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Documentaries about Horses

7 Documentaries about Horses That'll Give You All the Feels

Explore the best documentaries about Horses

Intro: Documentaries about Horses

Horses have been an important part of our society for centuries. They’ve been used as pets, beasts of burden, and even for military purposes. In the past, most peoples' only form of transportation was by horseback. But today, horses have become more of a leisure animal.

Horses are a fascinating species that we can learn from, which is why these films can inspire us to see the world in different ways or understand problems differently. From the beautiful scenery to heartbreaking stories, these films will make you laugh and cry while also changing your perspective on life. Here are some documentaries about horses everyone should watch!

1. Equus: Story of the Horse - Documentaries about Horses

Niobe Thompson is an anthropologist who has turned his skills to filmmaking and exploration, traveling across eleven countries on three continents for a documentary about the origins of the bond between humans and horses.

2. Caballo: The Wild Horses Of North America - Documentaries on Horses

El Caballo is an hour-long documentary that challenges prevailing knowledge and looks at the difficulties of managing a species both "exotic" and "wild." It tells a different story about their history than what we previously thought, saying they arrived in North America on their own.

3. The Wild Horses Of Australia - Horses Documentary

Take a closer look at the world of wild horses and learn just how life is like for these animals on the open plains in Australia.

4. Iceland: Home of Europe's Strongest Horses - Horses Documentary

Iceland is an island in the North which is popular for its grandiose landscape and geysers but it is most famous for its horses. Icelandic horses are known to be some of the liveliest, with great stamina. They tölt over mossy banks and lava rock without being bothered by rivers, glaciers or scree slopes-similar to how Nordic mythology depicts steeds as never far behind warriors. The beginning of colonisation saw Icelanders have a close connection with their horses only seen among them horse-riding peoples from Central Asia; however that love still exists today.

5. HERD: A Spiritual Journey - Documentaries about Horses

This sacred land is filled with forests, meadows, lakes and hills. The views that the vistas of this place provide all come from the miraculous diversity and expressions that life has to offer. Animals call these divine forces "the ALL." Their presence on this land as well as their free-run across it are helping humans reach a new level of consciousness and well-being. Nature's secret: we have to ask for its input in order to improve our vibration levels so we can focus our attention away from self (our ego) onto everything else (all nonhuman life).

6. The Path of the Horse - Horse Documentary

I made the documentary "The Path of the Horse" in order to try and understand horses and work with them without using pain, coercion or force. In these years since it's been released, it has touched people in their deepest places.

A lady recently told me she had cried so much from this film that she watched again just to see what parts slipped her attention on first viewing; another said he watches it at least every year; others have used this documentary as an entry point for therapy groups and retreats.

7. 500 Miles: The Story of Ranchers and Horses - Horse Documentaries

This short film is meant to start a new, universally understood conversation about the necessity of struggle and perseverance when creating meaning in one's life-without one, there cannot be the other. The 500 Miles film communicates this concept by telling the story of both for wild mustangs and veterans who had no greater purpose at first but were both then faced with challenges that would change their lives. It follows them as they learn how to face these challenges, ending up discovering what their purpose is. For these two mustangs, journeying 500 miles through New Mexico and Arizona was something defining which gave them meaning but everyone has personal versions of a "500 mile journey".

Conclusions: Documentaries about Horses

For many, horses are the epitome of beauty, grace and freedom. They symbolize the majesty of nature, the power of the wild and the spirit of adventure. And while they are often associated with riding and hunting, they also have an important role in military history.

Each of these documentaries takes a different approach to exploring what makes these animals so special. They explore the relationship between man and horse, the remarkable intelligence and emotional depth of horses, and their often-unheralded service to human kind.

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