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Hiking Documentaries

Top 5 Documentaries about Hiking

Pick a hike, any hike! Find the best documentary films that capture all the glory of nature and human endurance on this list of essential hiking docs.

Intro: Hiking Documentaries

Hiking is the act of walking, hiking, or wala hiking or hiking up an area. Hiking is often done for leisure purposes and as a sport.

Hiking may consist of picking flowers, acorns , mushrooms, mosses , hiking trails , hiking poles  and hiking backpacks . Hiking trails may be narrow enough to need only one hiker at a time or large enough to accommodate many hikers at once. A " thru-hike " refers to hiking a long-distance trail in stages with camping in between. This requires considerable endurance and logistics.

People who hike can make use of their hands or ski poles for greater speed or energy efficiency . Other human factors influencing the required equipment include weight (the heavier the hiking backpack, the more energy required to carry it) and aging (older hikers have reduced balance compared to younger ones). The impact on the hiker is also affected by their demeanor; a happy hiker can expect an improved mood, as well as increased social contacts and quality of life . Hikers may choose hiking boots for ankle support and mud/water-proof hiking boots for added protection from water or other elements.

Many hiking organizations exist worldwide: each offers differing levels of difficulty hiking , distances that can be covered, height and terrain tolerances and abilities. These clubs often offer insurance coverage for members' trips.

The "greatest" hiking trail in history was not grand at all but it did stir up enthusiasm. In 1845, the editor of the "Stockbridge Arrow" was hiking when he observed a boy hiking up with no shirt on. He observed this and wrote about it in his hiking article. They started hiking groups to make hiking safer for everyone.

Hiking can be an arduous activity or an enjoyable leisure activity. It is taken by people around the world for pleasure, fitness, outdoor recreation , self-reliance, and self-expression . The health benefits of different types of hiking have been confirmed in numerous studies: Hikers with weight problems burn more calories than non hikers; that same group also enjoys improved cardiovascular systems compared to their sedentary peers, while older hikers enjoy lowered risk for osteoporosis .

Hiking requires endurance and the hiking trail should be hiked in a timely manner. The hiking trail can be narrow at certain points to allow only one person hiking on them at a time. This hiking trail can also accommodate many hikers hiking together at a time . Hiking trails may become very muddy or wet after rainfall or snow , requiring additional effort for successful hiking. A thru-hike refers to hiking a long-distance, usually from end to end, in stages with camping in between. This requires considerable endurance and logistics.

Hikers have different speeds depending upon their specific capabilities and conditioning: "competitive speed hiking ," "unhurried speed," "leisurely speed," and so forth; this applies both to vertical distance covered (i.e., hiking uphill or hiking down .

Hiking trails often have a tree-covered canopy which provides shade on hot days. If hiking in cold weather , it can be much warmer hiking through the vegetation compared to hiking at high elevation , where temperatures are lower. This hiking may include walking through forest, grasslands , scrub or bush . Hiking steep trails for extended periods of time may put stress on leg muscles and joints, potentially causing injury. Of course, there are many benefits to hiking steep trails for extended periods of time including stronger muscle groups all over one's body as well as improved cardiovascular health. The incremental hiking hikes will increase that hike further with increased elevation gain . There are certain health problems associated with hiking that should be considered before setting out.

Hiking has been shown to offer protective benefits against heart disease and stroke, as hiking is generally a low-impact activity that causes little stress on weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees. Hikers often enjoy improved balance and increased strength in the leg muscles and upper body . The more strenuous hiking trails require stronger leg muscles and hikers will also be able to detect changes in their bodies following hiking trails. However, hiking can exacerbate existing orthopedic conditions such as bad knees; those hiking should consult with their physicians for advice before starting any hiking.

1. Why I Do Hike - Award Winning Hiking Documentary

In 2020, a major documentary will be released that reveals the untold history of America's most iconic trails.

"Why do I hike?" is a film about the people who have been shaping and preserving our country's natural landscapes for decades. The movie tells their stories in three parts: “The Pioneers” captures early human settlement and development; “The Environmentalists” examines how modern Americans came to understand the value of these lands; and “The Trailblazers” brings us to today, when all across the country we are witnessing an unprecedented surge in public interest in hiking and outdoor recreation.

2. Only the Essential: Pacific Crest Trail - Hiking Documentaries

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650-mile long public footpath that starts at the Mexican border and finishes near Canada. The trail offers hikers a chance to explore some of the most majestic landscapes in America. In this documentary we'll take you on an adventure through one of the most beautiful places in America!

The trail is divided into sections that are typically harder than the last. Every section of hiking is different, but there are some commonalities to be expected along the way.

Every year thousands of hikers set out onto the trails for what they expect to be a life changing experience; it's safe to say many of them return disappointed. So, if hiking along The Pacific Crest Trail isn't your cup of tea, here are five other hiking spots you might want look at instead:

- Appalachian Trail (more strenuous passages)

- Colorado Trail (easy hiking)

- Continental Divide Trail (rugged landscape)  - John Muir Trail (vistas!)

- Rocky Mountain National Park (alpine landscapes)

3. Distant North: Hiking the Kungsleden - Hiking Documentaries

The Kungsleden hiking trail, also known as the King's Trail, is a hiking trail in the mountain range of the Arctic Cordillera. It runs 500 kilometres (310 miles) from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south, passing through Nikkaluokta. The name "Kungsleden" means "The Kings Trail".

The hiking trail was created by Transjö MC club and inaugurated on 31 July 1971; it follows an earlier packhorse trail that lead along Kvikkjokk river which dates back to 1916. Originally 164 km long, probably due to transfer errors during recording its length increased over time until it reached today's total of about 500 km.

A film chronicling the 440-kilometer trek through northern Sweden's Arctic wilderness. We spent the next 30 days traveling south to the finish line in Hemavan, experiencing many amazing sights and life-changing events along the way.

4. The Appalachian Trail: A Journey of the Soul - Hiking Documentaries

The Appalachian Trail, often called the AT, is a hiking trail that runs through fourteen states in America. It begins at Springer Mountain in Georgia and ends at Mount Katahdin in Maine. A hiking path only exists on the AT if it is more than one tenth of a mile long and has been cleared of debris and blazed with white paint markings about every quarter mile. There are several large gaps and unofficial trails along the way where hikers will have to cross crowded roads or hike around ponds or rivers.

Though hiking the entire trail takes five months on average, some people attempt to hike as much as they can during summer vacation, covering as much as thirty miles per day (the record is almost four hundred). This arduous task is referred to as hiking "thru-hiking"

Not much has changed in the past five years. Though there are now hiking paths that follow parts of the trail, most hikers still go through fourteen states on their journey. Hiking the whole trail takes about five months, but some choose to just hike part of it during summer break.

We follow the story of a man who quitted his job to adventure on this journey.

5. The Most BEAUTIFUL Hike in the World: Crossing Lofoten on Foot - Documentaries about Hiking

A documentary about hiking across the Lofoten Islands on foot.

Lofoten is a chain of islands in northern Norway that's famous for its beautiful mountains, fjords and wildlife. But it's also one of the most difficult hikes in the world because you'll be walking over glaciers and ice caps to get there!

In this video we show what it takes to hike from Vestvågøy Island all the way up to Svolvær, with some incredible footage along the way.

The hiking trail around the Lofoten islands (lofoten trial) is one of Norway's best hiking trails. It includes hiking through valleys, mountains and over waters. The route takes you to some of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Northern Norway. If you are interested in hiking - this is probably your destination!

The Lofoten islands are situated north in the Atlantic Ocean, just above the Arctic Circle.

Hiking will take you up into mountain tops with magnificent views or to small cozy cabins where you can rest for a while before moving on. The hiking trail starts down in the South at Svolvaer and follows round to Å at North-East corner before coming up along Moskenesøya/Lofoten and hiking down to Værøy. In Å you can take a ferry over to Moskenes for hiking the rest of Lofoten trail.

Conclusions: Hiking Documentaries

he hiking documentaries we've found are not just about the beauty of nature. They're also about how to be a better person and live in harmony with yourself and others. We hope you find something that inspires you, too!

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