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Norse Mythology Documentaries

Ten Charming Documentaries about Norse Mythology and Vikings

In this collection, we'll explore seven norse mythology documentaries: Thor, Loki, Odin, Ragnarok and the Vikings

Intro: Norse Mythology Documentaries

Norse mythology refers to the legends and beliefs of the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples. It is found through Western Europe and is vast and expansive. Nordic people’s same gods were found in Anglo-Saxon Britain, under different names.

It is full of complex characters and fascinating stories. So, it’s no surprise why it has seen a revival in popularity in recent years, from Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods o Marvel’s Thor movies.

Meanwhile, the original myths are surrounded by mystery, with debates raging whether the stories are similar to that the Vikings told, who wrote what, and what particular events mean. If you are interested in Norse mythology but do not know where to start, here are the Norse mythology documentaries you may enjoy watching. 

1. Norse Mythology Stories: The Essential From Creation to Ragnarok - Norse Mythology Documentary

Norse mythology is a rich and ancient tradition. Its stories often deal with the themes of death and rebirth, war, heroism, love and betrayal among other things. This documentary gives an accurate account of Norse mythologies to those who are new or interested in learning more about this amazing culture that has existed for so long without any change over time. It also shows people how varied these myths can be from each other which makes them interesting as well as intriguing to watch.

This Norse mythology documentary details the best Norse myths, from the creation to Ragnarok. It is a valuable documentary to those who are new to Norse mythology. It shows that Norse gods have imperfections rather than being mighty beings that cannot die.

2. The Vikings Saga - BBC Norse Paganism Documentary

Iceland's national epic, the Laxdæla Saga tells of an Icelandic family living under Norwegian rule from 12th century until 1874. Much of the content centres on this saga and its importance to modern-day Icelanders. It is also one of their most cherished cultural treasures with a huge following among both children and adults in all age groups today. The story teaches about loyalty, honour and respect for others regardless if they are foreign or not - concepts which are highly valued by contemporary Iceliners as much now as when it was written centuries ago.

3. The Ancient Sagas of Iceland: The Vikings Sagas - Documentaries about Norse Mythology

This Norse mythology documentary tells that the roots of European civilization are not only to Rome and Greece. There is another culture affecting the start of civilization even more profoundly. The Vikings started to create dozens of stories called sagas about hundreds of years ago when they came and settled in Iceland. These sagas are crucial historical documents, bringing to life the Viking world.

Sagas are epic tales that take place in Scandinavia and Iceland, created by anonymous Vikings from 9th to 11th century. The stories follow various families during a specific time period with many of them influenced by Norse mythology. Some sagas were translated into English and other languages like Danish or Icelandic so they could be read all over Europe but others have been lost forever due to the destruction of books during wars or fires.

4. The Tale of Thor - Norse Mythology Thor Documentary

Thor is the god of thunder and the Norse god of wind, rain, hazelnuts, oak trees, strength and fertility. Thor is one of several major gods in Norse mythology. In Norse mythology, Thor is known for his amazing strength and magical hammer Mjölnir.

This Thor documentary is all about the thunder god, and a wielder of the hammer Mjolnir know has Thor. The tale of Thor is very popular, from father to son. Thor may not be the brightest and strongest God in Norse mythology, but he has the strength can lift people’s souls and experience happiness.

5. The Tale of Loki - Norse Mythology Loki Documentary

Loki is the Norse god of mischief, deception, and darkness. He was one of Odin’s sons and often played tricks on other gods and mortals alike. Loki has had a profound impact on our lives to this day, from inspiring some of the most famous poems in history like "The Ballad of Loki" to influencing Marvel comics. Loki has also been depicted as a trickster in American folklore and Native American mythology.

This Loki documentary tells the tale of Loki, a mischievous and cunning Norse god. It also highlights the cruelest betrayals and mishaps he experienced. He is often seen as someone who is fun-loving with an innocent disposition. 

6. The Tale of Odin - Norse Mythology Odin Documentary

The god of war, Odin is a major figure in Norse mythology. Known as the All-father and the son of Borr and Bestla, Odin is associated with many different aspects of Norse culture. In this article, I will explore what makes Odin so important to homo sapiens.
Odin is known for being an important part of ancient society; he has been depicted as a "world ruler," "solar monarch," and "king of Asgard." His personal symbol - the spear - holds importance both in religious contexts and even outside of them. One interesting aspect about Odin's spear that remains consistent throughout history is its ability to kill any other weapon in battle.

The documentary details his endless search for knowledge.

7. Ragnarok - Norse Mythology Ragnarok Documentary

Ragnarok is the end of the world and a Norse myth about the death of Thor and the destruction of Asgard. Ragnarok came as a result of Loki's mischief, which caused two great warriors to wage war against each other. Odin, king of Asgard, was able to stop Ragnarok after eight days by imprisoning Loki deep within his throne room. This myth has been interpreted in many different ways; some believe it’s a warning that we need to repent for our sins while others think it means that life will always go on no matter what happens.

This Ragnarok documentary covers the twilight of the gods known as Ragnarok. It answers who will survive Ragnarok and what happens once the world has ended. 

8. How The Norsemen Became The Seafaring Vikings - Best Viking Documentary

The Norse sailed for nearly 500 years, easily conquering and conquering. The Vikings embraced the idea of exploring their world before it was invaded by others. They used sophisticated navigational methods and navigated safely over long distances – all without fear of death! Their ships were marked with skulls on prow, letting people know they weren't afraid to kill anyone who crossed them in order to get where they needed to go.

9. 1000 AD: A Tour of the Viking World - Vikings Documentary

This is a documentary about the Viking period that has been around for over a thousand years. The film will take you on a journey into the Viking world, from their home in Scandinavia to their voyages of exploration to new lands across Europe and North America.

10. Ancient Norse Mythology - Documentaries on Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology is a fascinating topic, and this documentary is an excellent overview of the myths and legends that are still used today. The video features interviews with experts in various fields, including mythology, literature, and even archaeology.

Norse Mythology Documentaries: Conclusions

Norse mythology is one of the most popular and widespread mythologies of all time, with a story that has been told by each new generation and made into a new film.

With the popularity of such films and TV shows as Thor, Ragnarok, and Vikings, it’s no wonder why so many people are interested in Norse mythology. There are many movies and TV shows that explore the mythological stories of Norse gods and goddesses, their worlds, and the battle for power between them.

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