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Documentaries about Witches

Top 5 Documentaries about Witches & Witchcraft

In this article, we explore the top 5 documentaries about Witches, witchcraft and witch hunt across history.

Intro: Documentaries about Witches

Witches have always been an all-time favorite Halloween figure. However, they were perceived as evil beings during early Christians in different European countries. Their images appeared in various forms throughout history, like a wart-nosed woman huddling over a cauldron with boiling liquid or a hag-faced woman wearing a pointy hat and riding a broom through the sky.

In pop culture, witches are portrayed as three charmed sisters who fight the forces of evil, an awkward teenager who learns to control her power, and a non-twitching, benevolent housewife from suburban. However, their real history is believed to be dark and deadly.

Watch the documentaries about witches below and have a glimpse of their world. Let’s start!

1. The History of Witches - Witches Documentary

This witch documentary dives into the witch hunts’ dark history. It also covers the real-life witches and witch trials. It highlights that many women faced many false accusations and forced confessions. They even suffered tortures and tumultuous deaths, all in the name of fear and misunderstandings.

2. The Trials Of The Pendle Witches - Witch Hunt Documentary

This witch hunt documentary tells a story of the most disturbing witch trial. Jennet Device, a nine-year-old beggar-girl, was the star witness in that trial. She has a key role in the trial of her own mother, sister, brother, and neighbors, as her “chilling” testimony is the reason why they were all hanged. 

The events in this documentary may date back about four hundred years ago, but the issue still resonates today: when should parents believe their children. It also emphasizes that the fear of evil can result in behaving in such as way that can corrode the values people should protect.

3. Witchcraft: The Truth Behind The World's Fastest Growing Religion - Pagan Witchcraft Documentary

This Wicca documentary is about the fastest-growing religious group in Britain. It also focuses on Wicca’s creator, known as Gerald Gardner. Pagan studies expert and Historian Professor Ronald Hutton explores modern pagan witchcraft’s origins. He also experienced first-hand witchcraft’s growing influence in modern Britain.

4. Salem Witch Trial - Salem Witches Documentary

This Salem witches documentary was published in 2015 and about a girl who fell sick in 1692. The girl’s outbursts of gibberish, contortions, and convulsions bewildered everyone. Then, other girls in the village have the same symptoms as well. One village doctor claimed that witchcraft was the cause of that event. It may also make the viewers wonder if the kids might have had some religious trauma. 

5. Salems Witch Trial Witchcraft & Witch hunt - National Geographic Witch Hunt Documentary

This witches documentary contains dramatizations of the dark events that occurred in Salem village in 1692. It uncovers insights into the characters’ emotional turmoil to bring the courtroom drama to life. The trial happened hundreds of years ago, but the issue resonates today that false accusations may lead to a tragic ending. 

Documentaries about Witches: Conclusions

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