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Documentaries about Peru

8 Top: Documentaries about Peru

Explore the best documentaries about Peru

Intro: Documentaries about Peru

Peru, the land of the Incas, is a country located in South America known for its rich history, diverse geography, and vibrant culture. Situated on the western coast of the continent and bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean, Peru’s landscape ranges from rugged Andes mountains to tropical rainforests and arid deserts. It is home to awe-inspiring destinations such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Nazca Lines, which attract tourists from all over the world.

The ancient civilization of the Incas once thrived in Peru before it was invaded by Spanish conquistadors in 1532. This marked a turning point in Peruvian history, as Spanish influence had a lasting impact on Peru’s culture and traditions. Today, Peru has a rich cultural heritage that blends Incan traditions with Spanish, African and Asian influences, resulting in unique culinary experiences like ceviche or "lomo saltado".

Beyond its fascinating history and culture lies an abundance of natural wonders such as diverse flora and fauna including jaguars, llamas and alpacas that can be observed in their natural habitats throughout the country. Peru also boasts incredible biodiversity due to its position within multiple ecoregions.

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible country, then you might want to check out some documentaries that showcase its beauty. There are numerous documentaries available covering topics like Peruvian history, Machu Picchu, Amazonian wildlife or traditional weaving techniques. These documentaries offer a glimpse into Peru’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of your own home.

1. Peru Travel Adventure Documentary | Explore Ancient Ruins, History and Culture - Documentaries about Peru

Welcome to our Peru Travel Adventure Documentary! In this documentary, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins, rich history and vibrant culture of Peru. You will be able to watch beautiful scenes in various places throughout the country, including Lima, Huaca Pucllana, Huacachina, Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Maras, Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, Larco Museum, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Pisac, the Amazon and Iquitos. We will take you on a journey through time as we discover some of the most fascinating sites in Peru. And don’t miss the chance to experience the bustling energy of Belen Marketplace. Join us now for an unforgettable adventure!

2. Along the Amazon in Peru - Documentaries on Peru

The Peruvian government is facing opposition from indigenous communities over its proposed plan to expand and deepen the tributaries of the Amazon River. The region’s people and economy depend on the river, which remains relatively narrow in comparison to other areas. The only cargo ship available is outdated and overcrowded, carrying timber and goods as well as passengers who rest in hammocks on the cramped deck. Despite this, plans for development are underway, with a Chinese company set to carry out excavation work that will allow large container ships access throughout the year.

This project has drawn controversy, particularly from indigenous tribes who see water as having deep spiritual significance. These groups believe their ancestors’ spirits live in the river and are therefore opposed to any changes being made. It remains to be seen whether advocates of progress will prioritize development over these cultural objections.

3. Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Incas - Documentaries about Peru

Deep within the Andes Mountains of Peru lies one of the world’s most captivating mysteries - Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Incas. Hidden from the world for centuries, it remained a secret to all but a select few until it was rediscovered in 1911. Its magnificent ruins have since captivated people from all corners of the globe with their magical aura, breathtaking views and enigmatic history. Join us on an extraordinary journey as we uncover the secrets of this ancient city and unravel the riddles that continue to puzzle researchers and historians alike. From its hidden entrance to its celestial observatory, every inch of Machu Picchu has a story waiting to be told.

4. The Incas : Peru - The Lost Civilizations - Peru Documentary

Step into a world shrouded in mystery and legends, where tales of conquest and power have been passed down through generations. The Incas were a brilliant civilization that rose to dominance by force. They hailed from the Quechua region, located on the banks of Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia.

Despite never leaving any written record, their fascinating history was documented by the first conquistadores who carefully collected stories from natives. The Inca Empire was originally part of a confederation made up of several groups, with two powerful clans – the Hanan and Hurin – sharing political and military authority.

It wasn’t until the mid-14th century that they formed an independent state named after themselves. Their capital, Cuzco flourished as a hub for trans-Andean trade until economic activity shifted towards Lima.

But nothing captures the magic of this ancient civilization like Machu Picchu, perched atop a rocky headland in the eastern central Andes. This 15th-century Inca city is now listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Have you ever wondered why human sacrifice was practiced, or why gold held such symbolic importance? How about their worship of the sun? This gripping documentary will delve deep into these enigmatic rituals with the help of experts like Jean-Francois Bouchard, Patrice Lecoq, and Carmen Bernand. Join us on an adventure to uncover all there is to know about this captivating lost civilization!

5. Amazing Quest: Stories from Peru | Somewhere on Earth: Peru

Welcome to Peru, a land of mystery and enchantment that has inspired explorers and adventurers for centuries. But the true magic of this country is something that can’t be put into words - you just have to experience it for yourself.

Let’s start our journey by rediscovering the majestic Andes mountains with Jaime Araoz Chacon. As a committed artist and spokesman for indigenous communities, he brings a unique perspective to our exploration. Through his paintings, he shares his knowledge and craftsman-like skill in preserving collective memories.

Next, we meet José del Carpio, an intrepid volcanologist working at the Institute of Geophysics of Peru. He’s responsible for monitoring the seismic activity in the southern part of the country, where all of Peru’s active volcanoes reside. His work is crucial to keeping people safe while allowing us to witness the awe-inspiring power of nature.

And finally, we arrive at Ario Ferri’s world - a mountaineer and adventurer who has taken inspiration from space exploration and created futuristic shelters that cling to mountainsides. With “the Skylodge” hanging from a lush green slope in the Sacred Valley, Ario has brought together his love for adventure and innovative thinking. It’s an incredible sight that you won’t want to miss.

So come join us on this journey of discovery as we uncover some of Peru’s most fascinating stories!

6. Journey Through Peru's Incredible Sights in 6 Minutes - National Geographic - Peru Documentaries

Join us as we explore the heart of Lima, the top of Machu Picchu, and deep into the Sacred Valley in our newest film, Rhythms of Peru. But wait, there’s more! We’ll take you to hidden gems that are far off the beaten path, giving you a glimpse into the real charm and beauty of this incredible country. Get ready to experience a more intimate view of Peru like never before with Golden Llama Productions.

7. The Inca - Cities in the Cloud - Documentaries on Peru

Imagine standing at the top of a craggy peak, staring down at a lost city shrouded in mist. This is the enchanting world of the Andes Mountains, home to the legendary Inca Empire. You’re about to embark on a journey through history, discovering how these mountain dwellers managed to create the largest empire in the Western Hemisphere despite facing one of the most challenging terrains known to man. From beautiful Inca poetry and soul-stirring Quechuan hymns to authentic Andean instruments, you’ll experience firsthand the unique culture that flourished among these people. But what led to their downfall? Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this once-great civilization’s tragic collapse. Watch the Part 2.

8. Deadliest Roads | Peru Documentary

Peru’s Andes cordillera is home to deep canyons that cut through the region from north to south. Despite the treacherous terrain, people still need to access their villages, farms, and gold mines located in these remote areas. Unfortunately, the roads carved out of the rock are often dangerous and have claimed many lives. Although major companies have established bases in this region due to its rich natural resources, including precious metals and fish-filled waters, it’s usually the unskilled workers who suffer as they work tirelessly in the tunnels or risk their lives for meager pay.

This documentary takes us on a journey along Peru’s Impossible Road which spans across various locations such as the Maranon River valley, Cotahuasi canyon, and Paracas desert while showcasing magnificent landscapes where life comes at a high cost.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Peru

In conclusion, these documentaries provide a fascinating glimpse into the diverse culture, rich history, and stunning landscapes of Peru. From the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to the vibrant streets of Lima, each film showcases a unique aspect of this vibrant country. Whether you’re interested in exploring the cuisine, music, or traditions of Peru’s indigenous peoples, or simply want to marvel at the beauty of its natural wonders, these documentaries offer an immersive and unforgettable experience. If you enjoyed it, please share them!

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