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Documentaries on Everest

The Top 5 Breath-Taking Documentaries on Everest

Have you ever dreamt to scale Mount Everest? Let's go together into this breath-taking journey explore the top 5 documentaries on mount Everest.

Intro: Documentaries on Everest

Some people love Mount Everest. Others hate it or feel both ways. No matter what you feel, it is hard to take the world’s highest mountain for granted.

This mountain was formed more than 60 million years ago when India’s subcontinent moved rapidly north and then collided with Eurasia. The two plate’s collision created the Himalayas. When it comes to the size, the summit is approximately a normal kitchen half-size, where six climbers can stand there at a time.

In 1854, Everest was estimated to measure 9,000 meters. In 2020, the mountain had remeasured its height and is now officially 8,848.68 meters. The mountain grows about 44 millimeters each year. 

Here are the documentaries on Everest you may enjoy watching:

1. The Mount Everest - BBC Documentaries on Everest

The Mount Everest is one of the interesting documentaries about Everest. It reveals that more than a thousand climbers attempt to reach the mountain’s summit every year. The annual record for successful attempts is 633, where half that number were Sherpas. Despite being secretive about their nation, culture, and experiences living behind the highest mountain in the world, the Sherpa community opens its door into their world for the first time.

2. Everest for Mountaineers - New Documentary on Everest

Everest for Mountaineers is one of the must-watch documentaries about Mount Everest. Mountaineers Patrick McKnight and Brendan Madden embark on their quest to reach the world summit. It shows how people prepare and do things the right way with realistic expectations. Each detail from the documentary was very clear and well explained, from start to finish. So, beginners will learn a lot of things. Plus, viewers will see how much dedication they poured into every step they made. 

3. The Inside Story Of Mount Everest's Deadliest Climbing Season - CNA Documentary about Mount Everest

This documentary about Mount Everest covers the deadliest season to climb the mountain. A young climber blamed the crowds for his decision to turn back when he was only 899 meters from the summit, and an elderly climber was haunted by the moment he decided to leave his wife on the mountain. This documentary answers how and why Everest became overcrowded. Plus, it also uncovers the long-lasting environmental issues impact.

4. The Dark Side on Everest - BBC Documentary on Everest

In this BBC documentary on Everest, every climber’s experience in reaching the summit is revealed. It shows the potential challenges that climbers may face, including extreme weather conditions and even the climber’s own personality. It unveils not only the mountain’s true nature but also the potent and disturbing effect on the climber’s mind.

5. Storm Over Everest (The 1996 Disaster) - Documentaries on Everest

This documentary on Everest features Makalu and his sheer determination and will. He is praised for clinging to life and not giving up, even if he is sitting next to a dead body. The documentary also lets the viewers meet other mountaineers like Anatoli and Charlotte. 

Documentaries about Mount Everest: Conclusions

What do you think about this breathtaking documentaries about Mount Everest?

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