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Documentaries on Ireland

The 6 Best Documentaries on Ireland

In this article we explore 6 of the best documentaries on Ireland, its history, culture and nature.

Intro: Documentaries on Ireland

Almost every traveler dreams of witnessing Ireland’s bright green hills or visiting a dimly lit pub and taking a sip of a pint of ale while the local musicians play classic Celtic songs in the background.

Ireland is a country where you will see surreal, lush, and misty landscapes, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. If you travel north, you will get stunned with the Giant’s Causeway, while travelling to the south gives you unreal landscapes of the Ring of Kerry. You can also explore the Emerald Isle or visit small towns and villages in the heart of Ireland. 

If you plan to visit Ireland and explore its landscapes, culture, and history, watching the documentaries about Ireland below is a good start:

1. History of Ireland - Documentaries on Ireland

History of Ireland is one of the best documentaries about Ireland; it explores the country’s rich history, from the earliest beginnings to the present day. The documentary is fully comprehensive in building the timeline, making it more informative to the viewers. It details so much of the history, from the third or fourth centuries to the present. This well-researched documentary makes everyone get interested in other aspects of Ireland.

2. The History of Ireland Part 1 - BBC Documentaries on Ireland History

This part one documentary is among the beautiful documentaries on Ireland. It explores the colorful, sad, and inspiring history of Northern Ireland. It reveals how the country is shaped by migration and invasion. 

3. Divided and Damaged: Northern Ireland's Peace Walls - Documentaries about Northern Ireland

This Ireland documentary follows the communities living behind the Northern Island’s Peace Walls. In this documentary, inspirational people who fight to eliminate the damage caused by a generation of hostility and division are interviewed. Award-winning actor Matthew Rhys narrates it. It explores the six of the most iconic borders and walls in the world, such as the wall that separates the US from Mexico, the now-demolished Berlin Wall, Cyprus’ Green Line, the walled communities in Northern Ireland, the famous Korean DMZ, as well as the Israel-Palestine Separation Barrier.

4. Brand Irish: Economy of Ireland - Documentaries about Ireland

For a tiny island, Ireland's global impact is staggering. With an impressive diaspora of 75 million, the 'Irish Brand' has manifested into a tangible resource across the world. This film takes an in-depth look at some of the elements that have helped form this brand: emigration, contributions to culture and sport, the Irish language, political leadership, appreciation of food and drink, and social justice.

Our esteemed panel of contributors features: Dara O'Briain, Cecelia Ahern, Sharon Corr, Malachy McCourt, Dr Louis de Paor, Professor Liam Kennedy, Dr Tim O'Connor, Mayor of Seattle, and President of Ireland. Have you ever wondered why St Patrick's Day is celebrated in almost every country? Or why Irish pubs can be found from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe?  It seems everybody has a connection to this little island! And it’s made them an iconic brand. From their vibrant people to their exceptional business acumen and educational opportunities – Ireland has become an international sensation. Discover how the birth of 'Brand Irish' took the world by storm!

5. The Ira and Women in Belfast - Documentary about the IRA

This Ireland documentary covers the IRA and women in Belfast. Caroline, 34 years old from Belfast, was executed by the IRA for being a spy. Filmmaker Brenda Parkerson meets Caroline’s daughter Shauna and investigates the sociological conditions allowing such crime to occur.

6. Immerse Yourself in the Rugged Beauty of Ireland's West Coast - Ireland Documentary

Watch this National Geographic documentary. Step onto the Wild Atlantic Way, and you're in for a real treat! This section of the west coast of Ireland is truly something special - think magnificent rocky cliffs, lush hills, captivating aquatic escapades, and delightful local personalities who will make you want to come back time after time. It's an experience you won't forget!

Documentaries on Ireland: Conclusions

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