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Documentaries about Uruguay

Top 5 Documentaries about Uruguay

Explore the best documentaries about Uruguay

Intro: Documentaries about Uruguay

Uruguay, the second-smallest country in South America, is predominantly characterized by rolling plains and low hill ranges. It nestles between Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west, with an extensive coastline along the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. The Uruguay River borders it on its western edge, while the River Plate’s estuary forms a natural boundary on the south.

The history of Uruguay is remarkable. First populated by indigenous people such as the Charrua Indians, it was later discovered by Europeans in 1516 under Juan Diaz de Solis from Spain. Uruguay eventually gained independence after a long struggle involving Spain, Portugal and later Argentina and Brazil. Officially proclaimed an independent nation in 1828 as a buffer state between Argentina and Brazil, it has since been known for its strong democratic traditions.

Visitors are spoilt for choice with numerous gems scattered across the country. Montevideo, its capital city, is rich in artsy markets, historical sites like Palacio Salvo and a vibrant cultural life. The coastal city of Punta Del Este offers stunning beaches along with upscale resorts. For those looking for calm and warm sand beneath their feet, Cabo Polonio and Punta del Diablo are idyllic beach towns worth visiting.

If you’re up for some wine tasting or just want to bask in enchanting landscapes dotted with vineyards, then Carmelo is your place. And history buffs shouldn’t miss out Colonia del Sacramento - a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting well-preserved colonial architecture.

Uruguayan culture reflects influences from its indigenous roots merged with Spanish European traditions over centuries. Mate (a type of tea), gaucho culture (cowboy life), candombe (a musical style) are integral parts of Uruguayan identity. Tango also has deep roots here, despite its more famous association with Argentina.

Football passion runs deep among Uruguayans - so much that it’s often referred to as ‘the other religion’. The Carnaval held annually includes vibrant parades featuring costumed dancers performing candombe rhythm on the streets, which attract spectators from around the world. And when it comes to culinary tradition, you can’t miss out Asado - a traditional barbeque usually prepared on parrilla (grill).

If you are eager to know more about this enchanting country, don't miss the following documentaries.

1. How Does Uruguay Exist? - Documentaries about Uruguay

Get ready to embark on a riveting journey through time as the video unravels the intriguing existence of Uruguay! Nestled between the titans of South America, Brazil and Argentina, this compact but resilient nation weaves an extraordinary narrative of independence.

The story begins with a twist - Uruguay’s very existence is viewed as an anomaly! Given its geographical snug-fit amidst its colossal neighbors, it’s hard to imagine how it didn’t simply meld into either Brazil or Argentina. Yet, against all odds, Uruguay stands tall and independent. So, what’s the secret?

The answer lies in a fascinating cocktail of history and heroism:

-Cattle Smuggling: Step into the shoes of Jose Gervasio Artigas - a cattle smuggler turned national hero! His audacity and leadership played no small role in carving out Uruguay’s identity.

-Napoleon’s Invasion: Journey back to the early 1800s when Napoleon disrupted Iberia, setting off ripples felt across oceans. This triggered uproar in colonies across South and Central America, sparking vigorous demands for independence.

-Independence from Spain: Witness the climax where Uruguay finally breaks free from Spanish reign, cementing its status as an independent nation.

2. Trying the National Sandwich in Uruguay | Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - Documentaries on Uruguay

Join renowned food enthusiast and traveler, Anthony Bourdain, on a captivating journey as he sets out to uncover the secrets behind Uruguay’s beloved national sandwich. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and feast your eyes on the vibrant flavors and alluring culinary traditions that comprise this delicious South American delicacy.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Uruguayan culture as Anthony dives headfirst into the heart of Montevideo, where he encounters a world filled with passion for food and a deep-rooted love for their national dish. From bustling street markets to hidden gem eateries, he ventures through vibrant neighborhoods searching for authentic ingredients that give this sandwich its unique identity.

Through encounters with local chefs, farmers, and passionate cooks, Anthony uncovers the origins and evolution of this iconic sandwich. Discover the perfect pairing of succulent grilled meat with fresh bread and an explosion of locally sourced toppings that combine to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

As we delve deeper into the history and significance behind every bite, witness firsthand how tradition blends seamlessly with modern innovation in Uruguayan cuisine. From farm-to-table practices to sustainable cooking methods, this eye-opening documentary will leave you inspired by the dedication and creativity in preserving cultural food heritage.

Join us on this mouthwatering adventure as we explore Uruguay’s national sandwich – an edible treasure trove waiting to be unraveled by curious palates. Get ready to embark on a culinary odyssey unlike any other!

3. Uruguay Vacation Travel Guide - Documentaries about Uruguay

Uruguay, a gem often overlooked in the expansive South American itinerary, unquestionably merits exploration. The country boasts an array of captivating offerings that extend beyond common expectations, making it a destination that deserves your full attention.

Imagine indulging in the exquisite culinary delights that Uruguay has to offer — from the delectable steaks renowned for their succulence and flavor, to Chivito sandwiches, a Uruguayan classic celebrated for its delicious blend of ingredients. Further enhancing this gastronomic adventure is the country’s distinguished Tannat wine – a sumptuous delight that pairs perfectly with local dishes.

Uruguay’s geographical allure matches its culinary treasures. Take Punta del Este, for instance. With resplendent beaches offering heart-stirring views of azure waters and sun-swept sands, it’s hard not to be captivated by such natural beauty. Meanwhile, Colonia del Sacramento - a historic gem preserved since the 17th century - offers a glimpse into Uruguay’s rich past through its cobblestone streets and charming Portuguese-era buildings.

Montevideo - Uruguay’s vibrant capital — is another must-visit location. A city where modern life thrives amidst historical remnants, Montevideo provides an eclectic blend of experiences, ranging from cultural exhibitions to lively markets and impressive architecture.

Venturing beyond urban landscapes leads you into Uruguay’s ‘campo’ or countryside. A haven of tranquillity filled with sprawling ranches and breathtaking natural vistas; it’s an idyllic retreat which allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in serene rural life.

In essence, Uruguay presents an irresistible fusion of epicurean delights, captivating landscapes and a rich history awaiting discovery.

4. The World's Marijuana Pioneer: Cannabis Legalisation in Uruguay - Documentary about Uruguay

In this video, the filmmaker takes us on a journey to Uruguay, the first country in the world to fully legalize recreational cannabis. The video explores various aspects of weed regulation and its impact on society.

We learn that in 2013, President Jose Mújica signed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis in Uruguay, making it a groundbreaking moment in modern history. The goal was to reduce drug trafficking and violence associated with illegal drugs.

The video discusses how visitors can access cannabis in Uruguay. While pharmacies are authorized to sell marijuana, only a limited number actually do. Alternatively, visitors can consume cannabis by being gifted it by locals or becoming citizens themselves. Smoking or consuming cannabis is generally accepted as long as it’s done responsibly and not in certain restricted areas.

However, there are challenges and criticisms surrounding legalization. Many pharmacists face difficulties with international transactions due to strict policies from US banks regarding marijuana money. Additionally, critics argue that legalization did not effectively reduce narco violence as intended, and drug cartels have taken advantage of lenient drug laws.

Despite these challenges, the video highlights the positive impact of legalization on basic human rights. Uruguay’s pioneering efforts may serve as an example for other countries considering legalization. However, progress may still be hindered by outdated laws and opposition from those benefiting from the illegal market.

5. WALK Montevideo - Uruguay 4k Documentary Walking Tour

Experience the vibrant energy of Montevideo, Uruguay in stunning 4K resolution! This immersive walking tour, captured in 2019, takes you along the bustling 18 de Julio Avenue, right in the heart of downtown Montevideo.

Join us on this journey through Uruguay’s captivating capital city for the travel channel’s special series - “4K Walk”. The charm of Montevideo is truly brought to life in this visually striking documentary.

The guide is no outsider, but a proud local who breathes and lives the essence of this city every day. Their unique perspective paints an intimate portrait of what makes Montevideo so special. From its lively streets to its spirited inhabitants, each element has a story to tell.

Uruguay proudly carries the tagline ‘Uruguay Natural’, and a walk around Montevideo showcases exactly why that is true. This isn’t just another urban hike – it’s a personal love letter to a city like no other. So come on, let’s take this virtual stroll together and uncover what makes Montevideo not just a city, but home!

Conclusions: Documentaries about Uruguay

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