Fidel Castro brought revolution to Cuba in 1959. But the country has been stuck between nostalgia and new beginnings ever since. The capital Havana looks like it’s stuck in a time warp, with its outdated cars and crumbling facades. However, young Cubans are optimistic about the future- hard times just make for more creative alternatives! To compensate for the lack of a reliable Internet connection, they invented "El Paquete," an elaborate information network that stretched across the island thanks to portable hard drives! It brings Bundesliga matches, telenovelas and US TV shows to even the most remote villages.

As the 1962 missile crisis fades into history, Cuba is slowly opening up. The owner of Havana’s most chic restaurant, "La Guarida," has reached a deal with some young architects: The profits from the restaurant will go towards restoring the old mansion it’s housed in. This kind of trade-off is increasingly common in modern times.

5. Cuba! The Real Cuba! - Documentaries about Cuba

In this raw documentary, you'll learn about the history and culture of Cuba, from the earliest days of Spanish colonialism to the present day. You'll see beautiful landscapes and hear stories from locals about their lives in Havana. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about Cuba!

6. Havana and its People - Best Documentaries about Cuba

Havana is a beautiful and thriving city, full of history and culture. But it's also a city that is in danger of being lost to the rest of society. In this documentary film, we explore the history and culture of Havana, from its days as a slave-traded center to its current status as one of the most lively and vibrant cities on the planet.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Cuba

Cuban documentaries offer a unique and compelling perspective on the island’s history and culture. Whether exploring the various stories of Cuba’s revolution, following the lives of everyday Cubans or uncovering the hidden secrets of Havana’s old neighborhoods, these films are sure to educate and engage audiences of all ages

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