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Documentaries about WW1

The 10 Best Documentaries About WW1 - The Most Memorable

Check out the most memorable documentaries about WW1

Intro: Documentaries about WW1

WWI was a global war that lasted from 1914 to 1918. It involved all the great powers of the world. The war began in Europe with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war on Serbia on 28 July 1914 and continued until 11 November 1918 when the Armistice was signed. The war is also known as The Great War, or WWI, or the First World War.

The onset of World War I saw a huge number of casualties, including over 9 million military and 6 million civilians. A total 20-30% of all European men aged 18-45 died during the war and many more were wounded; some estimates put total deaths at close to 40 million people worldwide.

This blog post will take you through 10 of the best documentaries about WW1 that are now available for viewing.

1. How A Wrong Turn Started World War 1 - Documentaries about WW1

The First World War was, in the words of Winston Churchill "the unnecessary war". It began with a series of diplomatic clashes between the Great Powers. The immediate cause for this conflict is often seen as being largely due to the complex origins and nature of alliances among European nations - particularly that if France who had an alliance with Russia which included military co-operation on either side against their common enemy or risk significant territorial losses as well. Obviously tensions ran high if not higher still when Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to Austria-Hungary's throne and his wife Sophie at Sarajevo on 28th June 1914; sparking off a chain reaction involving Germany (Austria Hungarys ally) sending Serbia an ultimatum giving them 48 hours notice before they would declare war.

2. The War That Changed The Course of History - Documentaries on WW1

One hundred years ago, the first shots of World War I were fired in Sarajevo. The war to end all wars had begun.
This documentary will cover the causes, course, and legacy of the First World War, which has shaped our modern world and continues to shape it.

3. Doomsday: World War 1 - Documentaries about WWI

Hitler and Montgomery – could these two WWII leaders have been forged by their experiences on the battlefields of WWI? As WWI knuckles down in deadly trench warfare, Herman Goering and Charles de Gaulle are marked by their own wartime experiences.
Walter Model and George Patton- as one goes through a deep sense of humiliation from defeat, the other basks in victory.

4. World War One (1/5) - WW1 Documentary

5 episodes series on World War One.

This is the full documentary on World War One. It's an excellent re-edit of the original and will take you on a journey through the Great War, from its origins to the armistice.

5. World War I: The American Legacy - WWI Documentary

World War I - American Legacy reveals the forgotten stories of Americans who served in the Great War. These untold histories remind us that even though they are not well-known, their sacrifices should be remembered. The war cost over 14 million lives and destroyed countless architectural landmarks while also being responsible for important developments in literature, technology, music and social equality which have shaped our culture today. Monuments to commemorate those brave men can still be found around America as a tribute to their service and sacrifice for this country's freedom.BR>BR>Some of these soldiers were Charles Whittlesey from "The Lost Battalion" or Father Duffy from "The Fighting 69th." Pilots like Victor Chapman or Quentin Roosevelt made sacrifices so great with pilots making up one quarter of all casualties during World War I despite being less than five percent of fighters at any given moment during battle (Glantz). Yet other heroes include ambulance drivers such as Richard Hall who provided medical attention on the battlefields before going back into combat themselves when needed most.

6. Battle of the Somme - Documentaries about World War 1

One of the bloodiest battles in history- The Battle of the Somme- took place on 1st July 1916. In this documentary, we recount some events that took place during World War I through letters and journals sent by soldiers who fought on Western Front.

7. WWI 1916: The Terror Of The First Tanks - World War 1 Documentary

In 1916, the British Army unleash a terrifying new weapon against their German opposition in WW1. The world's first tanks were deployed during this time, and there was an attempt to arm themselves before the Germans developed theirs for battle -- making it history's first tank war.

8. 1918: The Final Months Of World War One - First World War Documentary

The last months of the war were more destructive than trench warfare had been. Germany remained on French soil, thinking herself unbeatable. The armistice was the Allies' bid to obtain - on paper - Germany's unconditional surrender. At Versailles she was made to shoulder blame for the war so she was forced to pay for it too- with losses over 20 million in casualties and 4 billion dollars spent in reparations, all which later earned her a stigma as an aggressor nation (which ironically only increased both militarism and nationalism). While at first it seemed that World War I deterred future wars by showing them as senseless waste or "the Great War," its terrible message towards history is that not only do wars have an objective but they can also work!

9. Last Voices - World War I Documentaries

This is a story of soldiers who were lucky enough to survive the horrors of the First World War.
We'll be telling their stories, using their own words and pictures made by them in the trenches.

10. The True Cost Of Peace After WW1 - Documentaries about WW1

It is hard to believe that 100 years ago, the Armistice of 1918 was signed. But this event led a crippled Germany into total defeat. It all started with wounded egos and political scheming behind the lines as statesmen and generals haggled over peace terms while soldiers fought on battlefields - half-a-million men killed or injured in bitter endgame of 'Great War'. Professor David Reynolds contends that it was frenetic politicking and brutality of fighting in 1918 which sowed seeds for even bloodier Second World War just 20 years later... November 11th proved to be doomed peacetime, prelude to century long struggle for mastery Europe.

Conclusions: Documentaries about WW1

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 best documentaries about WW1. We hope you find it helpful in your search.

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