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Documentaries about Dogs

The 8 Most Heart-Wrenching Documentaries About Dogs!

Explore the best documentaries about Dogs

Intro: Documentaries about Dogs

If you love dogs as much as we do, then you will LOVE this list of the 8 most heart-wrenching documentaries about dogs. These are stories of man's best friends and their loyal companionship.
Dogs have been our friends for centuries, but there is something different about them in the 21st century. As we've come to know more about the minds of animals, our dogs have become even more precious to us. We now realize that they are not just our pets; they're also family members and friends. Watch these touching stories of dog lovers' best friends and feel your heart melt!

1. Dogs & us: The secrets of an unbreakable friendship - Documentaries about Dogs

The documentary is about the beautiful, exciting and extraordinary real-life stories of dogs and humans around the world. It includes a story about a dog teaching an inmate courage as well as one about how trained four legged companions help autistic children cope with their disorder. There are also pictures of rescue dogs being able to use their sense of smell to find missing people from time to time. The documentary explores some questions such as why can we communicate so well with our pets? What does this understanding entail? And what exactly is special about this friendship between us that lasts for years or even decades?

2. Hunting Buddies: How Dogs Discovered Man - Documentaries about Dogs

Dogs have long been man's hunting buddies, a vital companion in our struggle for survival. In today’s increasingly civilized world, modern dogs must abandon their first instincts and find new work as family members, helpers to the disabled or cancer detectors. We've forgotten what it actually means to be a dog-a hunter-yet we still rely on them for all these tasks and more! This documentary explores this part of our cultural history exploring where your favorite breeds come from--their specific skills are revealed through each breed’s participation in real life situations viewed from both human and canine perspectives.

3. Urban Wildlife. Dogs 🐕 - Documentaries on Dogs

There are half a billion dogs on the planet and this number is equivalent to the population of Russia, The United States and Spain together. Near 400 million of these dogs are homeless. Why do we love dogs so much, or why do they love us?

4. Super-smart Dog: The Dog with an IQ of 102 - Dogs Documentary

Animals In Love and Secret Life of Dogs take us into the world of super intelligent pets, their devoted owners, and other bizarre creatures. Some animals have a 200-word vocabulary while others can count better than your average toddler. The Sheridan family has a football-mad parrot that knows every chant and watches every game; farmer Louise has her trusty assistant who is actually her smart dog Jess.

5. Award Winning Documentary Film On Street Dogs - Documentaries about Dogs

Robert and his wife are living in Mumbai and unconditionally love street dogs. They've been feeding them for 25 years without any foundation support. If you're not a dog lover, watch this documentary on humanity!

6. Dangerous Dogs - Dog Documentary

Dangerous Dogs, a BBC documentary that aired in 2016, follows the story of a number of teenagers and their families who have been terrorized by dogs. The program also reveals what's being done to help both victims and offenders.

7. Black market for dogs - Documentaries about Dogs

The illegal trade in dogs and puppies is a billion-euro business, turning profits on par with arms and drug smuggling. The canines come through Romania; the buyers live in Germany. Many of these poor animals have not been vaccinated or are ill from lack of care during transport - yet EU regulations ensure that all exported dogs must be implanted with an ID chip which records its owners' information such as mandatory vaccinations and previous owners. This data is easily forged by the mafia's animal welfarist Stefan Klippstein who devotes his efforts to putting a stop to this dog mafia operation, but how much can he hope to achieve? A Report by Lavinia Pitu

8. Dog's Day Out! For The Love Of Dogs - Documentaries about Dogs

Comedian Paul O'Grady shares his love for man and dog in this show. He looks at the unbreakable bond between humans and their dogs. Battersea is the oldest dog's home, with an heartbreaking story of every resident but nevertheless, caring staff members will help any homeless hound find a happy ending to their tale.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Dogs

Dog lovers, this list is for you! From the sweet and serious to the heartwarming and hilarious, this list of documentaries is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

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