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Netherlands Documentaries

Top 5 Netherlands Documentaries

Explore the best Netherlands Documentaries

Intro: Netherlands Documentaries

Nestled between Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands is a small yet vibrant country with a rich history, culture and tradition. There are numerous picturesque destinations in the Netherlands, from the sprawling tulip fields to the bustling cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague. The nation's cultural heritage is embodied by its iconic windmills, clogs, and its love of beer, cheese, and pancakes.

The Dutch have a variety of traditions that span the centuries. For instance, they have their own unique language, Dutch, as well as their own New Year’s Eve tradition of giving gifts of bulbs and flowers. The Netherlands also has its own unique festivals and celebrations, such as Queen’s Day in April, where the streets of cities across the country are painted orange and filled with festivities.

The Netherlands is home to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with its canals, stunning architecture, and art galleries. Rotterdam is known for its modern skyline and impressive architecture. Utrecht is a city full of history and culture, with its many museums and galleries. The Hague is home to the Dutch government and is a center of diplomatic activity.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an educational cultural experience, or just to soak up some of the local culture and atmosphere, the Netherlands has something to offer everyone. From the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam to the charming villages of Zeeland and Friesland, the Netherlands has something to offer every type of traveler.

The best way to truly understand the history, culture, traditions and best places of this vibrant nation is through documentaries. Numerous documentaries about the Netherlands have been released over the years, giving viewers an insight into how this small country has become a major player on the world stage. From exploring the tulip industry to examining the country’s centuries-old traditions, these documentaries provide a unique look into life in the Netherlands.

1. The Rise of Great Powers | Episode 4: Tiny Holland, Giant Empire - Netherlands Documentaries

This documentary explores the intriguing ascent of the Netherlands, beginning from its birth in the 16th century - an expanse not larger than Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - and culminating in its Golden Age in the 17th century. The narrative commences with a significant historical event in 1492, when Spain commanded an expulsion order on their entire Jewish populace. This circumstance triggered a mass migration through Portugal, ultimately leading to a new settlement for this displaced community in the Netherlands.

The nation’s declaration of independence from Spain was pivotal. It established Freedom of Religion as a central tenet of Dutch society, reflecting its commitment to tolerance and diversity. Amongst those that sought refuge were proficient merchants. These industrious individuals would later wield their skills and acumen to orchestrate the rise of the Netherlands as an eminent powerhouse of European commerce, marking a profound shift in continental power dynamics.

2. The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam - Netherlands Documentaries

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide. Embarking on a journey by train, bicycle, and boat, we set sail for the best of the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam’s borders. Be it Haarlem or Rotterdam, Delft or the Zuiderzee - each destination unfolds a unique story. As we navigate through idyllic towns hosting aromatic cheese markets, traverse the water-logged polderland, witness the strength of towering dikes and marvel at windmills old and new; there’s an unmistakable charm that pervades this Dutch odyssey. As we roll through this captivating landscape and engage with its welcoming inhabitants, one is left with an overwhelming sentiment: “Everything’s so…Dutch!”

Experience a riveting exploration of Dutch culture and history in our upcoming documentary. Stay tuned as we unveil the magic that lies beyond Amsterdam!

3. The power of the drugs' mafia - Cocaine and the Netherlands | DW Documentary - Netherlands Documentaries

This video explores an escalating crisis in organized crime, where drug trafficking and brutal violence are shaking up the very foundations of Dutch society. This gripping account presents a nation grappling with the burgeoning power of the so-called Mocro mafia, an entity once thought to be under control but has now emerged as a dangerous force.

The documentary casts light on the shocking rise in the cocaine trade routed through key ports like Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg. It dissects how mafia syndicates, primarily based in The Netherlands, leverage their enormous profits to corrupt individuals in critical positions. A vivid example is portrayed by crane operators at ports, who could earn up to 100,000 Euros merely by repositioning a container.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the largest trial ever witnessed in Dutch history - The Marengo trial since March 2021. Key figures from the Mocro Mafia stand accused of heinous crimes including murder, underscoring the ferocious brutality employed by this criminal network, pushing state laws to their brink.

This documentary features intense interactions with investigators working tenaciously at Rotterdam’s port and insightful discussions with defense lawyers. Candid interviews with ex-drug couriers also provide first-hand insights into this ruthless underworld.

A pivotal part of this narrative focuses on renowned journalist Peter R. de Vries who was tragically murdered later. His story is emblematic of a wider tale steeped in corruption and violence that threatens to engulf The Netherlands.

4. Netherlands: Digging Deep Into The Dutch Economy - Documentaries about the Netherlands

In the bustling heart of Europe, The Netherlands emerges as one of the globe’s top 20 economic powerhouses. It boasts not only a flourishing economy, but an impressive GDP per capita exceeding fifty thousand dollars.

This vibrant nation sparks a fascinating debate: Do individualistic societies stand a greater chance of achieving collective economic success? Here, in the windmill-dotted landscapes and industrious cities of The Netherlands, this theory seems to come alive.

Despite its government traditionally favoring heavy-handed regulation, the Dutch economy has shifted gears over time. Today, while retaining elements of control, it hums with the dynamic energy of a market economy. And beyond just embracing capitalism - The Netherlands is often celebrated as its very cradle.

The tale harks back to an intriguing chapter of history, where the legendary Dutch East India Company set sail from these shores - forever changing the face of global trade. Such is this small yet mighty nation’s legacy – a testament to its remarkable journey on the world stage.

5. The Dutch Cycling Revolution - Documentaries about the Netherlands

A look at how and why the Netherlands have integrated the bicycle into their national transport system - a pattern stetching back to the 1960s. I asked decision-makers in the UK whether our country could ever look just like the Netherlands, with car-free cities and a casual cycling culture.

It is a timely discussion given the rise of environmental awareness worldwide. It's becoming increasingly pertinent to try to find an answer to the private automobile in our transport network - in favour of more sustainable modes of transport such as cycling or walking. With discussions from the Dutch Cycling Embassy, British Cycling, the Fietsersbond among others.

Conclusions: Netherlands Documentaries

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