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Documentaries about Internet Addiction

Must Watch: 5 Documentaries about Internet Addiction

Explore the best documentaries about Internet Addiction

Intro: Documentaries about Internet Addiction

The internet has never been around for long enough to be able to answer what is good and bad about it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people, some say millions, all over the world who have varying degrees of addiction to the internet. Some people say that it can help with depression and anxiety while others see it as a cause of depression and anxiety. The key is in what you find works for your specific needs and how you decide to use it. Are we addicted? Is addiction even a real thing? Is internet addiction just another type of addiction like alcohol or drugs? These are some questions that are sure to be answered when watching these documentaries on the subject.

1. The Effects Of Internet Addiction - BBC Documentary on Internet Addiction

According to the book "The Psychology of Addictive Behaviors: An Integrative Approach" by Sheldon K. Messinger, addiction is defined as "a behavioral pattern that is out of control despite efforts to stop or moderate it."

Think about how these four symptoms might apply to internet addiction for a moment. In this case, there are three symptoms: 1) Preoccupation with the material; 2) The more time people spend on pursuit, not obtaining or consuming; 3) Need for higher doses over time.

This is a BBC documentary on the effects of internet addiction. This program discusses the effect that technology has on people's mental health and well-being. It also looks at its impact on relationships and how people can overcome their addiction to the web.

2. Disconnected - Internet Addiction Documentary

Today, technology is all around us. From our phones to the newest online shopping sites we use on a daily basis, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by how much more there is out in the world than just your immediate surroundings. Technology does have its benefits and can make life easier for some people but many compelling documentaries explore what might happen if too much reliance was placed on these new inventions. This documentary examines the rapid rise of technology which may lead humanity down an irreversible path towards self-destruction or mass extinction before even creating human clones from artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Internet Addiction and Me - Documentaries about Internet Addiction

A short documentary about Internet Addiction by 18-year old filmmaker Eoin Corbett. A study done in 2016 found that nearly two thirds of those surveyed were addicted to internet use and it may be due the lack of social interaction that often comes with spending long periods online, or maybe a result from not getting enough exercise on such an active digital platform. The sad fact is, we are living in a world where children have become so dependent on digital devices they no longer know how to exist without them!

Primary schools pay attention to the overall development of the child. It all starts with socializing, learning new skills, and engaging with classmates.

4. China's Digital Detox: A Life Reboot for Internet Gaming Addicts

There are rehab boot camps for internet addiction in China. They treat it just like alcohol or drug dependency, which is a clinical disorder that can and should be cured against the patient's will. Teenagers are the most frequent sufferers of this affliction; when their enthusiasm for virtual reality starts to have negative effects on their studies, family lives and socialization, parents conduct an intervention by luring them with a ruse out of concern they might end up addicted online before realizing it themselves. The addicts remain confined until they're under control.

A documentary film capturing the experience of someone who was addicted to online gaming, and how they were recovered from it. We spoke with patients as well as their parents in order to understand what led up to such a condition. Because China has had one child policy for so long, children are born without siblings that compete for attention or love, which usually leads them into an escapist world behind a computer screen. The problem is said be rooted in self-esteem issues and problems at home and school life when there's nothing else around you but internet screens all day long; hence why only a complex approach can treat this disorder - address its underlying causes rather than just reducing symptoms.

5. Internet addiction: Online without End

Can you imagine a world without internet? As of 2016 there are 600,000 young people in Germany who seem to be addicted to the internet. These kids play games and surf for hours on end, not just everyday but also during school time! One kid Erik decided that he needed help after playing computer games for 20 hours a day.

In China, over 3 million children are addicted to the internet. There is a hefty price that parents have been willing to pay in order for their only offspring to be treated. In Germany, smoking and drinking habits have changed drastically with less Germans being exposed to these substances than they used too- but there's something new on the horizon: internet addictions! 16% of ninth grade children spend more than 4 hours a day playing computer games and half of them don't go outside- not even once! Erik struggles with his addiction; he was spending up 20 hours at his computer playing games each day before quitting school for treatment which included moving himself into the cellar where he couldn't use it anymore after "empowering" himself from such an addictive device as well as going through self-help group therapy during hospitalization when in need.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Internet Addiction

Different people have different views on what causes internet addiction. Some say that it is because of the "lack of a face to face connection." Others go as far as to say that it can be caused by someone who has no other interests but the internet.

There are also some documentaries about this subject that argue that it is not an addiction at all and we need a new term for it.

Whatever your view may be, there is no denying that experts and psychologists believe that there are many people who are addicted to the internet and not just in the physical sense.  These documentaries on addiction will give you plenty of information on how to use the internet in a healthy way while still enjoying its many benefits.

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