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Documentaries about Snipers

TOP 9 Documentaries about Snipers

Explore the best documentaries about Snipers

Intro: Documentaries about Snipers

Snipers are the ultimate sharpshooters in warfare. They use specialized rifles and long-range scopes to take out enemies from far away. In the past, snipers were used as a last resort. Today, they’re more of a regular occurrence. The importance of these highly specialized soldiers has sky rocketed in recent years which is why this profession is one that is continuously growing and evolving.

1. Snipers Documentary

What is a sniper? A marksman or qualified specialist who operates alone, in a pair, or with a team to maintain close visual contact and engage targets. These sniper groups operate independently, without the support of their parent units for combat.

Military snipers are trained in many things, including shooting precision at long ranges and camouflage. In addition to these skills, they learn how to use field craft - like infiltration- as well as special reconnaissance training. They also have sophisticated communication assets that help them feed valuable combat information back to their units.

2. What Army Snipers Go Through At Sniper School | Boot Camp

Before they are chosen to serve as snipers, all applicants must successfully complete the US Army Sniper Course, a seven-week program dedicated to educating and honing the skills of servicemen of the Army and National Guard.  Insider recently spent two days at the prestigious training facility, located within Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia, where we were privileged to witness training sessions for various classes filmed at multiple stages of development. Every year, only 288 students are accepted into this specialized course, and approximately half of them manage to pass the intensive criteria set by the program.

Students learn how to operate different varieties of weapons systems and practice their aim to target objects up to 1,100 meters away. The artisanal creation of ghillie suits is also part of the curriculum - these are utilized by snipers to blend in with their surroundings. Equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical field craft skills such as range estimation, target detection and stalks, participants capable of passing the comprehensive program can be deployed into combat situations as highly trained snipers instantaneously if required. This documentary is a must-watch!

3. Army Sniper School Documentary

This is a documentary on the U.S Army Sniper School. It features interviews with instructors, students, and military personnel who discuss the importance of snipers in combat operations and what it takes to become one.

The U.S Army Sniper School is a military training program that teaches students the skills needed to become snipers in combat operations, including how to conduct long-range shooting and kill targets without being detected by enemy forces or civilians. The documentary focuses on one of the instructors at this school who has been teaching for over twenty years with his focus always on accuracy and speed when taking out enemies from angles they least expect it.

4. Advanced Sniper Technology and Tactics

In this documentary, I'll take you on a journey to the front lines of modern warfare. Learn about the most advanced sniper technology and tactics used by our military.
In this full documentary, we will cover everything from analyzing the enemy, long range shooting techniques, how to take territory back from terrorists, and more!

5. Danish Sniper Training

In the Oksbøl camp, fourteen chosen soldiers are training to become "marksmen", like it is called in the Danish Army. Abroad they say "sniper". A marksman must be able to hit his enemy with surgical precision at unbelievable distances - even if he is as nervous and out of breath as possible. Their job is to kill - for a higher cause..

There is a military distinction in Danish between friendly and enemy "snipers". Friendly snipers are termed "Finskytte," which I have translated as marksman. Enemy snipers are termed "Snigskytte." The connotations of the word, Snigskytte, to war criminals or terrorists firing on civilians etc has been captured in this translation into English.

The main sniper rifle used by the Danish Army is the SAKO TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum. The effective range of this gun is 1,300 meters according to a video from the Danish army. In addition, spotters use an HK417S in 7.62 NATO and sharpshooters in light infantry squad use Accuracy International AX50 rifles with a range of 2 kilometers each for anti-materiel operations - eventually replaced by Colt Canada C20s for camo purposes as well due to production issues with accuracy at extreme distances on these vehicles' armor thicknesses.

In 2009, Shabas was deployed as a member of 2nd Light Reconnaissance Squadron of the Guard Hussar Regiment in Afghanistan. He served for about 6 months before being redeployed and moved on to another section leader position with his squad again. This documentary has a different flavour compared to most military documentaries but it's specifically about Danish sniper operations in Afghanistan from 2008-2010 which is very interesting considering Denmark wasn't involved militarily until this point.

6. World War II: Snipers

The film reveals how the German Army, with their superior training methods and use of a telescopic sight for accuracy during World War Two, were able to dominate on the battlefield. Despite being outnumbered by British troops in North Africa and Italy during WWII, they managed to kill 2/3rds of all Allied forces that tried fighting them head-on. Even more impressive was how effective these snipers were despite using outdated rifles such as bolt action rifles or even hunting guns from before WWI! However, this did not mean that there weren't some pretty interesting weapons used by both sides - including rifle grenades which had an estimated range up to 800 yards (732 meters) when fired at point-blank range!
The documentary also looks into why so many people died due to sniper fire - mainly because it could be difficult for soldiers who are wearing thick clothing like heavy coats or uniforms made out of metal armour materials (like steel plates), making it harder for snipers' bullets such as .30 caliber rounds (.308 inches) coming from far distances (>600 yards). This is where we see another advantage over American soldiers who wore light clothings while performing similar tasks in Europe under combat conditions.

7. The Life Of A WWII Sniper

The Black Watch Snipers were some of the finest soldiers in WWII. From D-Day on into the heart of Northern France, Belgium and Germany they fought like no one else and putting themselves in unimaginable danger. They are considered by historians to be a key part of why the Allied forces won WW2 because their expertise helped them win battles that would've otherwise been lost without their help. The British Army's elite regiment was made up entirely from Scottish men who trained for more than three years before being sent overseas during Operation Overlord as snipers with orders not to take prisoners or surrendering enemies but rather kill them outright so as not to have any escapees telling tales about what happened at Normandy beachhead.

In this episode, we get a first-hand account of the Black Watch's journey from their experiences during WWII. We also meet up with some members of the unit who are still alive today to see if they can still pull off being great shots.

8. Day of the Sniper

On the morning of July 1st, 2014, the Washington State Patrol responded to an active shooter situation at Union Station. This video covers the events leading up to and after the stand-off.

9. Elite SEAL Sniper JP Dinnell - An ORIGIN Film

In our first installment of our GO TIME series, we head to Texas, and look inside the life of JP Dinnell. In this powerful documentary, JP shares life lessons learned in war as well as at home. It's a mix between military training footage and his own personal experiences with those who have gone through similar trials on their journey towards success in America today. We also get an insight into what it is like being one of America's Elite SEAL snipers!
In addition to all these different aspects that are touched upon throughout the film there is something else you should know about: the story ends with a touching moment where he speaks directly to his daughter...

Conclusions: Documentaries about Snipers

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