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Documentaries about Navy Seals

8 Ass-Kicking Documentaries about Navy Seals

In this post, we'll explore one of the most feared military unit on the planet, through the top 8 documentaries about Navy Seals

Intro: Documentaries about Navy Seals

No doubt, the US Navy SEALs’ military training is one of the toughest ones. 

The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) Teams are also referred to as Navy Seals, the primary special operations force of the US Navy. It is also part of the Naval Special Warfare Command. 

Some of the main functions of the SEALs include conducting small-unit special operation missions in the desert, mountainous, arctic, urban, jungle, and maritime environments. They are often ordered to gather intelligence within enemy territories or eliminate or capture high-level targets.

Navy seals are like the elite of the elite when it comes to special operations forces. They are the most highly trained and skilled group of warriors in the world, tasked with some of the most dangerous missions imaginable. These documentaries below doesn’t just provide information about these men, it also provides a look into their lives behind closed doors.

Watch this documentary to get an inside look at these real-life superheroes and what life is really like for them.

1. Navy SEAL Team 6: Training, Workout, Equipment, Requirements - Documentaries about Navy Seals

This documentary will show you what it takes to become a Navy SEAL, from training and workout requirements to the types of equipment and clothing needed.

The US Navy, Army, and Air force all have their own requirements for becoming a member of the elite military unit.

It shows that if someone wants to be a Navy SEAL, he must be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. The documentary highlights the passion, dedication, and sacrifice of each member to protect their countrymen.

2. Navy SEALs Their Untold Story - Best Navy Seal Documentary

The Navy SEALs Their Untold Story is one of the most interesting Navy SEALs documentaries. It highlights the real stories of every Navy SEAL member that no one knows, from the tough military training to 24-hour battle. These modern-day heroes sacrifice everything to keep peace and protect their countrymen against any source of threat. 

3. Navy SEALs Combat Rescue - History Channel Navy Seals Documentary

The Navy SEALs Combat Rescue is a fascinating and informative documentary about Navy SEALs. It focuses on the combat rescue performed by the team. Combat rescue is one of the most crucial and dangerous roles that the Navy SEALs excel in, whether a civilian or one of them was caught in the chaos of war.

The SEALs are being sent to different parts of the world to take on rescue missions that only a few others would attempt using three traits: speed, surprise, and action violence. They have already proved to be one of the best teams at risking their lives to bring good people back home, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of Vietnam.

4.  Secrets of US Navy SEALs - Documentaries about Navy Seals

This documentary about Navy SEALs is all about the greatness of the global warfighters. They are elite fighters and well-known special operations forces of the world - the best of the best. 

The Navy SEALs have proven their effectiveness from time to time. The documentary also discusses the need for other countries to have specialized elite units due to current world events and the role of Navy SEALs in producing those units.

5. BUD/S Class 234 - Navy Seal Bootcamp Documentary

Bud/s is the United States Navy's entry training program for prospective SEALs. The eight week course takes place in Coronado, California. The PT test is a grueling 3 mile run with over 60 push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. The navigation test can be completed in as little as 2 hours, but most require more than 18 hours of work to finish. This course is designed to kill you in the best possible way.

This Navy SEAL bootcamp documentary is about the 83 young man from Class 234 and their long struggles to become Navy SEALs in the training course called basic underwater demolition SEAL training. The training has only one rule to remember: It pays to be a winner. 

6. Inside The Hellish Training Of US Navy SEALs - Navy Seals Documentary

Former US Navy SEALs take some new 'recruits' from the UK to test them. The beach-based tests include long beach runs, "surf torture," and a drown-proofing challenge where volunteers repeatedly sink in a pool with their ankles and wrists bound. One of the recruits suffers dehydration and exhaustion but must face her fear of water by staying submerged under cold water while tied up in order to complete this task.

7. Surviving the Cut - Best Navy Seal Training Documentary

This is the harsh reality for those who enlist in this elite military branch. However, it doesn't deter them from continuing their service or working towards a better future by training daily with strict diet and exercise regiment at boot camp. Every Marine Corpsman completes basic recruit training, assumes leadership positions within his or her unit to ensure that every man who joins can take on missions as soon as possible; they have extensive weapons proficiency courses so they are armed and ready for battle at all times. The United States Marines has a rich history of being one of America's most prestigious forces in the US Military since 1775 - when General George Washington chose six men to form what would become our first official marine corps battalion during an expedition across Long Island Sound into New York waters against British soldiers under Admiral Howe (July 26th). The marines emblem bears resemblance both to Washington's coat-of-arms, which features 13 stars surrounded by 13 stripes representing each state that had joined the Union up until then, but also shares similarities with our national flag because its centerpiece –the eagle – carries three red horizontal bars symbolizing "strength through unity".

8. Navy SEAL Special Operation To Raid The President Of Granada's Mansion - Documentaries on Navy Seals

"A huge amount of mud and blood on the beach, a lot of shouting in French. The sound is deafening as machine guns fire at every person who appears out from behind the piles of junk littering the shoreline. A body falls to my left, and then another one lands near me with a sickening thud that sounds like it came through an empty box.
The gunfire has attracted many more people onto this little piece-of-shit island than we expected or planned for, but I'm not exactly sure how much time passes before three SEALs break away from their cover position around where I am holding up under what amounts to only about 6 inches worth of sand over water by squeezing myself tightly into some kind end table only 3 feet wide while they try desperately to get back down below ground level towards our objective: a small building connected by metal beams which houses communications equipment vital for controlling air support operations against forces attempting landings elsewhere on Grenada's battered coast - even if there isn't any other living soul here anymore..."

Documentaries about Navy Seals: Conclusions

America’s elite fighting force, the United States Navy SEALs are more than just a group of guys who jump out of helicopters, shoot guns, and take out extremists on the battlefield. They’re members of a brotherhood who risk their lives to protect their country and its people.

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