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Documentaries about Liverpool

3 Must Watch Documentaries about Liverpool

Explore the best documentaries about Liverpool

Intro: Documentaries about Liverpool

Liverpool is a huge city in the north of England. It is known for its amazing music scene and its passionate football club. Lately, Liverpool has gained popularity as a tourist destination with its art galleries, museums, and shops. But Liverpool’s history goes much further back than that. This article will feature three documentaries on Liverpool that you'll want to watch this fall.

1. The History of Liverpool - Documentaries about Liverpool

The Liverpool Story discusses the history of the city from the early 1800s to present day. It is a documentary that covers the development of Liverpool, its economy, and its culture.

2. Liverpool Documentary - Gangs of Britain

In this historical look at Britain's most notorious gangs, we focus on the infamous Cornerman. People across Liverpool saw him as a criminal who preyed on people to make money. Others say that he was just trying to protect his streets from ruthless criminals.

3. Liverpool FC: The 30 Year Wait - Liverpool FC Documentary

Documentary examining Liverpool FC's quest to return to the top of English football. It is a revealing insight into why the club fell away after their domination of football in the 80s - how identity was shaped by both tragedies at Heysel and Hillsborough, struggle when it comes to keeping up with changing world of football, and Jurgen Klopp revolution that has returned them back up through British soccer ranks.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most influential cities in England, and is also known as being the birthplace of "The Beatles."

And now, Liverpool has been dubbed as the UK's Capital of Culture for 2017 and 2018. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these three amazing documentaries on Liverpool and get inspired to visit!

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