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Documentaries about Fraud

Top 5 documentaries about Fraud And Scams

In this post, we'll explore 5 interesting documentaries about Fraud & Scams, from famous stories to the most common tactics used by scammers.

Intro: Documentaries about Fraud

In a nutshell, fraud refers to the act of deceiving other people with the criminal intent of achieving either personal or financial gain. In some cases, these criminal acts can be a very sophisticated plan or sporadic decision.

For example, someone found a credit card on the ground and used it to make a purchase. That situation is a random act of fraud. If that, someone goes for a more complex plan, luring the information out of a person and then using it to impersonate his identity.

Fraud comes in different forms, including mortgage fraud, identity fraud, investment fraud, tax fraud, credit card fraud, or insurance fraud. If you worry that you could be the next victim of this criminal act, watch the documentaries about fraud below and learn more.

1. Secrets of Scammers - Fraud Documentary

This fraud documentary shows the growing number of scammers, but they remain tough to catch. It introduces the foreign scam artists hitting Britain. The police and citizens fight this criminal act from the street scammers of Eastern Europe to the West African scammers targeting victims online.

2. The eBay Scammers - Documentaries about Fraud

The eBay Scammers is one of the best documentaries about Fraud that give everyone a big picture of this growing crime. The documentary follows the work of the London Regional Fraud Team to fight European gangs’ criminal activities, like making millions of pounds through fraudulent transactions that target eBay’s customers. The said gang conned thousands of victims out of money with fake emails and multiple accounts purporting to be from the website itself. 

3. Meet the scammers breaking hearts and stealing billions online - Best Fraud Documentaries

This documentary about documentary takes the viewers inside the world of scammers. Reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop meets several teenagers in West Africa who run romance scams out of the internet. The reporter also tracks crime rings involved in money laundering and drug trafficking across the globe. The authority has tireless effort and tremendous job to stop this crime and protect innocent people from becoming the next victims.

4. The Madoff Affair - Documentaries about Fraud

In this documentary on fraud, FRONTLINE producer Marcela Gaviria and correspondent Martin Smith give the details of the first global Ponzi scheme in the world. In 2008, Bernard Madoff confessed that his investment business, a Ponzi scheme costing $65 billion, was a big lie. The documentary explores how Madoff became the poster child for Wall Street gall, corruption, and greed.

5. The million-dollar conwoman who faked her way into a string of jobs - Documentaries about Scams

This fraud documentary investigates the secret life and crimes of a million-dollar con woman who struck at the heart of government and corporate headquarters. In 2017, Joanna Harrison, also known as Joanne Sidebottom or Joanne Sharp, became the hot topic of New Zealand Transport Ministry fraud. However, the incident was not reported during that time due to suppression orders on her crimes.

Documentaries about Fraud: Conclusions

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