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Documentaries about Iceland

8 Documentaries about Iceland: The Land of Ice and Fire

Explore the best documentaries about Iceland, the land the Ice and Fire

Intro: Documentaries about Iceland

Iceland is a destination that many people have never heard of. It is located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, about three hours north of Scotland or six hours from mainland Europe. Iceland’s history dates back to the 9th century and was governed by Denmark before becoming an independent nation in 1918. Today, Iceland has its own flag and currency. Due to its location near the Arctic Circle, it experiences annual cycles of daylight and darkness with about 24 hours of sunlight throughout the summer followed by around 3 months without any daylight during wintertime. The country's landscape ranges from volcanoes to glaciers, making it one of Earth's most geologically diverse countries. Some of the most unique aspects of Icelandic culture are its traditions surrounding family life; how they live according to "the law which governs human relations between man and woman"; how they celebrate their national holiday, Flag Day; how they treat animals; and how they consume seafood as part of their diet.

1. History of Iceland Documentary

Iceland is a small country in the North Atlantic Ocean, with an area of 103,000 square kilometres (39,000 sq mi). It lies between latitudes 64° and 68° N, and longitudes 21° and 29° W. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The name Iceland is derived from the Icelandic word Ísland (Iceland), which means "island". The island was settled by Viking explorers in 874 AD and subsequently settled by Norwegians which became the dominant people until the late 14th century.
It became a Danish colony in 1662. Denmark-Norway ruled the island for almost 150 years until its independence in 1918. Since then, Iceland has remained a democratic republic.

2. The Ancient Sagas of Iceland - History of Iceland Documentary

What is the most important root of European civilization? It would be Greece and Rome, with their renowned ancient civilizations. But there is one culture which may have had an even more profound effect on our history - Iceland! Hundreds of years ago in faraway Iceland, Vikings began to write down dozens of stories called sagas. These sagas are priceless historical documents that bring life to Viking society.

3. Nat Geo Wild Islands Iceland - Documentaries about Iceland

The ice caps have melted over the years, and people can now walk on glaciers for miles. The melting is so rapid that scientists are not worried about rising sea levels – yet. But it does mean that Iceland could be completely uninhabitable within 50 years – with only one glacier left!

4. Chasing Light - Documentaries on Iceland

The film explores how Icelanders and tourists perceive the Northern Lights, how Icelanders have used light as a major source of power and to maintain their way of life. It also explores the continuing use of light by artists, writers and photographers in an age when it is harder than ever to live with nature.

5. The Giants of Iceland - Iceland Documentary

Despite its small population, Iceland has a reputation in the World's Strongest Man competition that stands higher than perhaps any other country. This is because of Viking heritage dating back to when Thor was competing. Trekking out there to investigate our reporter met all sorts of Icelandic strongmen at the gym run by ex-champion Magnus Ver Magnusson and even caught up with Hafthor "Thor" Bjornsson, who many know from Game of Thrones!

6. Iceland Erupts: Iceland Volcano Documentary

The Lakagígar fissure eruption in 1783-85, the Eldfell fissure eruption on Vestmannaeyjar in 1973 and Ejafalajökull (Mýrdalsjökull) erupted in 2010 are all featured. Also included: The visit of Katla (Mýrdalshkkukul), which is located south of Reykjavik. Kate Humble delves into the world of fire and ice - its beauties and dangers!

7. Iceland: Home of Europe's Strongest Horses - Documentaries about Iceland

Iceland, the island of longing in the North. The largest volcanic island in the world is known for its grandiose landscape and geysers but it's even more famous for its horses. Icelandic horses are considered by many to be lively, with great stamina; they love jumping over mossy banks and lava rock unfazed by rivers or scree slopes. In Nordic mythology these horses never seem far behind warriors- no one could imagine Siefgried without his horse Grani or Odin without Sleipnir! From first colonisation through today "awake early" and "very quick" pull their chariots like everyone else here on Iceland: a close relationship with our very own near-equine companions that has only happened among other peoples living around Central Asia.

8. Iceland, Experiencing the Raw Forces of Nature - Iceland Documentary

Venturing near the Arctic Circle, Iceland enchants with its captivating beauty and unique community. Here, people exude sincere authenticity while they remain aware of nature's steadfast authority. Embracing a humble lifestyle, Icelanders depend solely on the earth's offerings to carve out an unrivalled life of self-sufficiency and liberation. This island is a place where the raw forces of the planet unleash their full potential.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Iceland

Iceland is a country with a unique culture and landscape. It’s the land of fire and ice and has some pretty unique animals. These are some documentaries that capture the essence of this beautiful country.

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