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Documentaries about North Korea

Top 15 Absurd Documentaries about North Korea

In this article we'll explore one of the most mysterious and absurd country on our planet: here are the top 15 documentaries about North Korea.

Intro: Documentaries about North Korea

Documentary films are becoming increasingly popular. The number of documentaries made over the previous years has just been added to the list of real entertainment available to those who appreciate being both educated, entertained, and informed. This time, we will give you some documentaries about North Korea.

Ever since it was drawn back from the world and turned out the lights, DPRK or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been a topic of fascination for absolute social equalities. We were going to point out that self-aggrandizing, delusional, nepotism, and authoritarian leaders have given misinformation, but something gave me pause. Rather we only say that the following North Korea documentaries serve as warning tales about the risks of isolation as well as the cult of character.

1. The Great Game - National Geographic Documentary about North Korea

The Great Game is one of the best documentaries about North Korea provided by National Geographic, the world’s premium destination for exploration, adventure, and science. This is a 47 minutes short film that is the story of twists and turns, which drives the race to end seventy years of antagonisms, oppositions as well as a meaningful summit with NorKor and the president of the United States. Through National Geographic skilled filmmakers, researchers, photographers, scientists as well as journalists, they are able to come up with amazing stories about North Korea that you might not even know.

2. Traveling through North Korea - DW Documentaries about North Korea

Are you planning to visit North Korea? If so, then you need to know first the place. Traveling through North Korea will help you with this.

These documentaries about North Korea will give you a quick look at modification in the notoriously closed nation. Anne Lewald and Gregor Mollers, renowned filmmakers, secretly shot the film on tours to this country in 2013 and 2017, when they were not permitted self-sufficiency or spontaneity. In spite of the fact that their tour was set up for them ahead of time and guides guided them everywhere, they discovered a way to record their impressions. The two filmmakers depict a place lacking authenticity, a nation wanting reunification, and a community shaped by socialist propaganda and Juche beliefs. In a civilization steeped in spectacle and obfuscation, where dishonesty is needed for expression and perception, the two were pressured to play a dual role, furtively recording without consent while also authentically relating to their hosts. By combining espionage and travelogue, a Postcard from Pyongyang detains what takes place if you solely rely on what you witness, not what you are told, and shows a reality Kin Jong- Un’s government does not want foreigners to witness.

3. North Korea: The Lies and Truth of Kim Jong Un - Documentaries about North Korea

Were you planning to spend your next vacation in North Korea? Is it a safe place to visit? All these questions and many others will be answered in this 52 minutes documentary by Anton Lyadov. This documentary will show the rules and regulations imposed on visitors, like registering your gadget with police officers. North Korea is a country where villagers drive vehicles that run on wood, and the whole population dreams of going to places like Czechoslovakia and GDR, which haven’t existed for more than three decades. North Korea is a nation where tabloids write that their leader is able to forecast the weather. This is also a place you’ll be detained in prison for eliminating ideology slogans from home walls. The first episode of his documentary shows how people in Korea live, their first impression, and the complexities you will encounter while traveling to this country.

4. What Kim Jong Un lied about - North Korea Documentaries

What Kim Jon Un Lied is the second episode of Anton Lyadov North Korea documentaries. Here, he conducted interviews with true Korean and showed you how people run away on the most secure border, despite the fact that the whole family remaining in the country can be sent to labor camps. 

In this documentary, you will also witness what is NorKor like, how the citizens live in this country, the first impression, and the complexities people can encounter while traveling to this place. In this documentary, you will be able to witness real life in this country. This will also serve as your guide during your travel in this country.

5. Hidden cameras expose Kim Jong-un's clandestine weapon and drugs trade - Documentaries about North Korea

A couple of days ago, the scoundrel state reminded the whole world of worrying by launching many short-range missiles in the initial weapon tests since Pres. Joe Biden sits in the office, sending a quick message to the new administration.

On the other hand, behind the hostility, Kim Jong-Un, a dictator, is in trouble as his government staggers on insolvency.  One of the journalists, Tom Steinfort, reported the hermit kingdom on many occasions, stating NorKor desperately requires money and is eager to do everything to acquire it, even selling drugs and weapons on the underground market.  In this documentary, long suspected offenses and misdeeds have been totally exposed by the doubtful mixture of a superb hidden camera sting as well as an inconsolable family determined to acquire justice for their son, who visited the country for an adventure holiday, however, ended up detained as well as tortured to death.

6. Danger Tourism: My North Korean Holidays - North Korea Documentary

Maybe the world’s most provocative, insular, as well as the challenging nation, North Korea is barely the archetype of an alluring holiday destination. But, in spite of the best things about North Korea, there are some secrets that you need to know, including danger tourism. 

An unsteady soviet dictatorship, notorious for the abuses of human rights and renowned for being creating nuclear weapons, is perhaps the last country most of you wish to visit on holiday. On the other hand, one travel firm specializing in danger tourism organizes tours in North Korea on a regular basis for gusts and tourists who wants to meet the last soviets. Join the group on this 52 minutes tour around the country. Here, you will witness the experience of the visitors about the realities of life in a totalitarian state.

7. Never Before Seen Real Life Footage Inside of North Korea - Documentaries about North Korea

One of the best documentaries about North Korea recorded by two journalists from France, the Never Before Seen Real Life Footage Inside North Korea, shows how people in this country live. The two were exclusively given a visa for this purpose. NoKor is a big communist nation with 25 million populations. Former leaders have banned media from recording any documentaries and were just permitted to take some pictures.

8. North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State - Documentaries about North Korea

North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State is one of the must-watch full documentaries about North Korea directed by James Jones and starred by Kim Jong Un and David Harewood. This documentary will show you the real life of the people under Kim Jong Un. This 46 minutes film will highlight the distinguishing ox-drawn farms to the amazing life of the riches in Pyongyang. The poor and starving street children are of artificial food scarcity caused by massive corruption. In this documentary, you will also see how DVDs, cellphones as well as USBs from the South are changing the views of the people in North Korea of their real situation. The sad reality for the country under the leadership of the new dictator, filmmakers show how bare smugglers, inside and outside of the place, are eliminating the barriers between the world outside and the oppressed in a secret media trade.

9. Where Does Kim Jong-Un Get His Cash - Documentaries about North Korea

Maybe you are asking why North Korea was able to develop nuclear weapons, which are big enough to face up to the US and other countries in spite of being one of the poor countries in the world. If you want to know where the leader gets his funds, you must watch these documentaries about North Korea. 

This documentary will expose a legendary association nestled inside the regime apparatus, Bureau 39.  The main objective of this organization is to buy foreign exchange by all means to give the government funds. Dealing drugs, printing dollars, insurance fraud, smuggling arms, human trafficking - nothing is very unscrupulous for the country’s moneymakers.  Many years of study and research have provided researchers exceptional access to an insider. This documentary shows the spectacular cases as well as breathtaking swindles of how the country has been avoiding the sanctions of the UN to fund its nuclear program for many years.

10. What happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea? - Documentaries about North Korea

Otto Warmbier was a college student from the US who was detained in North Korea way back in the year 2016 due to subversion. He was released in a vegetative condition and died a few days later. Former US Pres. Donald Trump made a statement on his tweeter account that he had been tortured. He blames Kim Jong Un for his death. This happened at the peak of the country’s missile crisis. Afterward, as relations between Kim Jong Un and Trump became warmer. In the year 2019, Pres. Donald stated that he thought that Kim was not aware of what happened to Otto, much to the consternation of Otto’s parents. If you want the whole story about what happened to this student, then you must watch this documentary.

11. How Defectors Escape North Korea - Documentaries about North Korea Defectors

Dragons newest job smuggling defectors in the borders takes an unpredicted turn which his customers became stranded in China. These documentaries about North Korea documentaries were directed by Ann Shin, a Korean Canadian filmmaker. This was released along with the interactive documentary, which makes use of video game-like techniques to allow the users to discover life in and escape from the country.

12. We Interviewed A Former Elite North Korean Spy - North Korean Defectors Documentary

This North Korean Defectors Documentary is centered on Chul-Eun Lee, a previous high-ranking official in So North Korea who defected in 2016 to South Korea. He swam almost six kilometers from North Korea to the South and began a new life. In an interview, he was asked about his life journey in the country, his past job, and the things he witnessed in the country.

13. The Kim Dynasty of North Korea - Kim Jong Un Documentary

This Kim Jong Un documentary will focus solely on the Kim Dynasty, a man born into power and the core of the axis of evil. Kim torments and executes many people. This documentary is a story of a leader that has a greedy desire for fame and power. He was raised to become a ruler who rules with aggressive cruelty.

14. Escaping North Korea: The Painful Price of Freedom - North Korea Escape Documentary

This North Korean escape documentary is a must-watch short film. Many desperate people try to escape the country almost monthly, but sad to say, just a few become successful—those who made it find themselves facing a new set of issues. A lot of them have left kids behind and lost connection with loved ones. Even if they are free, they become rootless. This documentary will look at the fate of the people in North Korea who risked their lives and loved ones just to get freedom.

15. Yeonmi Park Interview: Jordan Peterson Podcast

This is a podcast from Jordan Peterson, along with the defector and human rights protestor who tries to shine a light on the killings still being committed by the existing regime. This documentary tells stories of her childhood as well as fleeing to remind the whole world of how awful and dreadful things are for this country. The two talked about different subjects, including her slavery, her escape as well as the disappointment and frustration she encountered in pursuing human rights.

Documentaries about North Korea: Conclusions

These are just some of the many interesting and mind-blowing documentaries about North Korea. So, what documentary pulls your attention?

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