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Lethwei Burmese Boxing Documentary

Top 3 Lethwei Documentaries, The Burmese Bareknucle Boxing

A curated list of the top 3 Lethwei documentaries, the traditional Myanmar bareknuckle boxing


Lethwei, also known as Burmese bare-knuckle boxing, is a Myanmar national full-contact fighting sport and martial art.

It's also called "the art of nine limbs" because it allows any part of the body in its arsenal.

The most unique of its blows is the headbutt, considered illegal in any other combat sports on the planet but not in Lethwei.

Burmese boxing is an ancient martial art used as a fighting system in old wars and is the most brutal striking style around nowadays.

Let's begin our journey by exploring the top 3 Lethwei Documentaries.

1. Forgotten Fighters from Myanmar Country - Lethwei Documentary

This piece is the best documentary about Lethwei out there.

It's a deep dive into Myanmar's unique culture and traditions, showing everything that happens around the Burmese Bareknuckle boxing world.

"Forgotten Fighters" is hosted by Mr. Win, the "Thut Ti Lethwei Gym" owner, a gym in Yangoon.

Mr. Win created lots of champions over the years, and his gym is one of the best places to train foreigners.

I've personally trained there, even though only a couple of times, and I've found the experience incredibly authentic.

In this documentary, we'll follow the preparation of a fighter who aspires to become Myanmar national Lethwei champion.

We can also appreciate several interviews with professional fighters and foreigners learning Burmese boxing.

2. Lethwei Documentary: "How The F@#k Did I Get Here?"

This well-made short documentary published in June 2021 does a great job explaining the story, the rules, and the uniqueness of Burmese Boxing.

It also talks about the most significant personalities around the sport and its expansion outside Myanmar's borders.

Great reportage by Jonny Says

3. The King Of Lethwei (Dave Leduc Documentary) - Burmese Bareknucle Boxing

The first name that comes to mind when talking about Lethwei is Dave Leduc.

Dave is a Canadian professional Lethwei fighter, multiple-time champion in the discipline, and national celebrity in Myanmar.

He's also the first Canadian to win a prison fight in Thailand and the first foreigner to win the Golden Belt, the most prestigious Burmese Boxing title.


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Picture credits: @jotomas on Unsplash

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