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Myanmar Documentaries

Top Ten Myanmar Documentaries: Explore the Ancient World of Burma

In these top ten Myanmar Documentaries, we'll discover about Burma ancient and modern history, traditions, culture, and dark side of this unique place

Intro: Myanmar Documentaries

Myanmar is not known as the land of pagodas and temples for nothing. Aside from the incredible culture, the country also offers breathtaking nature views, from landscapes to beaches. 

If you are interested in visiting this beautiful Asian country, you are in the right place. Here are some of the best Myanmar documentaries you should know before exploring the country.

1. Myanmar History and Discovery Documentary

This Myanmar documentary offers a magical introduction and journey to the land and river people. It gives an inside look at what people can expect from visiting the country. It energizes everyone’s curiosity about the country. It shows the rich history and its people. This delightful documentary displays how significant changes appear and Myanmar moves forward.

2. Exploring Myanmar's Untouched Ancient Temples -  Burma Documentary

This Burma history documentary touches the lives of Burmese intertwined with environmental effects and road reconstructions. It highlights the native’s untold hardships. The video presents the stunning ancient temples, including the Golden Pagoda. This documentary also shows how Burmese lived happily in simple ways. Then, it also discusses the opening of the country to the outside world.

3. Myanmar's Unifying Kingdom: The Mark of Empire - Bagan Documentary

Myanmar’s Unifying Kingdom: The Mark of Empire is one of the documentaries about Myanmar that talks about the Bagan Empire. This empire was first to bring unity to the present-day Myanmar territory under the Burmese culture and language. In the documentary, host Peter Lee discovers how Anawrahta, the fabled King, gets over the dry condition by taming the rivers into the dikes and canals. The documentary also shows how the empire transformed into a new Burmese identity and culture.

4. The Sad Story Of Myanmar's Last King: Burma's Lost Royals - Myanmar Documentary

This Myanmar documentary lets the viewers know a piece of Myanmar’s history. It reveals the story of a family and a country that emerges from the dark past. As the British army invaded the country in 1885, the King died in exilewhich ended the thousand years of monarchy. This beautifully crafted documentary captures the atmosphere of Myanmar.

5. “Why Has There Been a Coup in Myanmar?” History of Burma/Myanmar 1942-2021

This documentary is for people who wonder why there has been a coup in Myanmar. It features the country’s post-colonial history, one of the prolonged general dictatorship and military juntas. Recently, the country has been in the news following the military take over. This documentary displays how the past can shape or explain the present.

6. Myanmar 2020 Road Trip (Inle, Bagan, Mindat) - Myanmar Travel Documentary

The Myanmar 2020 Road Trip is an exciting documentary perfect for individuals who want to explore the country's beauty, particularly the three destinations” Inle, Bagan, and Mindat. This documentary serves as a virtual tour, highlighting the royal vestiges, beautiful waters, religious monuments, and picturesque landscapes. It gives a taste of the country’s stunning landscapes, traditions, and history. It allows the locals and tourists to discover and get familiar with more hidden corners of the country.

7. Myanmar Time Travel by Rail - Myanmar Travel Documentary

The Myanmar Time Travel by Rail documentary offers a refreshing video about how lives are intertwined due to a train. A railway line crossed Myanmar’s Shan province for more than a century. The Mandalay-Lashion Express connects Shan State’s hot lowlands in the country’s northeast. The documentary also emphasizes the struggle Myanmar people face without having appropriate infrastructure facilities, but they remain happy.

8. Rebuilding The Ancient Burma Road - Burma Documentary

The Rebuilding The Ancient Burma Road documentary explores the lives of Burmese intertwined with Burma Road reconstruction. This Burma documentary offers access into the country and insights of villagers, soldiers, opium growers, and prospectors, connected by the ancient road’s reconstruction. It also shows the impact of the reconstruction on the environment.

9. An Unholy Alliance: Monks and the Military in Myanmar - Myanmar Documentary

This Myanmar documentary tells about Buddhism being the center of the country’s identity for centuries. However, it also shows that the religion also have a different philosophical variation taught at the Ma Ba Tha monastery. While the teachings’ pillars are love, peace and compassion, that variation connects the monks to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world - the Rohingya’s systematic genocide and persecution.

10. The Blood Red Rubies of Burma - Burma Documentary

The Blood Red Rubies of Burma documentary shows how the trade of Burmese rubies affects the lives of Burmese people. It proves that extraordinary wealth is found in vast rivers, timber, and the ground but does not benefit everyone. 

Myanmar Documentaries: Conclusions

There you have it! Hopefully, the documentaries above will help you realize that Myanmar is not all about its mesmerizing landscapes and destinations but also insights into the culture, history, and its people. 

If you're passionate about South East Asia, be sure to discover more about other countries such as Thailand, Laos and Tibet.

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