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Documentaries on Stoicism

Documentary on Stoicism: 6 Must-Watch Documentaries including Marcus Aurelius & Seneca

In this article, we'll explore 6 documentaries on Stoicism and the most famous philosophers, like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus.

Intro: Documentaries on Stoicism

For many people, Stoicism sounds daunting or boring. It is even the last thing a person would like to learn about. While it seems old and boring, it brings some of the most powerful tools you can use in today’s modern world. 

With Stoicism, you can direct your thoughts and actions even in this unpredictable world. You may not control or rely on external events, but you have the power to control your mind and pick your behavior. Keep reading and enjoy the documentaries about Stoicism below:

1. Introduction to Stoicism - Stoicism Documentary

Stoicism is an enduring philosophical tradition, stretching from the teachings of Socrates to modern-day manifestations. It seeks to provide a path to inner peace and joy, even amidst life's many challenges. Through its core doctrines of logic, physics, and ethics, Stoicism offers a profound yet practical guide to gaining harmonious fulfillment.

With ancient philosophers like Marcus Aurelius (Meditations), Epictetus (Discourses), Seneca, and Zeno providing timeless insight, and more recent authors like William Irvine in A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy giving a fresh perspective, Stoicism invites both learning and practice. From understanding formal logic to developing effective rhetoric, from exploring our relationship with the divine to recognizing how changing circumstances shape our lives, one can find both guidance and enjoyment on the path to achieving a Good Life.

2. Stoicism 101 - Documentary on Stoicism

This documentary on Stoicism is a brief introduction to Stoicism’s history, theory, and modern practice. Professor Massimo Pigliucci has put together critical ideas about Stoicism in one documentary and share them to everyone. It is a fascinating presentation to those who have never studied philosophy. Overall, it is an excellent overview and synopsis of Stoicism and a good place to start a journey for novices.

3. Marcus Aurelius: Emperor's last triumph - Marcus Aurelius Documentary

This Marcus Aurelius documentary shows how his beliefs became the most famous emperor whose legacy and meditations are now timeless. Aurelius has a love for wisdom, which is reflected in his deeds, and he even called himself a philosopher during his reign. When darkness started to descend over the entire Rome, his soul underwent its own ordeals. Watch this documentary and witness his last triumph.

4. Seneca the Younger (In Our Time) - BBC Stoicism Seneca Documentary

This Seneca documentary is presented by Melvyn Bragg, highlighting the life of Seneca the Younger. Seneca is one of the first writers to live life during the new Roman empire after the fall of the Republic and was a stoic philosopher. The documentary discusses Seneca’s teachings and contributions to philosophy.

5. Epictetus: His life, Stoic Philosophy, Quotes & his book Discourses - Stoicism Documentary

This Epictetus documentary is all about the great stoic philosopher, highlighting the essence of wisdom, self-mastery, and power. Going back to his teachings, the viewers can gain insights into how they can deal with difficulties. Even if he died thousands of years ago, Epictetus’ teachings still hold true. The documentary also highlights his patience and composure.

6. STOICISM: A Practical Guide - Documentary on Stoicism

This documentary presents a practical guide about Stoicism and how this philosophy can change someone’s life. It offers different ways to practice Stoicism in everyday life. Newcomers to Stoicism can find this documentary a good starting point. The documentary tells everyone that Stoicism can make a big difference in their lives. 

Stoicism Documentaries: Conclusions

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