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Judo Documentaries

Top 5 Documentaries about Judo: Great Judo Documentaries

In this article, you can dive deeper into the world of Japanese Judo: its history, philosophy, techniques and masters.

Intro: Judo Documentaries

Judo is considered modern Japanese martial art. It has transformed into an Olympic and Paralympic event after it was created in 1882. Are you pursuing learning judo and don’t know where to start? 

There’s no need for you to worry. Let’s help you. This article has gathered some of the best judo documentaries you can watch to learn more about this ancient martial art.

1. Japanese Judo Documentary

Judo is a form of modern martial art, a combat and Olympic sport made in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. One of its most popular features is its competitive element, where the goal is to either take down or throw an opponent to the ground, immobilize or subdue the opponent with a pin. This Japanese judo documentary showcases the origin of the Japanese judo and the principles it follows. 

2. Kyuzo Mifune: The Essence of Judo - Judo Documentary

Did you know that Kyuzo Mifune was deemed as the god of judo? This judo documentary features old footage of Mifune accepting challenges and taking on students to show his overall skills at the art of judo. You can deliberately watch his methods and nearly unstoppable skills. At 159 centimeters, he wasn’t a big man. However, like this awesome video of the judo master shows, it seems that strength does not come from size. 

Mifune was the top student of Jigoro Kano, who is the founder of judo. He’s deemed by many to be the finest technician ever, after Kano. 

3. Judo: The Art of Living

Judo is proven to be precious for everyone involved. The reason for that is because martial art raises you for life. All values it carries out have importance and similarities in our daily life without realizing how powerful they are or can be. 

This documentary about judo was made by the European Judo Union, intended for parents of young kids and teenagers. At the core of the film’s message are the true stories of people who have been able to call on their judo abilities in tough moments of their lives to survive and find themselves.

4. Judoka: Doug Rogers Story - Judo Documentary

This is another one of those Judo documentaries you need to watch. It’s a short film telling the story of Doug Rogers, a young Canadian athlete who developed a skill for judo, which led him into competition for the world championship at the Tokyo Olympics. It was also followed by another competition at the Pan-American Games. This Judo documentary features intensive judo training that Rogers took at a Tokyo school and short glimpses of his life in the country.

5. Ono Shohei Judo Documentary

Ono Shohei is a Japanese judoka and is considered one of the best fighters of Judo in Japan. He has won three World Championships and two Olympic gold medals. This short documentary showcases the life he had as a judo fighter. He is known for his iconic technic and all ippon style.

Judo Documentaries: Conclusions

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