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Documentaries about Scotland

Top 8 Documentaries about Scotland

Explore the best documentaries about Scotland

Intro: Documentaries about Scotland

Scotland is an enchanting country in the British Isles with a rich and fascinating history, culture, and geography. Located in the northern part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a land of breathtaking beauty—from its rugged highlands, to its rolling hills and glens, to its crystal-clear lochs and dramatic coastline. Although Scotland may be best known for its stunning scenery, it also has a rich and varied history that can be traced back to prehistoric times. Over the centuries, Scotland has played an important role in the development of Britain, Europe, and the world.

From its earliest days, Scotland has been an adventurous country, with its people exploring, colonizing, and trading. In the early Middle Ages, Scotland was an independent kingdom with its own kings and queens. During the later Middle Ages, Scotland united with England in what is known as the Union of the Crowns. Since then, Scotland and England have had a complex relationship with each other, though both countries remain part of the United Kingdom.

Scotland is full of remarkable culture and heritage. It has a unique language—Scottish Gaelic—and many traditional music styles, including the hauntingly beautiful bagpipes. Scots also take pride in their traditional clothing, including kilts and tartans. Scotland is renowned for its whisky, as well as its world-famous golf courses.

Scotland is also a country of deep political divides. Since 1999, it has had its own devolved government, with the Scottish Parliament based in Edinburgh. The Scottish Parliament is responsible for issues such as health care, education, and economic development in Scotland. The Scottish National Party is currently in power and is campaigning for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Scotland’s geography is one of its defining features. Its topography ranges from rolling hills to towering mountains, with numerous lochs and islands scattered throughout. The Highlands are one of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes, with their craggy peaks and glens making them a favourite destination for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

For those looking to explore Scotland’s many attractions, there’s no shortage of exciting places to visit. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Here visitors can explore its medieval old town and Georgian new town, as well as its many museums, galleries, and parks. Glasgow is another major city where visitors can explore its vibrant art scene, bustling nightlife, and wealth of cultural attractions. Other popular destinations in Scotland include the Isle of Skye and the Shetland Islands in the north; Aberdeen, Dundee, and Inverness in the east; Oban in the west; and St. Andrews, home to the world’s most famous golf course.

Scotland is a beautiful country full of captivating attractions that make it a must-see destination for travellers from all over the world. Watch these documentaries to know more about its diverse history, culture, politics, geography, and attractions.

1. Scotland - Highlands and Islands, Nature Documentary - Documentaries about Scotland

Travel to Scotland and explore the incredible beauty of the wild Highlands. From mysterious castles overlooking lonely lakes to men in kilts playing the bagpipes, Scotland is full of beloved and well-known clichés. But, there’s so much more to it than that! Discover the unique wildlife, including iconic Scottish wildcats, eagles, and red deer. Take in the breathtaking views of the glens and lochs. Experience the rich culture of Scotland that goes beyond just the kilts. Join us on this journey and learn why Scotland is so beloved by its citizens and visitors alike!

2. The History of Scotland - Documentaries on Scotland

Explore the rich culture and turbulent history of Scotland in this video! Step back in time to when Scotland was beyond the grasp of empires like the Romans, Vikings, and English, giving rise to a unique culture that has survived to this day. Discover how Scotland became part of the greatest empire in the world during the Age of Enlightenment, and how the people produced great thinkers and innovators. Now, in the 21st Century, the call for independence is stronger than ever. Will Scotland once again become their own masters? Find out in this look at the History of Scotland.

3. Spring | The Incredible Scottish Highlands - Documentaries about Scotland

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and unique wildlife of the Scottish Highlands this spring. Join us on this journey as we observe the incredible annual cycle of nature, from Red Squirrels and Ospreys raising their young to the majestic display of the Capercaillie competing for breeding rights. Encounter the fascinating Timberman Beetle, with antennae four times the length of its body, to the dolphins of the Moray Firth who gather to feast on the spring run of salmon. Immerse yourself in the unpredictable seasonal beauty of the Scottish Highlands. If you enjoyed the Highland in Spring, you must watch the Highlands in Summer, Autumn and Winter, belonging to the same documentary series.

4. Scotland - Geography, Culture and Economy - Scotland Documentary

Immersed in the picturesque realm of Scotland, let us embark on a journey to uncover its impressive physical geography. Delineated by its strategic position at the Northeastern cusp of Europe and the Western edge of the British Isles, this land is a tapestry of islands, highlands, and lowlands. Unfolding beneath its captivating climate is an abundance of natural vegetation, from lush farmlands to wild forests. Discover Scotland's grandeur as we explore the geographic blessings that shape this land's unique beauty.

As we journey through Scotland’s human geography, we’ll uncover a fascinating blend of English and Celtic (Gaelic) influences. Today, a tapestry of languages unfolds across Scotland – from English to Scots to Scottish Gaelic – weaving a rich cultural fabric. Glasgow takes center stage as the largest city, followed by the historic capital Edinburgh, and then Aberdeen in all its granite glory.

Scotland proudly stands as an autonomous country within the United Kingdom, boasting its own parliament nestled in picturesque Edinburgh. With the power to enact laws in certain areas not reserved by the UK government, Scotland showcases its distinct identity. The iconic Flag of Scotland features St Andrew’s cross – a striking white saltire against a blue background – while its majestic coat of arms displays a fierce red lion rampant upon a golden shield.

In terms of economics, Scotland thrives with an advanced mixed economy that rivals highly developed nations worldwide. Its chief exports? The liquid gold known as whisky and valuable oil reserves hidden beneath the North Sea.

Experience breathtaking culture first hand as you uncover the tapestry that is Scottish culture – an intriguing blend of English and Gaelic (Celtic) elements. With three awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Skara Brae, The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh, and the Forth Bridge – Scotland’s heritage is truly a treasure trove. Embrace tradition with bagpipes and tartan, indulge in culinary delights like haggis and deep-fried “anything,” and let your imagination run wild as you search for the elusive Loch Ness monster (“Nessie”), whose legendary existence has captivated generations.

Exploring Scotland' verdant land reveals a wealth of astounding accomplishments throughout its storied history. Shaped by pioneering inventors such as Adam Smith and James Clerk Maxwell, the country also boasts an impressive list of creations including the steam engine, refrigeration, antibiotics, and color photography.

From renowned poets such as Robert Burns to celebrated actors like Sean Connery and Billy Connolly, it is no wonder why Scotland has become synonymous with extraordinary creativity and ingenuity. Delve into its depths and witness first hand the magical majesty of this treasured destination – a paradise of culture, innovation, and natural splendor.

5. Scottish Gaelic:  Explained - Scotland Documentary

Whilst travelling in Scotland, it's hard not to notice the influence of the ancient Gaelic language and the fascinating culture that stems from it. Dating back centuries, Gaelic was brought from Ireland in roughly the 6th century AD and spread quickly across towns and cities, becoming the mother tongue of the medieval Kingdom of Alba.

Hundreds of Scottish place names have their origins in Gaelic. Dundee, for instance, derives its name from the Gaelic Dùn Dè which translates to 'Tay Fort', a fitting name as the city sits on the banks of the River Tay. Meanwhile, Ballachulish's name in Gaelic is Baile a’ Chaolais, meaning 'the village by the narrows', which accurately describes its position on the shores of Loch Leven in the Highlands.

Gaelic is closely linked to a range of other Celtic languages, including Welsh, Cornish, Breton and Manx Gaelic, and its cultural impact has been felt across Scotland. Over the centuries, Gaelic has been suppressed due to a variety of factors, such as religious changes, population immigration and emigration, and the increasing presence of the English language.

Despite this, you can still enjoy the warm welcome of Scotland, explore its history and customs through traditional music festivals and ceilidhs, marvel at detailed Highland dances and more. Gaelic may seem tricky to pick up and pronounce correctly, but it isn't impossible - you may even be speaking some without realising it! For example, whisky is derived from uisge-beatha, meaning 'water of life'. Why not try learning some useful Gaelic phrases to charm native speakers?

Wherever you go in Scotland, you'll see hints of ancient Alba among the modern bustle of our lives. Look out for Gaelic phrases, join in conversations in the Outer Hebrides, and take in the historic vibe of ancient Scotland.

6. Scotland's Treasures Full BBC Documentary - Scotland Documentaries

The National Museum of Scotland showcases a vast array of historical artifacts, from the iconic David Livingstone, to the endangered Carolina Parakeet and majestic Beluga Whale Skull. Among the visually arresting items is John James Audubon's 18th century masterpiece Birds of America, alongside the elaborately decorated Queen Mary Harp and the unassuming Princess Back Sword. Side-by-side with these masterpieces are a Black Leopard specimen, the carbonaceous chondrites, the Berserker figure and Lewis Chessmen, as well as the Strathmore Meteorite. Each piece contains a unique story, ensuring that visitors to this venerable institution do not leave less than enthralled.

7. Scotland: Is the desire for independence growing? | DW Documentary - Documentaries on Scotland

Britain is currently facing an economic crisis, prompting many Scots to question whether independence from the United Kingdom would improve their situation. Despite failing in a 2014 referendum on secession, Scotland's nationalist First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has still continued to push for it. Neil Mackay, a musician and ardent supporter of Scottish independence, has fostered these calls through organizing massive protests that have thousands supporting his cause. Due to rising prices for food and energy, people across Scotland have been deeply affected.

Single mother Sandra MacPherson is among those struggling to stay afloat this winter with minimal funds. Proponents of Scottish breaking away from the UK believe Westminster is responsible for the current hardships; however, opponents point fingers at the Scottish government. Sturgeon's pro-independence SNP party made it clear they desired another referendum, but the United Kingdom Supreme Court ruled any such decision must be approved by the British government. Mirroring the debate over Brexit, the debate over Scotland's independence has proven to be divisive.

8. 10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland - Travel Video - Scotland Documentaries

The Scottish landscape is as majestic as it is rugged. From the majestic fortresses atop hills and cliffs to the rolling moorlands, Scotland exudes a unique beauty that allures visitors. When you hike up its enchanting highlands or take a stroll along its dramatic coastlines, you can’t help but feel captivated by its history and legends. From Robert the Bruce and Macbeth to mysterious lake monsters, Scotland’s rich heritage and romance will leave an unforgettable impression. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or fascinating sites, these top 10 best places to visit in Scotland will not disappoint: Orkney Islands, Glasgow, Eilean Donan Castle, St Andrews, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Stirling Castle, Glencoe National Park, Skye, Edinburgh and of course Loch Ness.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Scotland

Scotland's history and culture have a rich and fascinating past that is best experienced through captivating documentaries. From Neolithic times to the present day, Scotland's history is filled with tales of resilience, determination, and fierce independence. The documentaries mentioned above explore the depth and breadth of Scotland's culture, traditions, and people in a way that allows viewers to immerse themselves in Scottish history.

But beyond the history and culture, these documentaries offer something more significant - an invitation to explore a world beyond our own. So if you're seeking a little adventure and inspiration in your life, then watch these documentaries, and experience Scotland's extraordinary people, landscape, and traditions for yourself. Who knows, you just might discover something extraordinary along the way.

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