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Documentaries about War in Afghanistan

The Best 4 Documentaries about War in Afghanistan

In this article, we'll explore the roots and the recent events of this long war, through the best 4 documentaries about War in Afghanistan

Intro: Documentaries about War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan was triggered by the September attacks. It even consists of three phases: toppling the Taliban that lasted for two months, US strategy defeating the Taliban military and core Afghan’s state rebuilding (2002-2008), and US President Barack Obama temporarily increasing the US troop in Afghanistan.

Recently, Afghanistan became a global hot topic when the Taliban seized power when the US withdrew troops almost twenty years after the war began. The insurgents caused a storm throughout the country that captured all the major cities in a few days when the country’s security forces trained by the US and its allies melted away. 

The Afghan war is loaded with rich history, and if you want to learn more about it, watching the documentaries about the war in Afghanistan would help.

1. The Complete History of The Afghanistan War: Part 1 Documentaries about War in Afghanistan 

The first part of the two-part Afghanistan war documentary examines the country’s modern history. It investigates the Taliban’s origins and ideology. It also charts the group’s rise and fall and then returns to power. The documentary mainly focuses on the Taliban’s story.

The Taliban’s story is Afghanistan’s story from 20th to early 21st centuries. Afghanistan under the Taliban is cloaked in Islamic ideology and land that resisted the outsider’s influence with ferocity, tenacity, and blood. Each foreign power that has been involved with Afghanistan failed, making the country referred to as the graveyard of empires.

2. Fighting The Taliban: The Battle Inside Afghanistan Documentaries on the war in Afghanistan 

Fighting The Taliban is one of the best documentaries on the war in Afghanistan. Ben Anderson, a renowned journalist, unfolds the Bravo Company’s story, 6th Marines, 1st Battalion and Captain Ryan Sparks, its commanding officer. The commanding officer, alongside the 272 soldiers of Bravo, took a 12-mile flight and then dropped into the Marjah’s center, where there wait the Taliban. 

That Afghanistan war’s biggest military operation to date has started the first task of the young Marines. The report delivers an intimate, closer look at counterinsurgency warfare’s realities.

3. The fall of Kabul: The last days of the war in Afghanistan Documentaries about war in Afghanistan

This documentary about the war in Afghanistan captures the real stories of those who have escaped and have been left behind in the war. Thousands of people desperately dashed for the airport in Kabul. After the country’s leadership fled, the city was covered with fear as the Taliban took over the Presidential Palace. The airport is crowded with many people who want to escape the country and the uncertainties.

4. Afghanistan After the US. Picking Up the Pieces Documentaries on War in Afghanistan 

This Afghanistan war documentary is about the situation in Afghanistan after the US dissects its twenty years of presence in the country following the troop’s withdrawal when the Taliban returned to power.

Some of the documentary highlights include how the 9/11 attack reshaped the world, the death of Osama Bin Laden when Brandon Bryant witnessed children being killed, the creation of the Taliban, the economic aid of the USSR to Afghanistan, and many more.

Documentaries about War in Afghanistan: Conclusions

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