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Documentaries about Journalism

5 Must-See Documentaries about Journalism

Explore the best documentaries about Journalism

Intro: Documentaries about Journalism

The media is a magnifying glass for the world. We have access to everything that happens and it can be used in many different ways. From journalism to broadcasting, the media has always been an influential part of society. If you're curious about how these documentaries affect the media, then take a look at these top 5 documentaries about Journalism.

1. Newspapers - Documentaries about Journalism History

This is a full documentary about the history of newspapers and the role it plays in society.
The documentary starts off with a look at the first paper, The Boston News-Letter, and how it was created. There are also interviews with industry professionals such as journalists, publishers, and editors that share their thoughts on the news industry today.

2. Reporters at War: Bringing It All Back Home - Documentaries about Journalism

Over the last 12 years, more than 300 journalists have been murdered world wide in battle zones. Some 200 of these murders were committed by killers who targeted them specifically as war correspondents; this was a deliberate killing.

Reporters at War examines the changing circumstances that war correspondents have to file their stories under, as well as how technology should make their job easier. In reality, some early examples of how technology aided and abetted the faking of newsreel footage and also examined if television may have an impact in a conflict's outcome is discussed. However, one trend throughout this book has been that reporters are now found themselves being pressured by new technologies like satellite-driven rolling-news era they find them selves starring in which they never wanted to be involved with.

3. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi - Journalism Documentary

Did the Saudi state plan Jamal Khashoggi's assassination? Was he such a threat to their regime that they would commit an unthinkable crime to get rid of him? The documentary recreates Khashoggi's final days and examines records, leaks, and reports related to his assassination. It also includes testimonies from close friends like Hatice Cengiz. She tells of her struggle when she tried not giving up hope that he was still alive after learning how he was killed; discovering his fate; and feeling pain in not knowing where his body is at this point in time.

4. Paradise Papers: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Investigation - Documentaries about Journalism

After nine months of secret collaboration, a global team of over 380 investigative journalists released the findings from one of the largest troves in history last week: 20+ million leaked documents that revealed information about some 300 multinational companies and individuals who used offshore services to avoid taxes. The investigation was supervised by the same team that released data from Panama Papers.

5. Two reporters take on Italy’s Mafia - Journalism Documentary

Federica Angeli has been researching and reporting on organized crime in Rome for many years. She was first to reveal the full extent of the Spada clan’s criminal activities in Ostia, leading to their arrest. Her work also led to serious consequences for her own life; she received numerous death threats from mafia members, which required police protection as a result. Despite these dangerous circumstances, Federica continues reporting on organized crime after "La Repubblica" because she feels a sense of duty through her actions-to provide her children with a safer future than what they are currently experiencing by involving them into this line of work.

The Sicilian reporter, Paolo Borrometi, knows he will be attacked again but someone else. His reporting cost mafia-run businesses millions and was put on a hit list for the mob. In 2014 he was badly beaten up and his home set on fire by a mob member who wanted revenge for all of Paolo's articles which revealed their links to politics as well as negativity towards them in Scicli where they're based. Now with 24-hour police protection from bodyguards plus four soldiers protecting him in this current home facing threats that had previously proven deadly.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Journalism

Journalism is a profession that requires an understanding of the complexities of human life. Documentaries such as these help us understand not only what it means to be a journalist, but also what it means to be human.

We hope these documentaries will inspire you to learn more about this profession as well as give you some insight into the world around you.

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