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Documentaries about Mexico

Nine Wonderful Documentaries about Mexico You Can't Miss

Explore the best documentaries about Mexico

Intro: Documentaries about Mexico

Mexico is often overlooked when it comes to the world's most popular travel destinations. It was only in 1995, when Diego Rivera's epic murals were finally unearthed from a cave deep within Mexico that the country became known as a tourist destination. The Mexican culture is rich and intricate, and there is so much to explore. Mexico has over 2,000 archaeological sites, and with some of the most prominent ruin mounds built by the ancient Aztec civilization. It also has some of the largest volcanoes in North America and many other natural spectacles. With this diverse nature comes an equally diverse history. Mexico was home to many different civilizations before Spanish conquistadors arrived in 1519, including Mayans, Teotihuacán-Xochicalco civilization, Toltecs and Aztecs. Nowadays you can explore modern Mexican culture in cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City or learn about ancient cultures in towns like Chichén Itzá or Uxmal.

In this article, we're going to learn more about this amazing country.

1. History of Mexico - Documentaries about Mexico

From the Mayans, to the Aztecs, of ancient times until today in Mexico. Mexican ancestors have seen both good and bad times under diverse circumstances - from native Indian life styles (not ruling) to luxurious royals while those below them suffered more than they enjoyed.

2. Mexican and American War Documentary - Mexico Documentaries

The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the annexation of Texas by President James K. Polk, who saw it as a first step towards further expansion into territories belonging to Mexico. After U.S.-Mexican forces clashed, Congress declared war on May 13th against Santa Anna's government for attacking U.S forces in disputed territory near what is now known as San Diego Bay with its declaration on April 23rd: "War exists by law; accordingly all citizens are properly bound to aid our army."

3. Mexico by IMAX - Mexican Documentaries Travel

A good IMAX documentary on Mexico, which will explore nature, cities and ancient ruins with stories of the past.

4. Mexicos Magnificent Caribbean Coast - Documentaries about Mexico

Mexico's Riviera Maya on the Yucatan peninsula, with its endless palm trees and calm turquoise sea is a 25 degree temperature during winter. Between Cancun and Punta Allen, where once there was little more than bushland, vibrant life has evolved in the past three decades. Richard Sowa has lived on a floating island for 15 years: an island he built himself out of empty plastic bottles to "solve our planet’s refuse problem".
Off Punta Allen - one of two villages in the bay of Sian Ka'an- Mexican Mara Coral Ley and her cousin Kim continue to catch lobsters by adhering to traditional method as they were awarded an “Eco seal for sustainable fishing”."

5. Mexico Vacation Travel Video Guide - Mexico Documentaries

Mexico is a country with plenty of diverse cultures because it has been the home to many civilizations. Mexico City, however, is one of the most interesting cities in this vast land and boasts cultural treasures like Templo Mayor - its main temple which lies in Zocalo Square, Catedral Metropolitana at its heart that was built by Spanish conquistadors who arrived on horseback during their reign only to discover an idyllic lagoon paradise amid floating gardens called Xochimilco today that can be explored by boat.

6. Mexico City - Mexican Documentaries

Megacities is a documentary film exploring the dramatic and often tragic consequences of urbanization, in particular the impact on the environment, human health, and public infrastructure. In Mexico City, the world's largest megacity, we explore some of the most pressing issues facing this mega-city.

7. YUCATAN The Culture Is Nature, The Culture Is Maya - Documentaries on Mexico

From the white sandy beaches of Maya to its centuries-old temples and other lesser known locations that from an archaeological perspective are just as interesting, the cameras take you on a tour through Yucatan. In this Mexican state juts out into the Caribbean Sea, sites like Coba or Calakmul emerge in forested areas with mangroves along their edges. The setting is always sensational: spectacular caves and rocks form backdrops for ancient artifacts left behind by one of America's most fascinating civilizations.

8. Mexican Army: War Against Powerful Drug Cartels - Mexico Documentaries

The Insider joins up with Unit 27 of the 56th Infantry Battalion in Acapulco to live the life of an ordinary soldier fighting on the front line. This is a war against powerful and violent drug cartels, which has taken a toll on tourism in Acapulco. As it spirals further out of control, how does it feel for soldiers? What's it like when you don't know who your enemy is and you really have no idea what side anyone else might be on?

9. Most Dangerous State of Mexico / Narcos War Zones / How people live - Mexican Documentaries

This video is about the most dangerous state of Mexico and how people live. It'll explain what it's like to live in these mexico war zones, where crime and violence are on the rise and people are displaced from their homes. It'll also talk about how people are forced to leave their lives there to try to find a better life for themselves and their families.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Mexico

There are a lot of reasons to love Mexico, but there is no better way to understand the country and its people than by watching this list of must-watch documentary films.

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