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Documentaries about Somali Pirates

Must Watch: 6 Documentaries about Somali Pirates

Explore the best documentaries about Somali Pirates

Intro: Documentaries about Somali Pirates

In this article we're going to learn more about modern days pirates, with a list of documentaries about Somali Pirates.

Somali pirates are becoming more prominent as a terrorizing force in the world. These Somali Pirates are threatening the stability of international shipping and maritime trade. Recent reports reveal that there has been a surge in piracy, with over 100 attacks taking place in just the last three months. The number of incidents is alarming, and it begs for action to be taken against pirates before their impact becomes more widespread. We take a look at what has been done so far, as well as what can be done moving forward, to help combat this growing threat.

1. The Pirates Who Rule the Somalian Seas - Documentaries about Somali Pirates

Have you ever wondered what has driven Somalian fishermen to a life of piracy, and how we can put an end to it? Discovering the truth behind such a complex phenomenon is no easy task. However, by taking a closer look at the causes and possible solutions, we can start to make a difference.

Greed, lust and revenge are the three main motivations of young Somali pirates. These men were psychologically damaged by their parents' death in a civil war that took place when they were just children. They want to make money for themselves, so they can live better lives with beautiful women and exotic cars, but what motivates them more is the revenge on those who killed their parents or family members during this conflict. As these men become older and stronger, it becomes easier for them to hijack ships because now there's less risk involved as well as a lot more profit than ever before.

2. How To Combat Modern Somali Piracy: Pirate Hunting - Somali Pirate Documentary

The Somali piracy issue has been a highly debated topic lately, with many people arguing that it is not worth the time and effort to remove these pirates from their homes. Some argue that this will only cause more problems for Somalia by creating an even larger group of unemployed youth who are willing to take up arms against any country they can find. Others believe removing them would contribute greatly towards peace on both sides of the conflict, and create new opportunities for economic growth within Somalia itself. There are also those who claim that without being able to profit off pirate attacks, there would be no incentive for Somalis or other countries involved in piracy activities around the world.

3. Ross Kemp In Search of Somali Pirates - Piracy in Somalia

Ross Kemp is on the HMS Northumberland, providing protection for ships outside of Somalia. He looks to discover why piracy has increased so much recently and why it threatens global trade. Also, he assesses what steps are being taken to reduce this threat.

4. How Modern Pirates Are Still a Threat in The Coast of Africa

Pirates attack drilling platforms and kidnap foreign nationals. In 2015, there were 73 attacks that resulted in 62 abductions. They believe they are Robin Hood figures and accuse the oil companies of plundering the country's natural resources without giving anything back to those living there. As part of this project we tracked soldiers, sailors and pirates for several months as they conducted raids on their targets before revealing what goes on behind-the-scenes through interviews with them over a period of time.

5. Kidnapped by Somali pirates

The team of negotiators is made up of a former FBI hostage negotiator, an ex-FBI agent who specializes in negotiation tactics and operations, and two psychologists. They are quickly put to the test when they have just hours left before their clients will be executed by pirates that refuse to release them for any amount less than one million dollars. The negotiations continue with no resolution until the pirates receive word from Somalia's president saying he has agreed on terms for their release; however, it would take six weeks before payments could be arranged.

6. 10 Real Somali Pirates Attacks Caught on Camera

We have all been captivated by the tales of seafaring outlaws after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, but in reality, these buccaneers zip across the waters on motorboats rather than majestic sail ships like Jack Sparrow. So stay with us to witness first-hand what real-life pirate raids look like!

Conclusions: Documentaries about Somali Pirates

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