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Documentaries about Knights Templar

Must Watch: 3 Documentaries about Knights Templar

Explore the best documentaries about Knights Templar

Intro: Documentaries about Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were a Christian military order that existed from the 11th to 13th centuries. They were founded in 1119AD by Hugh de Payens and eight other knights who were looking for a new way to protect pilgrims visiting the Holy Land. The Knights Templar helped during the Crusades, but they also became involved in money laundering, banking, and many other activities. In 1307 AD, Philip IV of France arrested all members of the Knights Templar and put them on trial for heresy because they didn't believe Jesus was divine. Treated as enemies of God, they disbanded in 1312 AD after their headquarters was destroyed.

1. Knights Templar: Rise and Fall - Documentaries about Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were a group of warrior monks that made history. They discovered an artifact buried deep beneath the Temple of Solomon and held mankind's greatest secret by banding with one another to protect it for centuries. The Knights Templar are predominantly associated with Christianity, but they have been known to also practice Islamism as well during their time in Jerusalem or Saladin controlled Egypt around 1190 AD-1291 AD. Their relics still exist today worldwide including France and Portugal.

2. Knights Templar Documentary

src=" Templar is a detailed and historical documentary about the Knights Templar, one of the most powerful and wealthy military orders in medieval Europe. The Knights were formed in 1129 by nine knights with connections to the First Crusade. As they gained power and influence, they became a powerful force for good.

3. Secret Societies: The Heirs of the Knights Templar

Secret societies are prevalent in our everyday lives, despite the fact that they are rarely acknowledged. Dan Brown's novels and documentaries have brought them back into the limelight. A three-part documentary, ‘Secret Societies’ accompanies historian Dr Marian Füssel on his search for clues surrounding history's most famous secret societies and conspiracy theories.

The Freemasons state that their fundamental principles are liberty, equality, fraternity and humanity. However it is said by others that the society does have a different set of goals in mind- political power. This comes mainly from the self-imposed secrecy which was exploited in the past by criminal elements. Terra X investigates how long ago this secret society began with some evidence showing as early as 1st century AD possibly originating from Jerusalem.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Knights Templar

A knight is a member of a chivalric order, which is an organization of noblemen pledged to defend the weak and oppressed. In the medieval period, these orders were common in Europe. The most famous of them was the order of the Knights Templar, which grew to be powerful and influential in France and England during the 12th century.

The Knights Templar was founded on Friday 13 October 1119 by Hugh de Payens (1110 – 1185) at a meeting held in the Abbey of Saint-Denis near Paris. The order intended to provide protection for pilgrims travelling to visit the east at Jerusalem.

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