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Documentaries about British Gangsters

Must Watch: 6 Documentaries about British Gangsters

Explore the best documentaries about British Gangsters

Intro: Documentaries about British Gangsters

In this article we're going to explore a curated list of documentaries about British Gangsters.

Gangs are a problem for many cities around the world. They can be violent, armed, and brutal. But what makes them so dangerous is their connection to drugs and other illegal activities.
The UK has seen an increase of gang-related crime in recent years. But before you get too alarmed about this, it’s worth understanding that not all gangs are the same. Just like any criminal organization, there are degrees of seriousness among different gangs. Some just commit small crimes like extortion or drug dealing, while others are more involved in organized crime like theft and violence. The best way to deal with this topic is by educating yourself on how these groups work and how they interact with one another in order to keep your city safe!

1. Gangs Of Britain: Liverpool

Cornerman is the nickname for a notorious gangster who operated in Liverpool, England. The Cornermans were one of many gangs that emerged during the post-war period to take advantage of increased opportunities for criminal activity as well as social upheaval and poverty. They are believed to have been created by two brothers, William (Billy) and James (Jim) "The Corn" Sutton, around 1948 or 1949 when they started recruiting members from various youth clubs in Liverpool's inner city areas such as Toxteth. In 1965 there was an attempted assassination on Billy Sutton by three gunmen outside his home at 4 Delamere Road; he survived but lost both legs below knee level due to injuries sustained during shooting.

It has often been said that Jim took over leadership after this incident until his death following a heart attack at age 57 on 10 February 1983 while serving time in prison.

After their leader died it became apparent that lack of direction had contributed significantly towards their downfall with some sources suggesting membership dwindled down into single figures before disbanding completely later on.

2. Gangs Of Britain: Glasgow

The Billy Boys were a notorious Glasgow gang that was active in the city during the 1920s and 1930s. The name "Billy" is derived from William of Orange, King of England at the time; it's also said to be an acronym for Protestant Boys Will Always Be Loyal To Their Queen And Country. They wore tartan scarves around their necks with one end hanging out like a tie (a style which might have been influenced by Irish Republicans) and jackets bearing two buttons on each side, distinguishing them as members; they would often wear flat caps or bowler hats while carrying canes or sticks to show off their authority when patrolling territory outside pubs where fights frequently broke out between rival gangs such as Celtic F.C.'s Shamrock Club who themselves were based in Bridgeton Cross near Govan shipyards.
The Billy Boy's main rivals are believed to have been Catholic gangs Whitehill Welfare, Gallowgate Jocks' Army & Cumbie Butties although there are other reports suggesting that these three may not exist but instead just be made up names used specifically by journalists reporting about this particular gang - meaning it could well be possible that any rivalry existed only inside newspaper offices rather than on street corners.

3. Who Are The Real Peaky Blinders?

The documentary investigates the rise and fall of Birmingham's infamous gang known as the Peaky Blinders, as well as the vicious crime networks and deadly attacks that plagued Britain's second largest city. The film begins by telling us about how in 1891, a group of young men from Small Heath came together to take on their rivals with razor blades hidden inside their caps. These were called 'peaky blinder' gangs because they wore flat caps which allowed them to conceal weapons under them - hence giving birth to one of England’s most notorious criminal organizations: The Peaky Blinders.  It then goes into more detail about what life was like for these criminals who terrorized not only people within Birmingham but also those outside its boundaries; attacking ships coming up from London at night-time with guns blazing before making off with all sorts of valuable booty or robbing trains carrying coal during broad daylight armed clashes between rival gangs would often result in fatalities . Finally, it talks about how after World War 2 when many Irish immigrants arrived in Britain looking for work this new influx increased unemployment levels among local youths leading some enterprising youngsters such as John Courtney – an ex-convict turned car dealer –to set out recruiting unemployed youth promising big money if they joined his.

4. UK's Most Dangerous Debt Collector

Ten years ago Shaun Smith was an enforcer for one of the biggest crime families in Liverpool and embroiled in a war against a rival drug gang. Today, after five years spent with firearms offences, he is trying to transfer those skills to the legal economy by working as a debt collector in northern English satellite town Warrington.

5. Britain's Most Notorious Gangsters: London's Nefarious Underbelly

Gary and Martin Kemp take us on a tour of Britain's criminal underworld. They show the viewer all aspects of it, from its origins to present day. Throughout their investigations, they visit different British cities in order to better understand what life is like for people who are living with crime on a daily basis...

6. Gangland Britain: Who Are The Top Dogs Now?

This documentary series examines the history of British gangsters and investigates current crimes. It aims to answer who, in the past and today, has run Britain's underworld. The show also explores how they maintain power and profit in their activities (or don't).

Conclusions: Documentaries about British Gangsters

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