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Rock Climbing Documentaries

6 Exciting Rock Climbing Documentaries

This article features the best rock climbing documentaries informing exercise, history and science-based reasons to pick up a pair of climbing shoes.

Intro: Rock Climbing Documentaries

Rock Climbing  is a sport involving climbing rock formations or artificial rock walls using equipment such as rock climbing shoes, harnesses and ropes. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling.

Rock climbing has been described by rock climber and author Dean Potter as "What you're doing when you're free soloing is cheating death, but with ropes it's more like daring life."

Risk increases with higher altitudes because exposure to extreme weather and temperature occurs; technical difficulty of the climb; possibility of dangerous rock formations; and lack of safety features like ledges, deep water pools, and escape routes. Since many cliffs are located near roads and trails, rock climbing has been used by mountain enthusiasts to demonstrate rock climbing proficiency.

Rock Climbing is an outdoor sport, though indoor rock climbing gyms are present in many of the larger cities.

  • rock climbing is a sport involving rock formations or artificial rock walls using equipment like rock shoes, harnesses and ropes
  • the goal is to reach the summit of a rock formation or end point of a pre-defined route without falling
  • extreme weather and temperature occur at higher altitudes while technical difficulty of the climb can also increase risk for climbers while there's also lack of safety features on cliffs near roads and trails where some are located
  • outdoor sport with indoor rock gyms in major cities

1. Arc'teryx Presents: On The Verge - Rock Climbing Documentaries

In this film, Arcteryx presents a story about three individuals who push themselves to their limits in the mountainous landscape of British Columbia. We explore the concept of marginal gains and how these small improvements can have a major impact on our lives.

In the mountains near Powell River, British Columbia, a small band of rock climbers has spent decades developing lines on some of Canada's biggest granite faces. The climbing community confronts the end of an era as the last remnants of ancient forests trapped in these valleys are threatened with logging.

On The Verge is a glimpse of outdoor culture in British Columbia when confronted with the choice to defend these last ancient trees, potentially lose access, or turn away as the valley is stripped for timber. It's about how we balance ecotourism companies that provide us access to the wild with their destruction. Our need to preserve our backyard while retaining it for ourselves at the same time. The significance of these locations to those who have created and been affected by them in turn.

2. Of Rock & Needles - Rock Climbing Documentaries

For the last ten years, Dr. Volker Schoeffl and his wife Isabelle have been traveling to Laos on a regular basis. Although Laos is located between Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, it is one of the world's poorest nations. The two doctors perform intricate operations every year, train and support the local team, as well as bring new equipment to the hospital. They aren't only active though. Both are incredible climbers, so they spend their free time establishing new routes all across the nation.

The rock faces, that the climbers find once they step out of Vientiane are rarely higher than 15 meters. But such a rock face makes for an excellent training ground. Even if you're exhausted after a long day of medical work there is always one last jumar to set up and go rock climbing again after sunset. The couple has turned this into a yearly routine and so did we when we joined them on several expeditions. We did our best not only to climb every rock another time but also succeeded in photographing it from different perspectives with the help of some friends from Germany who were visiting us at that time.

3. When Limestone Calls - Rock Climbing Documentaries

Limestone is a magical, mystical place. From the epic lines to the sheer cliffs and the towering domes - it's not hard to see why this climbing destination has such legendary status.

In WHEN LIMESTONE CALLS we get an intimate look at what it's like for these climbers to live in this remote world, where life is about more than just rock climbing: from living off-grid and cooking over a wood stove, to raising children and making ends meet on less than 10 dollars per day.

4. Stone Locals: Rediscovering the Soul of Climbing - Rock Climbing Documentaries

This video is about the soul of rock climbing. It's an exploration into how people find meaning, purpose and identity through rock climbing.

Climbing has always been more than a sport. It's given a lifestyle and a makeshift family to misfits who have found their calling in life. As climbing's popularity rises, the people who keep the game's foundation and community have greater responsibilities than ever before. The following are five of these anchors, the Stone Locals who preserve the spirit of climbing as the game develops.

5. To Climb the World - National Geographic Rock Climbing Documentaries

In the high-stakes world of competitive climbing, intense rivalries can erupt from a single misplaced foot. In this National Geographic documentary, we follow three athletes as they prepare for the most important competition of their lives.

National Geographic takes you to some of the most remote and extreme locations on earth in this series, which chronicles rock climbers' conquests on some of the world's deadliest peaks.

6. Black Diamond Presents: The Artist - Rock Climbing Documentaries

According to BD Athlete Sam Elias, “Boone had force.” If you're a climber, you've undoubtedly felt Boone's strength without even meeting him. Perhaps you've even attempted one of his routes, which span the western United States like constellations and chronicle the tale of progress for hard sport climbing in this immense nation.

Perhaps you're a climber who has been photographing and writing about rock climbing for more than ten years. You've seen a photo in a magazine, or perhaps it was an internet page that made your palms sweat and caused you to want to rope up again and again. That ubiquitous name—Boone Speed—is printed against the glossy page, next to the byline, which is always precisely what one expects of him.

The fact is that for many of us, Boone is a real legend. Mr. Speed has aided shape what this game of verticality is today by assisting with routes and raising ascents. This movie, produced by Mike Call, chronicles the life and art of an accomplished climber.

Conclusions: Rock Climbing Documentaries

One of the most beautiful things about rock climbing is that it's an activity for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or expert, there are many documentaries available to inspire your next climb. We've provided some popular ones below if you want to get started!

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