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Meditation Documentary

Documentaries on meditation: 11 Best Meditation Documentaries You Should Watch

In this article, we explore 11 documentaries about meditation you should not miss out: from mindfulness to vipassana, from the Tibet tradition to zen.

Meditation Documentaries: Intro

Looking to deepen your practice and explore the wonders of meditation? Why not learn from the experts ‚Äď and what better way than by watching inspiring documentaries that bring together ideas from some of the world's greatest masters? From themes like dedication and self-discovery to liberation, spiritual connection and oneness, these mediation documentaries will open up a whole new world of insights, life lessons, and tools. Whether you‚Äôre just starting out or have years of meditation experience, these inspiring stories will guide you through the fascinating journey of unlocking inner potentials and accessing peace of mind. Don't miss out on this incredible list of must-watch documentaries that will surely help spark your inner spiritual journey. With captivating stories, enlightening visuals and inspiring soundtracks, you'll be ready to find peace and enlightenment in no time!

1. The Power of Meditation - BBC Meditation Documentary

This fantastic meditation documentary shows a great variety of techniques. The video depicts miscellaneous meditation exercises that help build the internal energy in your body and relax your mind or life force. It also helps to create the spirit of tolerance, love, patience, forgiveness, and kindness. 

A specific practice of meditation makes you focused on your target and promotes the feeling of well-being in whatever you are doing. 

In this documentary, Jason Stephenson tells how it became possible for him to initiate a new career, live his life with satisfaction and rejoin his old friends just because of meditation.

2. A Joyful Mind - Meditation and Mindfulness Documentary

Today’s busy and exhausting life increases stress in one’s life, resulting in a decline in moral values and good behaviors towards others. 

The mindfulness meditation documentary highlights the work of Yongey Mingyur, who has successfully changed the lives of several people all around the world.  

He proved that meditation effectively improves psychological and physical health conditions by curing mental and physical health disorders, depression, and anxiety with his teachings. Regardless of the confusion created by media, More and more people are coming towards meditation, realizing what modern science believes about it. 

3. The Art of Meditation -  by Alan Watts Meditation Documentary

The Art of Meditation by Allan Watts is one of the meditation documentaries that you must not miss. In this video, Alan Watts teaches the art of getting in touch with reality. 

He also teaches how silent and peaceful the art of meditation is. He talks about anxiety, anger, and many other emotions and how a person can use them better and more valuable. 

Alan has also compared the different ways of meditation in various religions that help people relax their bodies and mind. For example, Muslims perform adhan, ablution, and pray, and Hindus perform yoga and dhayan. 

4. Enlightenment - Documentary on Meditation

Another classic documentary on meditation by Anthony Chene, the Enlightenment, presents Armando Perez (Carlos Casados), Marc Allen, Sarah McLean, and Dean Radin. They all have beautifully expressed their thoughts about human psychological problems. 

The documentary focuses on reconnecting with our intuition, overcoming our fears, reaching the life we truly want, power and magic of using our intention, what is our reality, experiencing oneness, enlightenment, and our unique identity.

5. Mindfulness Documentary 2020

The mindfulness meditation documentary is divided into four parts: (1) Definition of mindfulness (2) The formal exercises of mindfulness (3) The informal practices of mindfulness (4) Personal Mindfulness experiences.

If you want peace and serenity inside yourself, you should practice mindfulness in life. Mindfulness enables a person to live with gratification, poise, confidence, sympathy, and care. Today discussions on meditation and mindfulness occur in all walks of life, whether businesses, trauma recovery groups, medical journals, magazines, and conferences. When combined with old traditional methods, new scientific mindfulness approaches are doing wonders.

6. The Yogis of Tibet - Rare Tibetan Meditation Documentary

Another outstanding meditation documentary, the Yogis of Tibet by JEHM films, consists of several inspiring stories from various yogis’ regarding their migration to Tibet. 

They had gone through horrible journeys, took extraordinary risks, and lost several lives of their relatives and fellows. 

In that hard time, the yogis performed several meditation exercises that gave them great control over their minds and bodies.

7. Doing Time Doing Vipassana - Prison Meditation Documentary

It is an impressive prison meditation documentary produced by Karuna Films. The documentary focuses on an ancient meditation technique called Vipassana. Surprisingly enough, this Vipassana meditation was introduced 2500 years ago by Dhamma and Buddha. The Vipassana technique is a compelling meditation that allows a person to take the journey with closed eyes and a focused mind.    

The training sessions of Vipassana were arranged in Tihar Jail, Delhi, India, where several prisoners attended those sessions, and their lives were changed. The big step was taken by a new prison in charge, Ms. Kiran Bedi.

8. Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation

The video emphasizes Cosmic Energy, Meditation Energy, Pyramid Power, and so on. Cosmic energy is produced in the universe, and it penetrates the human body. 

Cosmic energy absorption is exceptionally significant for the human body as it soothes several and increases inner peace. Sleep is an unconscious meditation during which our bodies get unlimited cosmic energy. 

The video has everything you need to know about spiritual reality and how it secretly contributes to your health, peace, and joy in your life.

9. The Dhamma Brothers - Vipassana Meditation Documentary

This documentary is another prison meditation documentary centered on one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States. The prisoners were involved in all sorts of sinful activities and crimes within the jail. Then Dr. Ron Cavanaugh decided to do something unprecedented for the prisoners. With the permission of jail authorities, he decided to introduce Vipassana meditation techniques. 

The sessions started and went very successfully. This video shows several interviews of prisoners and jail supervisors. They said the prisoners who have gone through these exercises feel much better as Vipassana meditation has healed their mental and physical traumas.

10. How I Switched Off the Pain? - Vipassana Meditation Documentary

Another influential Vipassana meditation documentary reflects the story of a person regarding his experience of attending Vipassana sessions. 

He defines Vipassana as ‚Äúa technique based on observing reality as it is.‚ÄĚ There is no visualization, no chanting.¬†

The training place was ten hours drive from his home. When he reached, he found a new set of rules to live in that place. The video also covers interviews with other participants of Vipassana meditation. All of them described it as a beautiful experience as they felt a drastic change in their lives.

11. Zen: Principles and Practices - Zen Meditation Documentary

 Zen meditation documentary focuses on the effectiveness of Zen meditation techniques. 

Zen is the abbreviation of Zen Buddhism; some people consider it as a separate religion, while others think it is a philosophy. 

The video reflects upon the life-changing Zen practice that requires twelve months of training in central Japan. 

During the training session, an area is reserved for every participant, where he has to sit, eat, drink, and sleep. The training also includes class lectures and various meditation exercises.

Documentaries about Meditation: Conclusions

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