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Laos Documentary

Top 7 Documentaries about Laos - Best Laos Documentary

Let's jump into stunning nature and secret history with this collection of Laos Documentaries

Intro: Laos Documentaries

Laos is among the most beautiful countries in the world. Do you want to know more about this country? Then, consider the following documentaries about Laos. 

1. Laos Wonderland: The Secrets of Nature - Laos Documentary

This Laos documentary features the beauty of the country. It shows the natural beauty of Laos, including the steep mountains, widespread forests, river valleys, and cool savannahs and high plateaus. You can also discover the beauty of forests with tigers, elephants, leopards and other rarest animals on the planet. 

In addition to the beautiful nature in Laos, the documentary also features the country’s rich culture and beautiful people. Aside from the land and wildlife, the documentary also features Buddhism, including celebrations like New Year, a symbol of cleansing.

2. Laos History Documentary

Laos History Documentary is about the history of the country. It discusses the Burmese Toungoo Dynasty, which started a series of expansions in the late 1550s that culminated under King Bayinnaung. The Setthathirath moved to the Lan Xang capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane way back in 1560 to defend themselves from the threat of Burma. The documentary offers a comprehensive guide about the history of Laos. 

3. The Akha tribe in Laos: Between tradition and modernity - Lao Documentary

The Akha tribe in Laos: Between tradition and modernity - Lao Documentary is a documentary about the Akha tribe, almost untouched by modern civilization. It discusses how they still adhere to their archaic customs. You can also discover about the tribe’s self-sufficiency. They have different tasks, including housework, agriculture and creating traditional clothing.

4. Lan Chang - Laos Documentary

Lan Chang is the capital city of Laos.

This documentary shows the beautiful city of Lan Chang. It also features the sleepy and peaceful life in the country. It preserved its oriental traditions due to its small population while slowly conforming to the fast-changing world.

The video also discusses Buddhism religion in the country. You can also explore the growing economy of Laos.

5. Street Food in Laos - Laos Food Documentary

This Lao food documentary features the healthy cuisines of Laos.

With lots of herbs and other quality ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. The documentary is perfect for people who want to try the street food in Laos.

The video shows how to cook some of the famous cuisines of the country. It also features some chefs from famous restaurants in the country. 

6. Laos The Forgotten War: Ted Yates - Secret War in Laos Documentary

This secret war in Laos documentary features the Laotian Civil War.

It shows the fight between the secret army and the Vietnamese division. There are casualties in the secret war. There are dead people, which makes it hard for the citizens of Laos.

There’s a high risk of killing meaningful lives during the war. The Secret army in Laos fights for their homeland. 

7. The CIAs Covert War In Laos -  Secret War in Laos Documentary

The CIAs Covert War In Laos tells about the Secret War in the country. The secret army of Laos fights for their freedom for their homeland. The scars of war are visible in every area.

Laos documentaries: Conclusions

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