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Documentaries about Castles

5 Documentaries about Castles for Real Castle Lovers

Explore the best documentaries about Castles

Intro: Documentaries about Castles

Have you ever seen a castle? If so, you may be living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Castles are made to be an architectural marvel and a symbol of power. They are houses built with stone and wood that serve as homes for kings and queens. There is something about castles that makes them seem like they have been around forever.

1. Great Castles of Europe - Documentaries about Castles

This documentary is about European castles and palaces. From the famous, like the Palace of Versailles, to the less known, like Graceland in Hungary. The video showcases the best castles and palaces from Western Europe, and their history.

2. The Castle Builders: Masters & Masons: How Medieval Castles Were Built - Documentaries on Castles

In the first episode of our series, we'll examine how some new castles were built in Europe with spectacular grandeur. Over a few short centuries, these designs grew and changed as they became more colossal than ever before. These architectural masterpieces hold the key to understanding a crucial period in the growth of civilization - not just through their construction prowess but also because they fueled ideas that developed over time about kingship and chivalry.

3. The Hidden Architectural Genius Of The Medieval Castle - Castles Documentary

Ruth, Peter and Tom look at how the castle fits into a medieval world of busy trade, development and travel. During 13th century Europe, people could cross continents to visit or take part in work-trade pilgrimages as well as Crusades.

4. Building A Medieval Castle Using Authentic Tools - Documentaries about Castles

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold take the time to learn how to build a medieval castle using the tools, techniques, and materials available in 13th century England. After learning about building stone by hand by digging it out of a quarry first before taking it to be carved on the tracing floor for three days. Finally they had winched each step into place one-by-one with special crane machines called treadmills powered by cranes that were built specifically for these purposes!

5. What Life Was Like In A 13th Century Castle - Castles Documentary

As their time at Guedelon Castle in France draws to an end, the team look at how this castle fits into medieval Europe. Thirteenth-century Europe was a busy place with lots of trade and travel happening all over it. There were new monarchies being established throughout history which are still around today--Elizabeth II is one example. The documentaries about these various royal families include footage from different parts of that family's reign as well as photos from historical events such those related to the Crusades or Cleopatra.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Castles

If you love castles, you will love these great documentaries about castles.

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