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Documentaries about Nepal

7 Documentaries About Nepal You Need to Watch

Explore the best documentaries about Nepal & its wonders

Intro: Documentaries about Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country, with seven of the world’s 14 highest peaks to its name. It’s also one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world. However, Nepal is also an impoverished country that still struggles with poverty and political instability. And while tourism has been on the rise recently, many foreigners still don’t know much about it. But there are some fantastic documentaries being made about Nepal these days. Here are seven you need to watch before your next visit to this incredible country!

1. The Nepal Documentary - Documentaries about Nepal

A look at life in Nepal that is as fascinating as it is inspiring.
This documentary takes viewers on a journey to the country's remote regions of high mountains and deep valleys, unraveling their rich culture and long history.

2. Why Nepal's Prince Organised A Royal Massacre - Documentaries on Nepal

In 2008, Nepal's royalty was ousted from power and forced out of their palaces. This is when this country began a new era as a republic. The story of the fall of the House of Shah is one that leaves huge questions unanswered about what will happen in the future-the transformation from kingdom to republic was swift, dramatic, and full with bloodshed and betrayal. From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain on some influential families throughout history through its newly posted weekly documentaries covering monarchies today who are documenting these stories for all time!

3. Takasera: A Portrait of a Himalayan Village - Nepal Documentary

Takasera, to an outsider's eye, may seem like a forgotten and isolated place. It is the centre of Kham Magar culture though! Takasera is settled on top of a hill above an ancient lakebed that houses interconnected homes with roofs resembling those of bees. Surrounded by mountains and connected only by a dead-end dirt road, it has created its own sense of homeostasis for itself. This film follows the everyday life in Takasera as well as festivals in order to present what this village is all about through observational documentary footage. Slow-paced shots make you feel like you are there because it touches upon cultural realities while also providing glimpses into social aspects too.

4. Living With Nepal's Last Nomads - Documentaries about Nepal

Included in the show are members of this small tribe who have never seen a white person before, their first contact with an outsider. Humble's journey is to follow these people as they migrate across Nepal, living off what they can find while following the herds of animals on which their survival depends; dodging bandits and encroaching civilization; negotiating political change that threatens to destroy them.

5. Living on a Dollar a Day - Nepal Documentary

It's often said that the best way to know a country is from the eyes of its people.
In this short documentary, we meet several Nepali people living on less than $1 a day.
We learn about their struggles and triumphs at work, at home, and in their communities.

6. Deadliest Roads: Nepal - Documentary on Nepal

Far from any tourist hubs, the people of Gorkha fight against perils in the monsoon season. Trucks and mule caravans battle tirelessly to provide for villages cut off by mud ditches- which form during hard rains that don't release anything without a struggle. Shaman witch doctors are always on hand to chase away bad spirits and watch over Nepalese populations undergoing hardship due to their meager living conditions caused by poverty or natural disasters.

7. Women in Nepal: Chhaupadi - Documentaries about Nepal

Chhaupadi is a tradition in Nepal that comes from the belief that women are impure and bring evil spirits into the home during their period. In reality, menstruating girls have been restricted from participating in family or social functions like going to weddings or attending temple, as well as prevented from going to school. Chhaupadi are extremely dehumanizing and psychologically stressful for young girls who often get told they will bring bad luck on their families if they enter their own homes during menstruation.

Young girls and women are not allowed to consume certain foods during their periods, for fear that cows will become ill. The typical diet for menstruating women includes dry food and rice. They are barred from using the community water sources or doing daily functions like bathing in addition to a range of tasks after giving birth- including exile until 7 - 10 days post-delivery.
In 2005 Nepal’s Supreme Court outlawed these practices as unconstitutional; however, this law was overturned by 2018's new law which gives up to three months in jail or fines of 3,000 Nepalese rupees (approximately $30 USD) if they force any woman into exile while she is on her period.

The story describes how women and girls are sometimes forced to leave their homes during their menstruation. This is done in order to undergo the Chhaupadi ritual and stay in a shed or hut, which is considered impure on any day other than these specific days.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with so much to offer. Whether you visit the country or not, these 7 documentaries will give you an in-depth look at the culture and people of Nepal.

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