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Documentaries about Tigers

5 Documentaries About Tigers You Must Watch

Explore the best documentaries about Tigers

Intro: Documentaries about Tigers

Tigers are the largest living members of the cat family and the largest wild cats in the world, with some males reaching a weight of 800 pounds. One of the most iconic animals on earth, tigers are considered India’s national animal and, as you can imagine, they play a large role in their culture and folklore.

But these majestic creatures have faced many challenges over time. As human populations have grown and encroached on their habitats – even going so far as to poach them for their body parts – tiger populations have plummeted, with less than 3,000 left in the wild today. The good news is that there are organizations putting in hard work to save them. In this list of five must-watch documentaries about tigers you will find ways to get involved and make a difference for these beautiful creatures.

1. The Survival Of A Tiger - Documentaries about Tigers

Shot in India and Nepal, this is the full story of a magnificent animal at the crisis point. It may only be 10,000 tigers left in the world today. The tiger's beauty and its role as an enigmatic creature are described along with statistics about their population numbers and current conservation efforts to save them from extinction.

2. The Sumatran Tiger: The Last of Their Kind - Documentaries on Tigers

In January 2009, a resin tapper is hunted in the forests of Jambi Province. In the following months, there are seven more deaths, each more gruesome than the last. The culprit is a 200 lb Sumatran Tiger-a critically endangered species! But this isn't the only crime here: over 60% of Sumatra's rainforest has disappeared in 25 years-cleared by global paper companies and for oil palm plantations and leaving behind an ecological desert. Human beings usually aren't on these tigers' menu but with their habitat destroyed and its prey taken away, this majestic predator had no choice but to turn to humans as food when it needed it most: 400 rare tigers left in nature will be extinct before we reach 2020...

Hope lies with a small group of dedicated individuals. In trying to beat the clock, specially trained forest rangers must find a man-eater before local hunters do. With so few left in Indonesia’s Taman Safari, they need to breed pure bloodlines of Sumatran tigers to save their species from extinction. Zoological Society of London's Tom Maddox has an urgent mission: he needs to find solutions for the tiger conflict that will affect humans and tigers alike!
This film reveals two top predators living on one piece of land (but it is not entirely clear what type). It is about powerful creatures pushed until they are at their limits and who humans risk everything to save them all!

3. Killer Tigers of India - Tigers Documentary

When you think of tigers, what country do you think of? India!
The natural beauty and diverse landscapes are home to some of the world's most ferocious predators.
In this Nat Geo documentary, we explore some of the most iconic tiger habitats in Asia, including India's Kanha National Park.

4. Siberian Tigers - Documentaries about Tigers

Tigers are the largest cat species and a member of the genus Panthera. They have dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur with lighter undersides. Tigers tend to prey on ungulate animals like deer or wild boar, which require large contiguous areas of habitat for their requirements for prey and offspring rearing; they are territorial predators that live as solitary but social beings.

5. The Tiger and the Monk - Tiger Documentary

The Wat Pa Luangta Bua monastery is situated far away from any civilization, about 200 kilometers west of Bangkok. Here, silence and peace reigns. Every afternoon, a daily ritual is observed - nonchalant Buddhist monks take their ten 3-5 year old tigers out on a leash for a walk through the bordering region of Burma. They dote upon their animals, feed them and celebrate them as their most sacred animal; they treat grown-up animals with reverence and respect, although they cuddle and play with the cubs.

Once the "aristocrats" of the jungle, tigers are now one of the most endangered species in existence. Three out of eight subspecies have already gone extinct, and it's just a matter of time before this happens to all the remaining ones. Only 500-2000 Indochinese tigers can be found peacefully coexisting with humans in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia and Vietnam; that is if they're not driven away by poachers first because their hides fetch high prices on black markets internationally. This documentary only portrays one side: predators being tamed by people raising them from infancy or hand feeding them from early childhood to make sure they don't go feral again after being released into forests for population control purposes but does so disregarding Buddhist teachings about animals as "wild creatures", no mater how tame we've made them over generations...

Conclusions: Documentaries about Tigers

Tigers are beautiful animals that have been threatened due to hunting and habitat destruction. But there is hope! By educating yourself about the dangers tigers face and the conservation efforts being made to save them, you can do your part to help. With these documentaries, you can educate others and spread awareness to help these majestic animals.

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