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Documentaries about Zombies

Explore these 4 Exciting Documentaries about Zombies

Let's explore the history behind one of the most famous mythological monster of our time through 4 exciting documentaries about Zombies

Intro: Documentaries about Zombies

Do you believe in zombies? Whether you are getting the groove on in Michael Jackson’s Thriller or watching how they devour their preys in The Walking Dead, it is undoubtedly that they have dominated the pop culture. 

Zombies are usually portrayed as undead, decaying, and flesh-eating corpse. According to folklore and pop culture, zombies are either reawakened corpses with a ravenous appetite or those bitten by other zombies infected with a “zombie virus.”

The first civilization that was terrorized by the fear of the undead was the ancient Greeks. Archaeologists have discovered several graves containing skeletons pinned down by heavy objects like rocks, assumed to prevent dead bodies from reanimating.

If you are fascinated by zombies or enjoy different folklore about them, you can watch the documentaries about zombies below:

1. History of Zombies - History Channel Zombie Documentary

This zombie documentary answers where did the idea of zombies originate. It also uncovers why does that origin endure today. The documentary also has experts that discussed the collection of scenes from the “Cannibals and Killers.”

The documentary tells that every culture has its own stories about zombies. It also leaves the viewers a question of whether humankind is ready for a zombie apocalypse. 

2. World War Z: Rise of the Undead - Documentaries about zombies 

This documentary about zombies reveals that the images portrayed by zombies have been greatly influenced by pop cultures, including science and diseases creating their own zombie hordes. It answers how did that perception of zombies come about or if there is any truth in it.

One of the highlights of this documentary is the girl who died from an illness, and her family was to poor to afford to embalm her. So, on the day of her burial, the family witnesses are the movement of the rigor mortis since her body was not embalmed. The body was brought to a witch doctor, trying to lead her soul back to her body. However, the witch doctor told them that her soul was already too far from her body. 

3. The Origins of the Zombie, from Haiti to the U.S. Documentaries about Zombies 

This zombies documentary digs deeper into the long, complex history of the zombie. It talks about the origin of each of the zombie types throughout history and uncovers why it continues to hold a special place in people’s minds.

Some experts are also features who will share their insights about zombies. The documentary gives the viewers a new perspective on the long, complicated history of voodoo in the U.S. alongside unique insights about how the “zombi” become the “zombie.”

4. Zombies: A living story - Documentaries about Zombies 

This documentary about zombies explores the real story of zombies, from the beginning of the dawn of civilization to the modern-day. It reveals that the first written reference is found in the oldest work of literature called Gilgamesh. 

The zombies documentary answers why the Viking legends believed that zombies were almost indestructible except by immolation or decapitation. It also explores other zombie legends from different parts of the world, including the voodoo rituals in Haiti and China’s Tera Cotta Warriors.

Documentaries about Zombies: Conclusions

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