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Documentaries about South Africa

6 Documentaries about South Africa You Can't Miss

Explore the best documentaries about South Africa

Intro: Documentaries about South Africa

South Africa has a rich history that has been shaped by the Dutch, British, and Afrikaner settlers. What was once a country of poverty and hopelessness has now become a place where people from all over the world come to escape the struggles of their own countries. However, South Africa still faces many challenges today, especially with regard to its education system. This is why it’s important to watch documentaries about South Africa so that you can understand more about this beautiful country’s history and what it still needs to overcome.

1. South Africa History Documentary: 1652-1902 - Documentaries about South Africa

The battle of Spion Kop is a major moment in South African history that has roots going all the way back to 1652. It was here, witnessing what humans can do when they work together, that Gandhi’s passive resistance movement took root. The documentary covers some other historical moments such as apartheid and Harold Arthur Pringle's role in it before moving on to tell the story of the Battle of Spion Kop which began with seven bombs per minute landing on top of a mountain and ended with one less than two hours later (a total death count stands at 10 000).

2. Apartheid in South Africa - Apartheid Documentary

Apartheid was a system of racial segregation enforced through legislation by the National Party governments, who were the ruling party from 1948 to 1994, of South Africa. This type of rule was developed after World War 2 and specifically in South West Africa when white supremacy and Afrikaner minority rule-were being maintained. Because this form of government is no longer practiced in any part today, it is correct to say that apartheid has ended with great success!

3. South Africa: F.W. de Klerk and the end of Apartheid - Apartheid South Africa Documentary

Former South African president Frederik Willem de Klerk, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 85 was responsible for ending apartheid. After leading his country to freedom by repealing its last laws that enforced racial segregation in 1991, De Klerk and Nelson Mandela were awarded a Nobel Prize later that year.

4. How Mandela Changed South Africa - South Africa Documentary

This moving film shows the human side of Nelson Mandela as he runs for office. It shows his emotions and ups and downs on the campaign trail, in contrast to what is largely seen as a successful event.

The intimacy of this portrayal allows us to see him at his most vulnerable moments-both physically and emotionally in ways that are impossible anywhere else but through the camera lens.

5. No-Go Zones: World’s Toughest Places | Ghost Town, South Africa - Documentaries about South Africa Crime

No-Go Zones is a new series that takes viewers on a journey of the world's toughest places to visit and live. This video explores the South African town of Kuruman which has been declared a ghost town by the government due to the dwindling population, violent crime, and extreme poverty.

6. Coronation Park: South Africa's White Slum - South Africa Documentary

Reggie Yates spends a week in Coronation Park, which is the largest white squatter camp in South Africa. Is discrimination now happening on an ethnic level?

Conclusions: Documentaries about South Africa

South Africa has a history that is both rich and complicated. This is a country that has been through a lot, and it still has a lot to look forward to. Having said that, there’s no doubt that watching these documentaries will give you an insight into the country and the progress it’s made.

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