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Documentaries about Tasmania

Must Watch: Documentaries about Tasmania

Explore the best documentaries about Tasmania

Intro: Documentaries about Tasmania

Tasmania - the little island at the bottom of the Australian continent - is a place of natural beauty, history, and culture. Its craggy peaks, lush forests, and wild coastlines make it one of the most picturesque destinations in Australia. In addition to its stunning scenery, the island is home to a rich history, including a unique penal colony, Aboriginal culture, and modern developments. It is a place of contrast – a place where you can explore the ancient past while also enjoying the modern amenities of today.

Geographically, Tasmania is an island state located off the southeastern coast of Australia. It is separated from the mainland by Bass Strait, and comprises an area of 68,401 square kilometers. The geographic features of the island are varied, with mountains, rolling hills, forested valleys, lakes, wetlands, and coastline all present. The highest mountain is Mount Ossa at 1,617 meters and other notable peaks include Ben Lomond, Great Western Tiers, and Wedge Mountain.

In terms of history, Tasmania was first inhabited by Aboriginal peoples for up to 40,000 years before European settlement. When Europeans first arrived in Tasmania in 1642, it served as a penal colony for Britain until 1853. During this period, many convicts arrived at the island and established settlements in the area. Later, in 1856, when transportation to Tasmania ceased, the island began to focus on developing its resources and building a self-sustaining economy.

The people of Tasmania are diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds. The largest group is made up of those with British or Irish ancestry, followed by those of Australian Aboriginal heritage. There is also a sizable population of Asian descent.

When exploring Tasmania, there are many places to visit. The capital city of Hobart is a popular destination for travelers looking to explore the city's historic streets and unique culture. Other destinations include Launceston and Devonport in the north of the Island; the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area; Freycinet National Park; the Douglas-Apsley National Park; and Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Politics in Tasmania are based on the Westminster system, with the Governor representing the British Crown and an elected Legislative Assembly governing the state. Tasmanian culture is distinctive and vibrant. The state celebrates a range of festivals throughout the year, including the Salamanca Market in Hobart and Taste of Tasmania over New Year's Eve. Additionally, there is a strong literary tradition, with renowned authors such as Richard Flanagan and Robert Drewe hailing from Tasmania. The state also has a thriving music scene, with artists such as Xavier Rudd gaining worldwide recognition.

From its stunning landscapes to its unique culture and history, Tasmania is an intriguing destination for visitors from all over the world. Watch these documentaries to explore its diverse geography, unspoiled nature, unique people and culture.

1. David Attenborough's Tasmania | Weird and Wonderful - Documentaries about Tasmania

David Attenborough takes us on a captivating journey to Tasmania, an isolated island of dense forests, sparkling rivers, and breathtaking coastlines. Here, idyllic summers are met by strong winds and chilly winters, prompting a flurry of activity from wombats, wallabies, and the unique platypus. This documentary also debunks incorrect assumptions surrounding the Tasmanian devil - an iconic but endangered species.

2. Tasmania Documentary 4K | Wildlife | Australia Landscapes and Nature | - Documentaries on Tasmania

Tasmania, a remote island off the coast of Australia, has long been known for its unique, rugged wilderness and its wealth of animal species. Steve Chambers’ brilliant 4K documentary takes viewers on an exploration of this stunning landscape, showcasing the various creatures that call it home—ranging from shorebirds and whales, to Pied Oyster Catchers, Padamelons, Wombats, Tallus Grasshoppers, and Bruny Island's iconic White Wallaby.

In addition to these wonderful animals, the film also shines a light on some of the island's incredible vegetation—the Mountain Ash, Fagus Tree, Tasmanian Pencil Pine and innumerable species of native fungi. With such a remarkable range of natural inhabitants, Tasmania is like no other place in the world.

3. The Mysterious Island of Tasmania Documentary - Documentaries about Tasmania

Discover the mysterious and breathtaking island of Tasmania with this exclusive documentary film. From stunning views of the wild landscape to compelling stories about the people, wildlife and history, you won't want to miss this captivating exploration of the region. Get ready to uncover some of nature's greatest secrets as we dive into this Tasmania documentary!

4. Amazing Quest: Stories from Tasmania | Somewhere on Earth: Tasmania Documentary

Travel to Tasmania, where the Pacific and Indian Oceans converge in the "Roaring Forties" beneath Australia. There, Richard Bennet can be found on the small island of Bruny, perpetually awed by its captivating light, colors, and seafronts. Steve, meanwhile, wanders the woodlands searching for Huon Pine trees—a species that dates back to ancient times and is known only to a select few. Two brothers, Liam and James, follow their intense love of surfing to the depths of the bush, turning Tasmania into their personal playground. Envelop yourself in the beauty of this remarkable Southern Hemisphere destination.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Tasmania

Tasmania is a place of remarkable natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. With its rugged coastlines, stunning vistas, and impressive wilderness, it has inspired filmmakers for decades. These documentaries provide an intimate look at Tasmania's natural wonders, history, and culture, allowing us to experience the island's beauty and diversity from the comfort of our homes. Whether you're planning a visit or just want to learn more about this magical island, these documentaries are the perfect way to explore Tasmania from afar.

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