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Documentaries about Mythical Creatures

6 Thrilling Documentaries about Mythical Creatures

Explore the best documentaries about Mythical Creatures

Intro: Documentaries about Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures are used in many different cultures and religions. From the Greek god of War, to the Norse god of thunder, to the Egyptian god of creation, these mythological beings have had a significant impact on our world today. With so many different mythical creatures, it can be hard to know what to watch if you want something new. Here are five documentaries about mythical creatures that will keep you entertained for weeks.

1. Mythical Creatures of North America - Documentaries about Mythical Creatures

In this video, we explore the myths and legends surrounding some of North America's most famous mythical creatures. The video features interviews with cryptozoologists, historians and archaeologists to talk about these creatures and their place in the world.
The video includes a brief overview of some famous cryptid sightings, such as the Mothman, Bigfoot, Chupacabra and more!

2. Legendary Creatures of Britain -  Mythical Creatures Documentary

In this video, you'll learn about the legendary creatures of Britain and how they're connected to the myths and legends that have lived on through time. I'll be providing information on monsters from British history, like giants, fairies, elves, and dragons.

3. Legendary Creatures of South America - Documentaries on Mythical Creatures

The mythical creatures of South America are both fascinating and dangerous. In this video, I'll speak about the most famous legendary creatures in the region, like the Guarani with its extra-long tongue, the Cabeza Grande, the Marajoara spider and more.

4. Beasts of the Bible: The strange and fantastic creatures in the Bible

The Bible has captivated the imagination of many, especially me. It contains so many mythical and terrifying creatures like Behemoth and Leviathan that we have our doubts about whether they existed or not! New revelations into these beasts' origins revealed shocking truths.

5. The Mysteries Of The Celtic Otherworld: Myths And Monsters

With the help of these three examples, we can learn about folklore and myths from around the world. As for Actaeon, he was a hunter who loved to hunt deer in his forest home, but one day while out hunting he accidentally came upon Artemis bathing nude in her pool. Enraged that she would be caught undressed by him as well as embarrassed at being seen naked herself (as women are not allowed to go on hunts or view themselves nude), Artemis turned Actaeon into a stag and had her dogs tear him apart.

As for Celtic Otherworlds, they were only accessible through shamans or druids that could "walk between worlds".

6. Japanology: The Roots Of Japans Yokai Creatures - Documentaries on Mythical Creatures

Yokai is a term for ghosts, monsters, demons and other supernatural creatures that are found in Japanese folklore. Yokai were originally thought of as real beings that were believed to cause misfortune or illness. However, with the arrival of Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan, they became a part of the spiritual world. These days, they're used more often as figureheads for various industries.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures can be found all around the world. Check out these documentaries about these mythological creatures if you want to learn more about them.

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