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Shintoism Documentary

Shintoism Documentary: The 4 Best Documentaries about Shinto

Interested in this unique Japanese religion? In this article, we explore four interesting documentaries about Shintoism.

Intro: Shintoism Documentary

Shinto or “the way of the gods” remains the major religion in Japan alongside Buddhism. This religion has no founder or sacred scriptures like the Bible or the sutras. Preaching and propaganda are not also present because religion is deeply rooted in Japanese traditions and people.

The gods of Shinto are called “kami,” sacred spirits took the forms of concepts and things necessary to life, including rivers, trees, mountains, fertility, rain, and wind. If humans die, they become kami. The kami of extraordinary people is enshrined at various shrines. Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, is considered the most important kami in Shinto. 

Now that you have a brief overview of Shintoism, you can watch the Shintoism documentaries below to get more familiar with the religion.

1. Shinto: Nature, Gods, and Man in Japan - Shintoism Documentary

This Shintoism documentary traces the religion’s development to the present day. It shows the ancient ritual sites that are still used today. Several major shrines connect Japanese people from past to present. The documentary also portrays the great works of religious art.

As the documentary progresses, viewers will witness how the Japanese make Shinto part of their natural experience and have so much respect for everything. It also shows how this religion is adaptable was with Buddhism. People interested in Shintoism more than the aesthetic shrines can make this presentation a good starter. 

2. Japan: Where Gods Aren't Gods and Worshipers Aren't Religious - Shintoism Documentary

This Shinto documentary opens everyone’s eyes to the truth that Shintoism is not quite as simple as Japan’s traditional practices as a religion; it is more than that. It is dedicated to people who are wondering about the torii or gates they see around Japan. They will discover those gates as entrances to jinja, Shinto shrines’ sacred ground. 

According to the documentary, “It’s more about what you do than what you believe.” At the end of the presentation, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of Shintoism. 

3. Religions of Japan: Shintoism & Buddhism - Shinto Documentary

In this Shinto documentation, Andrew Bush, a filmmaker, investigates the two main religions of Japan: Shintoism and Buddhism. This documentation is dedicated to those who are curious about the connection between the two religions. It highlights the beliefs and teachings of the religions and how they can affect someone’s entire life.

4. What is the Shinto Religion? - Shintoism Documentary

This Shintoism documentary dives into the ancient and explores the unique faith to redefine the so-called “religion.” It is fascinating to go back thousands of years ago and see the old roots. The documentary introduces the time when there was a minor distinction between the material and spiritual worlds. It shows there is a belief that the dead watch over the living and respect and veneration towards the natural world and spirits of the dead. 

Shintoism Documentaries: Conclusions

If you are amazed at how Japanese people preserve their nature, these documentaries explain why. Beautiful nature’s view is one of the reasons why people visit this country, and it’s good to know that their beliefs reflect their love for nature. 

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