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Documentaries about the Devil

3 Must Watch: Documentaries about the Devil Satan

Explore the best documentaries about the Devil

Intro: Documentaries about the Devil

There is no shortage of demonology in our world. The devil’s influence has been in our lives for centuries, but it’s harder to see his work when we live in a world that is so connected with technology. From the infamous Salem witch trials to the Holy Inquisition, demons have played an integral part in shaping society and causing chaos. But today, they are more prevalent than ever before. Here, five must-watch documentaries about the devil that you should add to your watchlist.

1. Devils & Demons Documentary: Azazel And The Fallen Angels - Documentaries about the Devil

In this documentary, we're going to take a look at the fallen angels that were the devils and demons of the Bible. These Fallen Angels are those who rebelled against God, became jealous of man's free will, and sought to be worshipped as equals to God.
In this documentary, you'll see how these fallen angels were punished by being cast into Hell. You'll find out how they were able to escape from Hell and what they did next.

2. True Story about Lucifer - National Geographic Documentary about Satan

Lucifer is a character who, in various mythologies, appears as either a benevolent deity and/or an antagonist. He usually leads an army of angels or is the chief angel. Lucifer may be regarded as "the light bringer", a symbol of enlightenment, spirit of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, rebellion against tyranny, etc.

Lucifer is also known as "the morning star" and "the bringer of light". The name comes from Latin meaning "light-bearer", which reflects Lucifer's traditional function within some Christian traditions as the enlightener. Lucifer is called the Light Bringer because he brings light to mankind by bringing about knowledge, and thus freedom from ignorance.
The figure with this title appears in Christian writings (e.g. Isaiah 14:12-14), with the term retained in Latin to render "Lucifer" when used without qualification (e.g., in the Vulgate). In The Book of Enoch--also sometimes attributed to Judeo.

In this documentary we're going to discover his story.

3. The History of the Devil -  Devil Documentary

The History of the Devil is a Welsh film produced in association with SBS Australia and distributed by Siren Visual, that relies entirely on images to tell its story. The documentary itself is made up mostly of still images alternating sporadically with talking heads - religious scholars, theologians, and reverends.

It's an impressive, thoughtful and very open-minded account of the evolution - the why’s and how’s that a specter like "the Devil" has existed throughout time. It offers some fantastic insight into history as it explores religious beliefs about this mythological figure who is often depicted in medieval times wearing red or animal skins with horns on his head.

Conclusions: Documentaries about the Devil

The devil is one of the most misunderstood beings in any religion. The word for "devil" in Hebrew is "Satan", which means "adversary" or "opponent". The devil was originally an angel who turned against God, but who still has God's power. In the end, the devil's power over humans is not strong enough to make them go against their own nature and choose to be evil.

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